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5 Star Rating
Good looking gun that shoots very well
Gary from Hampstead , NC
July 1, 2022
So far I’ve shot about 450 rounds through my Springfield XDM Elite. This was several different brands of 9mm. Not a single problem. The gun shoots straights, looks good and won’t cost you an arm and leg.

Recent Customer Review

5 Star Rating
Gives S&W some serious competition
Christian M. from Elkins Park, PA
June 29, 2022
While looking for a good .357 Magnum revolver, my 2 choices came down to either a S&W Model-686 or the Ruger GP100. I personally went with the Ruger after a good buddy of mine told me that he used a Super Redhawk .44 Mag on some of his hog hunts awhile back. So that alone sealed the deal. The GP100 looks like it's very well-built anyway so kudos to S.O.S.S. for carrying an excellent revolver!!!!

Recent Customer Review

4 Star Rating
High Value 1911
Dave from WL, IN
June 28, 2022
Some MIM parts but still a very nice gun for the money. Forged slide and frame, beautiful finish, and surprisingly good fit. I sampled a few at the LGS and took home the one with the best trigger, as there was some variation. Easy to address on 1911s though. Recommend this gun.

Recent Customer Review

5 Star Rating
A blast to shoot!
Bob from Goode, VA
June 26, 2022
Heard a lot of good things about this gun and it definitely lives up to the hype. Very accurate right out of the box, eats anything you feed it without a problem, smooth crisp trigger and reset, and super comfortable in the hand. If you're looking for an easy, super accurate plinker, that's an absolute blast to shoot, you just found it!

Recent Customer Review

5 Star Rating
Carlos from Tampa, FL
June 24, 2022

Recent Customer Review

4 Star Rating
Best little gun I wish had a better trigger
Eldon from Eudora, KS
June 22, 2022
I was excited. I had just purchased a 12 shot, single action, 1911 style pistol with a safety and magazine release for a lefty. I have a history with revolvers and semi autos that were single action all had amazing triggers so I thought getting this single action was a no-brainier. I went to the range and to say it had the worse single action I have ever used would be an understatement. I was focusing more on pulling the trigger than aiming at the target. Since I had just purchased the CSX, I contacted Smith & Wesson and explained the issue and that I hoped I hadn't bought a $600 mistake . The only response was "Sorry you don't like the trigger, we do not offer an after market one". So much for customer service. I tried a little synthetic grease behind the flat part of the trigger, hoping it would help. It didn't. Obviously they don't care and I made a $600 mistake.

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