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28 Oct
5 Star Rating
Al from Moorestown, NJ
Sportsmans Outdoor shipped very quickly!!! SR9C was unopened, came with everything as described, great experience!!!

Took it home, cleaned it, went to the range and shot 250 flawless rounds. Great store, great little pistol, great fun!!!
28 Oct
5 Star Rating
Windham Weaponry 4 life
raheen from Las Vegas , NV
For some of you people may not know this company is owned by the former Bushmaster owner. The quality is second to none. Very light gun and amazing quality from Windham. Well worth every penny. Does not have any more recoil than heavier versions.
26 Oct
5 Star Rating
Nice Gun / Great service
Brian from Raleigh, NC
S&W Shield 40 shoots very nice. Put about 150 rounds down range without any jams. Gun shoots low but I may not be aligning sights correctly. I hunt with a 44 Mag so the recoil on the 40 doesn't bother me at all. 40 S&W packs a little better punch than the 9mm. Bigger is always better in my opinion.

I was unsure about purchase with Sportsmans Outdoor Superstore. However, transaction went very flawless and I had new gun in a few days. I saved about $100 versus competitors or purchase directly from gun store. Don't hesitate with your purchase from Sportsman Outdoor Superstore.

I couldn't be happier!
26 Oct
5 Star Rating
Awesome little gun
Jeff from Little Rock, AR
I purchased from Sportsmans Outdoor Superstore as well and it was at my FFL 2 days later. Awesome price and free shipping will make me a long time customer as well!

The gun is beautiful and feels better in the hand than any other handgun I own. You can tell the gun is going to be awesome just by the attention to detail they put into this gun. It is made in Germany not an Umarex Import or cheap knock off and has the german markings on it.

I fired 100 rounds of old Remington ammo my dad had lying around and it functioned well with a few failure to feeds that when were cleared was evident the lead bullet had dented on the feedramp. This was in the first few rounds fired and cleared up after 30 rounds and did not happen again. The gun was not cleaned / lubed before firing.

Accuracy was the best I shot that day with 2inch groups standing no rest at 15 yards with said bulk ammo. I am not a match shooter by any means and think this gun is extremely accurate.

VERY NICE trigger - very responsive and did not feel heavy though I did not test with a pull gauge.

I will Probably buy the PPQ M2 9mm now as well
26 Oct
5 Star Rating
Walther PPQ M2 5
Jerry from VONORE, TN
I was on the wait list to purchase the gun. SOS contacted me when it was available. Everything went smoothly at the FFL. The gun is awesome. Sweet trigger, short reset, sights were right on from the factory and it looks great. I like my Glock 17 but the Walther is better in my opinion.

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