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20 May
5 Star Rating
Excellent pistol - great buying experience
James from Corvalllis, Oregon
Excellent CCW. This is my second XDs 3.3 9mm because I liked the first all black so much after several thousands round through it. Actually fun to shoot for a small pistol. Most importantly is my wife likes to shoot it and can shoot the XDs 9mm really well. So the first will become our night stand pistol. I'll carry this Bi-tone.

Ordered it on a Fri morning and four days later it's on the west coast at my FFL with standard free shipping. Also $75 less than my three local gun shops.

I'll be a repeat customer.
20 May
5 Star Rating
HK delivers another solid pistol!!
Arnel from Goose Creek, South Carolina
The HK VP9 has quickly become my favorite handgun. I was extremely blown away by the ergonomics as well as the fit and finish. The trigger is the best of any polymer handgun on the market. I prefer the feel of the VP9 trigger over the Walther PPQ and Sig P320. I have about 500 rounds through it and it eats whatever I feed it. I mostly shoot cheap and dirty ammo which is known to be unreliable however, it keeps running. With zero malfunctions or failures straight out of the box, it's clear the vp9 is engineered to perform. I'm not a large guy but the the right belt and holster makes this gun disappear on your person. I have shot a lot of Glocks and have many friends who swear by the Glock platform. The vp9 has made them all converts. My buddies are selling there Glock 17s and 19s to get there hands on the VP9. You will not regret purchasing this gun at all. Highly recommended to your pistol collection
19 May
5 Star Rating
Satisfied Customer
Brian from Aurora, CO
The S&W M&P 9 Shield is the second gun I have purchased from Sportsmans Outdoor Superstore. Once again the price was right the gun was priced $60 to $100 lower than what I would have spent locally and the shipping and service excellent the gun was delivered to a local gun shop on the 4th day after ordering and I had it in my hands less than a week after ordering.

The M&P 9 Shield is what I had hoped it would be - comfortable to handle and shoot and flawless in performance. My only surprise was that I found myself shooting 4 inches low at 20 to 25 feet consistently for the first 50 rounds. A little research on a few Internet pistol forums revealed that the factory sights are configured for a combat hold sight picture and not the 6 o'clock sight picture that I am used to with my other pistols. That correction made a world of difference. With a bit more practice I should be able to attain the tighter groups that I get with my other pistols.
19 May
5 Star Rating
great experience
Tafseer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Fast shipping, Fast & cheap FFL Transfer. Smooth shooting with my Taurus Pt111 G2. After shooting 100 rounds didn't feel tired. Grip was great and a 12 round capacity made it special with the cheapest price found on internet. Good job
19 May
5 Star Rating
Great deal!
John from Du Quoin, IL.
Just picked up the S&W M&P40 police trade. Nice looking weapon, some holster wear on top no big deal to me. Shot very little. All straps came with it and 3 mags. Will shoot it later this week and give it another review. Might buy another one soon!

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