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A respected brand known for producing reliable and affordable rifles, shotguns, and handguns since 1889. Offering a wide range of firearms suitable for hunting, sport shooting, and self-defense, Rossi firearms are cherished by enthusiasts worldwide for their quality and performance.

Rossi Youth .410 Gauge Single-Shot Shotgun

  • $136.00 $129.99
  • Brand: Rossi
  • Item Number: SS4112211Y

Rossi 410 Bore Police Trade-In Break Open Shotgun

  • $129.99
  • Brand: Rossi
  • Item Number: S411220 TRADE

Rossi RS22 22LR Semi-Automatic Rimfire Rifle with Threaded Barrel

  • $179.99 $149.99
In Stock
  • Brand: Rossi
  • Item Number: RS22L1811-TH

Rossi 38 Special Police Trade-In Revolver

  • $149.99
  • Brand: Rossi
  • Item Number: RG70682