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27 Feb
5 Star Rating
Awesome Pistol!!
Aaron from Jefferson, TX
First off, the price of the gun is almost too low to be believable. I don't understand how they priced it so low, but boy what a hell of a deal. Great company, their prices cannot be beat, and the shipping is stupid fast considering it is free. This company rocks and will definitely be getting more of my business.

As far as the handgun goes, it came brand new in the box with all the goodies listed above. Which was one of the first things I was most skeptical about when first seeing the price for it. The gun ran great and the recoil impulse is so soft. I've mainly shot SIGS and though they are great shooters, the M&P is extremely low recoiling and has very little muzzle rise. This being due to the extremely low bore axis of the gun.

Also the gun is extremely thin even with the medium backstrap on. I have large hands with short fingers and find it extremely comfortable. If it doesn't fit you, there are two other size palm swellings that will for sure accommodate most hand hand sizes.

Only negative is that the rear sight was completely off on the gun. Shot nearly 4ft left of target. This being confirmed with multiple shooters. Not an issue as I will be installing night sights on it. Only negative about the gun so far.

At this price, don't hesitate to buy one. The gun is great and this company is outstanding!
26 Feb
4 Star Rating
Love the Camo
Becky from Henderson, Nevada
Finally got to the range with this little gun & enjoyed it very much. I did the modifications suggested to help with the snappiness of this pistol & all was good. I'm a new shooter & have a hard time getting a good grip on this slim guns slide & have been unable to lock slide in open position, hopefully with practice this will improve.
26 Feb
5 Star Rating
Great value
Mario from Sioux City, IA
Had my PPX for about a month now. Put over 200 rounds through it no problems. Love the value and performance.
26 Feb
5 Star Rating
Great little canon
Andy from Lincoln Park, Mi
Nice gun, great price and fast shipping. What more can you ask for. First time to the range shot some 357 mag. And it blew the target off the hanger. It does have some kick to it but it was fun.
26 Feb
4 Star Rating
Good Gun
Jian from Chicago, IL
The shipping is so fast, just 3 days. Also the gun is good, it's my dream gun. I love it. But the trigger is easy to hurt the finger.

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