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5 Star Rating
Better than advertised
James from Lexington , OK
September 23, 2018
Mine came with all matching numbers. Even the blue label box SN matched. Box came with two 15 round mags, owner's manual, and cable lock. I’m not sure the pistol had more than a couple hundred rounds through it and the finish shows no evidence of ever being in a holster or had been dropped or scuffed in any way. The mag bases have hit the pavement a couple times in their lives.

 Night sights still have useful glow for a few more years let. No regrets buying this one at all. Very pleased with SOSS pricing, shipping, and grading system.

Recent Customer Review

5 Star Rating
Darrin from Elsberry, MO
September 22, 2018
I got a barebones 40 cal about 2 years ago. After 500-600 rounds later it's still accurate, reliable and feeds anything including any hollow points I've tried. The only jams were mag related. It's tedious to break down but not hard. The only tool you'll need is supplied.

Recent Customer Review

5 Star Rating
My favorite 22 revolver!
Mike from Euless, TX
September 20, 2018
This is, by far, my favorite 22 revolver. I had my eye on the Ruger Single-Six for a long time, and don't know why I took so long for me to get one. Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore has one of the best prices on this model. Ruger did a fine job on the one I's cosmetically perfect. I think the fit and finish of Ruger's revolvers is even a bit better than current production S&W offerings I have several, which says a lot when you consider that the Ruger is less expensive by several hundred dollars.

Although the Single-Six is not cheap, the build quality and finish makes it well worth the additional cost compared to the Heritage Rough Rider...actually there's no comparison. Timing the warning stamp on the barrel at 6 o'clock, where it's virtually hidden, is just one example of Rugers attention to detail that I appreciate. The trigger pull on mine comes in at 4 lbs. 6 oz., and has a barrel/cylinder gap of 0.008. The gap is a couple of thousandths more that what some might like, but I'm sure its not going to create any issues. I've got a 1982 S&W model 10 thats worse at 0.010.

One minor non-issue I have noticed: The cylinders on the Ruger revolvers seem to always come with a tiny bit of surface rust inside the base pin and charge holes, but it comes right out with a little CLP and q-tips. You need to get one of these handsome revolvers. You'll be glad you did!

Recent Customer Review

5 Star Rating
Great Deal
Phil from Bethlehem, PA
September 19, 2018
This Mossberg is a fantastic deal. Mossberg quality, along with an SOSS deal that includes two barrels at a price that beats the local gun shop price for the shotgun with one barrel. It was like getting the 28 barrel for free.

I shot the 18.5" barrel at the range without a problem, then installed the 28" barrel and shot sporting clays, again without a problem. If you're in the market for a multipurpose shotgun home defense with the 18.5" and sporting clays with the 28", this is a deal you don't want to pass up. As always, SOSS had fast shipping to my FFL.

Recent Customer Review

5 Star Rating
Great Rifle
michael from yorkville, IL
September 19, 2018
After getting my AR556, I broke it down and cleaned it. It was very heavily lubed. A few days later, I took it to the range to site it in. I fired approximately 150 rounds through it and it was flawless. I own quite a few Rugers, and as usual, this is an Excellent firearm.

Recent Customer Review

5 Star Rating
Very good purchase
John from Longmont, CO
September 19, 2018
For a used handgun I am very pleased. Excellent condition overall. Very little holster wear and upon disassembly very little wear on the frame and slide. The weapon does not seem to have been fired much, but I don't think it was ever cleaned either. I was little concerned at first because the front sight was positioned as far to the left as possible, but I shot it before any adjustment and it consistently shot far right. Once I centered the the sight it was spot on.

Two weeks ago I was shooting my AR-15 at an 8x8 inch steel target at 100 yards. For grins I pulled out my M&P and hit the target 4 times out of 10 shots off hand. That is as good I could possible expect from a handgun for my ability. If there are any left, get one before it is too late.

Mine came with the original plastic case, grip inserts, 3 mags and owners manual. It even had the original piece of that protective paper with the S&W logos all over it wrapped over the gun. Great purchase, I could not be happier!!! Thanks SOSS, I'll be buying from you again.

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