Create Your Own Henry Heirloom

Create Your Own Henry Rifle Heirloom

Choose your own personalized serial number

For a limited time between now and September 19th, 2020*, you can personalize your very own serial number on these select Henry Rifles. Make it the perfect gift, or keep it in your family to pass down for generations.

You can add your family's name into your serial number, or make it the birthdate of someone you care about. The serial number is entirely up to you!

Whether or not you already own a Henry rifle or if you haven't come around to it yet, we think this is an amazing opportunity to personalize your own gun - something firearm manufacturers rarely allow.

*For the 2020 program, we have worked closely with Henry to determine which firearms can be manufactured and delivered by mid-December. What this means is that certain firearms must be ordered sooner than others, and some models will arrive after Christmas. This is because the manufacturing process takes longer for some models. The deadline for ordering and estimated delivery is listed with each specific firearm.

How it works

Place your order anytime before the deadline listed for each firearm.

These Henry rifles are made-to-order and are not currently in stock.

Choosing your serial number:

  • You can enter your personalized serial number during the checkout process.
  • There is a 12 Character Max-Limit - no dashes or spaces. Must be alpha-numeric.
  • The ATF requires at least one numeric digit within the serial number.
  • If ordering more than one of the same model, please remember that each firearm must have its own unique serial number.
  • Please choose an acceptable second choice serial number. In the event that your first choice is unavailable, this will prevent any delays in making your firearm.