Mossberg 7mm Prc Bolt Action Rifles

A Rifle for Every Shooter

Every Mossberg firearm is unique, and that's for good reason. Every shooter has different preferences for accessories, color, caliber, and size. There is no one-size-fits-all firearm.

That's why our bolt-action rifles come with various attachments, stocks, and barrel lengths. Taking down targets or game from long-range? Choose a rifle with a long barrel and high-spec scope. Want something that blends in with foliage? Our camo stocks do the job. What about calibers? Shop Mossberg Patriots chambered for small cartridges like the .243 Winchester and giant rounds that pack a punch like the .450 Bushmaster .

Looking for other guns for sale ? Our gun shop has a variety of firearms, ranging from pump-action shotguns to compact handguns for CCW . We also have a huge inventory of ammo for sale , so whenever you need to restock, we've got you covered.

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Need help with ordering your Mossberg Patriot? Check out our FAQs or reach out to our in-house customer service . We're here for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get a Mossberg rifle?

You should get a Mossberg if you want a hunting rifle that has great accuracy without a steep price tag. They're perfect as a budget rifle. Plus, since they come chambered in a wide range of calibers, hunters after any kind of game will find a Mossberg that's right for them.

How accurate are Mossberg Patriots?

The Mossberg has a reputation for being accurate. Its effective range is around 100 yards, and if you're a hunter, that should be the farthest you use it if you want to guarantee an ethical takedown. However, the gun itself isn't limited to that range. Long-range shooters have hit targets as far as 600 yards!

Can you ship my rifle to my home?

Most people cannot have firearms shipped to their home. All firearms must be shipped to a licensed gun dealer or someone with an FFL. You can pick up your gun from them when it arrives. Before ordering, check with your local FFL dealer to see if they'll accept the package.