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4 Jul
5 Star Rating
Great Little Gun
Shane from New Castle, VA
This gun was an upgrade for me from the G42. Although a little bigger this gun holds more rounds and is a 9mm instead of .380. The gun shoots great and has low recoil. Thanks SOSS and Springfield for your continuing to bring us great guns at great prices with great customer service!!
3 Jul
5 Star Rating
Joseph from Phoenix, Arizona
1st.. Hats off to S.O.S. they truly had the best price on S&W M&P 15-22 with free shipping!! Even with the small transfer fee at pick up. A whole lot cheaper than my local big box gun stores. Shipped fast to my local FFL dealer 4 days. I'm not a big owner, 1 handgun and 1 AR-15 chambered in 556, but I do like to shoot paper at my local range. I saw all the videos and reviews on the net and finally bought me one to save money on the ammo. The is now my FUN GUN!!! All I can say is WOW!! I cleaned and oiled it just after I took out of the box and today took it the range for its 1st shooting run. Simply amazing! No recoil, dead on accuracy with its iron sights at 50 yards. It ran flawless. Not one single issue to report. I have read and the owners manual and it recommends certain ammo, but it ate all the types I had in my 22 LR stock. I shot bulk Remington golden bullets rim fire hollow points, Aguila super extra, Blazer ammunition bulk box, CCI mini-mag 22LR-HP. It is way to hard to buy one certain brand or type of 22LR these days, so what ever is left on the shelve when I get there is what I buy. I tried to JAM this gun by rapid firing a full magazine of all these types of ammo. I was un-successful. As fast as I could pull the trigger, that ammo was flying down range killing my targets. What a beautiful sight and felling to witness. Truly great craftsmanship by S&W. I totally recommend one to all if you enjoy shooting and for beginners. Enjoy!!
30 Jun
5 Star Rating
great pistol
Jerry from Sultan, NW Washington
First I have to say that SOS was great .. got my pistol one day early.. The pistol its self well what can I say it's a Springfield and it lives up to its name .. first time out to the home range that thing made me look like a hot shot.. ate everything I put though it even some home rolled stuff .. never missed a beat ... simple to break down to clean .. what more could ya want
30 Jun
5 Star Rating
3.3 9mm XD-S Essentials pack
Saya from Montgomery, Alabama
Great pistol and pkg. Do your research prior to making a purchase as this may not be the one for you. The pistol fits my hand perfectly and looks pretty aggressive.

I was very skeptic about buying from this site, but after reading reviews, they are very reputable. My kit arrived within 3 days to the FFL location. Excellent customer service also.

Overall experience with my gun and website: 10/10
29 Jun
5 Star Rating
Jason from Ellsworth, Wisconsin
I love how fast this was shipped. I love the prices these guys have. I do wish they had a lay-a-way program, but whatever. their fast shipping, reliable service will bring me back

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