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We've been asked by a lot of people about how we've grown so quickly. When we started Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore, Ryan Vance wanted to continue doing what his family had already perfected after 81 years with Vance Outdoors. So the answer's actually pretty simple: we dedicate ourselves to giving our customers what they want, along with the customer service they deserve.

With roots that trace back to 1938, Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore is one of the longest-lasting gun dealers still active in the United States.

We make buying guns online easier.

Buy a gun online without worrying about credit card fees, shipping charges, long delivery times, and whether or not we actually have the gun in stock. Seems like a no-brainer, but we have yet to meet another online gun retailer who can say the same thing.
Paul from Baton Rouge, LA
18 Jan
Just received my M&P rifle. First purchase of this type online. Friendly customer service, walked me through purchase and answered all questions related to item. Rifle arrived, works flawlessly, and in perfect condition at the best price anywhere. I could not be happier!
Tom from Colorado Springs, CO
17 Jan
Bought this pistol late last year from SOSS and got the gear up deal from Springfield which included 3 extra magazines and a carrying case. Very happy with both the purchase and the great service of SOSS. Despite one reviewer, all 5 magazines that I have are relatively easy to load`;` including the last 15th round. More often than not, new mag springs can be a little tight and they will tend to break in fairly quickly if yours are too tight.
Gary from Port Saint Lucie, FL
17 Jan
I am a bonafide Remington 870 nut! I have 2 of the TAC-14s, 1 Police Magnum 18.5 with the ATI Furniture Replete with 6-position stock and +2 Wilson combat Mag extension, two hunting 26 barrel 870s one with a +4 blued mag extension. I'm not going to lie, this took a lot of work to clean up and make 100% functional. It had dried masking tape all over the ONG emblem and left side of receiver that took soaking with gun oil and a lot of hard rubbing with a rag to finally get it all off, 5 sessions of about 10 minutes each Then the folding stock was missing a spring. I have a kit with hundreds of them and retaining ring to hold the detent that holds the folding stock folded or extended.
 Once that was done, the shotgun cleaned up like new. Just minor scuffing of the handguards and absolutely flawless, blued receiver, barrel and barrel/mag extension clamp! Good thing about this model, as shipped, is it holds 7 in the magazine tube and one in the chamber 2.75 for a total of 8! The bolt is chrome or nickel plated steel and very shiny. The action is the smoothest of any 870 I own. Absolute joy to shoot. I glued a thin rubber pad to the end of the folding stock, not so much to minimize recoil, but to protect the top of the barrel when the stock is folded.
 Absolutely love this collector quality 870 Wingmaster! All the extra cleanup work and minor maintenance was worth getting an almost new shotgun for under $240 shipped! Thanks again, Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore!