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We've been asked by a lot of people about how we've grown so quickly. When we started Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore, Ryan Vance wanted to continue doing what his family had already perfected after 80 years with Vance Outdoors. So the answer's actually pretty simple: we dedicate ourselves to giving our customers what they want, along with the customer service they deserve.

With roots that trace back to 1938, Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore is one of the longest-lasting gun dealers still active in the United States.

We make buying guns online easier.

Buy a gun online without worrying about credit card fees, shipping charges, long delivery times, and whether or not we actually have the gun in stock. Seems like a no-brainer, but we have yet to meet another online gun retailer who can say the same thing.
Joshua from Houston, TX
15 Jul
I purchased this firearm back in May of 2018. Compared to other 22s on the market it's a fantastic gun, and a great deal from SOSS. Only issues I've had have been a few FTEs and FTFs but honestly, it's my fault for using cheap ammo. The gun performs well, and is a blast for plinking! After my purchase I had a small issue occur, but with a short call to SOSS customer service it was handled with ease. They were absolutely amazing and friendly during the call. Not only am I happy with the gun I bought, I'm happy with the company I decided to buy it from! I'm already looking for my next purchase with them.
Roman from Lewisburg, WV
15 Jul
Fastest shipping and processing of anyone out there, including Prime member shipping on other sites. Super price!
Doc from Abingdon, VA
12 Jul
Took it out and shot IDPA matches with it right away. Using Glock mags only, it shot every round with perfect feeding and ejection, bullets went where I wanted them to go. It seems to like S&B 124 gr ball ammo... or maybe thats just me. Now I'm waiting for Glock 26 police trade-ins to show up. I've bought other guns from SOSS, and will not hesitate to use SOSS again. Good customer service, helpful, courteous, never a glitch.