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Barnett Recruit Terrain Crossbow Package

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Product Description

What's in the Box

  • Barnett Recruit Terrain Crossbow
  • 4x32mm Multi-Reticle Scope
  • Rope Cocking Device
  • Lightweight Quiver
  • Two 20” Headhunter Arrows
  • Lubrication Wax

This is the only crossbow in Barnett’s line of full-size models featuring a solid desert tan stock. It doesn’t have a pattern like other crossbows, because it isn’t for just any other hunter. The hunters who carry the Recruit Terrain don’t feel pressured to fit an expected mold or look a certain way. Rather, they forge their own path with an understated confidence. The Recruit Terrain comes with an accessory package of essentials to get you in the field, and a design that’s aesthetically and technologically on-point to make sure once you’re there – you find what you’re searching for.

Product Features

  • TriggerTech Frictionless Release Technology
  • Single Bolt Assembly
  • Magnesium Riser
  • Lightweight Composite Stock
  • Anti-Dry Fire (ADF) Trigger System
  • Soft-Lok Floating Bristle Arrow Retainer
  • Metal Injection Molded (MIM) Trigger
  • Custom Composite Limbs
  • 7/8” Picatinny Rails
  • Crank Cocking Device Compatible
  • Finger Safety Reminders
  • Pass-Through Foregrip
  • Anti-Vibration Foot Stirrup

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: 34.25"L x 18.25"W
  • Weight: 6.4 lbs.
  • Axle to Axle: 16.125 in
  • Draw Weight: 140 lb
  • Kinetic Energy: 91.9 ft/lbs
  • Power Stroke: 12.5 in
  • Speed: 330 fps
  • Trigger Type: TriggerTech

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