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16 Oct
5 Star Rating
Great Pistol
Heyden from St. Clair, Michigan
This is a really great pistol for self defense and concealed carry. I got it only a couple days after I ordered it. It came coveted in grease, but thats okay, because I always clean my new firearms.

The slide runs very smoothly, as you can expect from a Kimber, and it chambers rounds fairly well. Because I was told there would be a 400-500 round break in period, I expected a bunch of jams, but that wasn't the case. I have shot about 350 rounds through it so far, and I only had one FTF. That's excellent for a firearm that isn't broken in yet. I also fired off some hollow points. No issues there. I believe if i was using a Wilson Combat mag, I would have zero issues.

Only complaint is the pain in the ass it is to tear down. You need to use a take down tool, which I already lost. So now I use a paper clip, which works just as well.

Over all, this pistol is amazing. Definitely the favorite I've ever fired, and many of my family members and friends have been subsequently inspired to buy the same pistol in the future.

Very happy, especially for the price, excellent customer service, and the quick shipping. I definitely plan to buy from SOSS again.
15 Oct
5 Star Rating
Great carry pistol
Rome from USA, USA
-Slim at only 1"
-No malfunctions so far 250 rounds
-Bright fiber optic front sight, with replacement red and green tubes
-Accurate at reasonable CCW distances
-decent capacity in 9mm

-Sharp, aggressive grips I added Talon grips and now it's perfect
-Included holster is low-end and sticks out too far for overshirt CC for me, but it's great for range carry.
-Stock flat 7rd mags are too small for my pinky to stay on the grip I added pearce extensions

Also, I applied for the 3 free mags promotion, was told 8-12 weeks for processing, but had the mags at my door within 10 days!
After carrying 4 different size 9mm compacts LC9, MP9c, PX4c and XDs this is my favorite of the bunch for carry. The passive safety features are great for carry grip and trigger safeties and require no additional steps to be ready to use the pistol besides having a firm grip. I really like this XDs.
15 Oct
5 Star Rating
Great AR-15
jrmach1 from Lake Mary, FL
This is a great AR and very accurate with the 1/8 5R rifling. Shot several hundred rounds thru it with no issues then added EOTECH 512 with a SlideFire stock. I have not had any issues with this rifle and the stock. This thing has shot all ammo I have put thru it 223/556 steel and brass. For the price and quality you can't go wrong with this rifle.
15 Oct
5 Star Rating
Five stars is not enough
Gina from Baton Rouge, LA
Great package, fast shipping and amazing price! Fun to shoot, very little recoil and easy to conceal. Could not ask for more.
13 Oct
5 Star Rating
Very nice pistol
Vaughn from Strasburg, VA
I purchased a M&P9 FS here a couple of years ago and 4 other pistols since and have had nothing but great service, prices and deliveries from SOSS.The M&P9 is a very good pistol. I installed an Apex Tactical FSS trigger kit and night sights. I have recently purchased a M&P9 Shield and the new M&P22 Compact which both have very good stock triggers. I have heard S&W has improved the trigger on the full size pistols as well.

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