Liberty 9mm Luger self defense Ammo

Liberty 9mm +P 50 gr HP Civil Defense 20/Box

  • $26.99 $28.67 ($1.43 / round)
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  • Brand: Liberty
  • Item Number: LHPCD9014
  • Type: Self Defense
  • Quantity: 20 Rounds
  • 5 Star Rating (1 review)

Liberty 9mm Luger +P 50 gr Copper HP Ultra-Light 20/Box

  • Brand: Liberty
  • Item Number: LAUL9052
  • Type: Self Defense
  • Quantity: 20 Rounds

Top-Quality 9mm Ammo

When you are looking for 9mm ammo for self-defense, you want the best. Sub-par ammunition can literally be a killer in a home invasion scenario. That's why we stock self-defense ammo from top brands you can rely on, like Hornady and Winchester .

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are self-defense rounds?

Self-defense rounds have a hollow-point bullet that makes them perfect for home defense. This hollow point causes the bullet to expand on impact, giving it high stopping power but low penetration. That means if it hits a home intruder, it's less likely to overpenetrate and injure someone on the other side. However, that expansion causes a massive wound and stops them in their tracks.

What are the differences between hollow-point and full metal jacket bullets?

Hollow-point (HP) bullets like those in our boxes of 9mm self-defense ammo are designed for high stopping power and reduced penetration. Full metal jacket (FMJ) bullets are designed for the inverse: deep penetration without much stopping power. HP bullets have a hollow point that causes the bullet to expand on impact; FMJ bullets have a lead (or other soft material) with a hard metal shell (the "jacket"), usually copper. HP bullets are typically what people mean when they describe self-defense ammo.

Be sure to research the most current state and federal laws related to short-barreled rifles before making a purchase.

Do I need 9mm self-defense ammo?

That depends on your use case. Are you a target shooter? If so, stick with FMJ bullets. They have a steady trajectory and are cheaper overall. Are you restocking on ammo for your 9mm home defense weapon? Then, HP bullets designed for self-defense should be your go-to.