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  • Founded: 1853 as Swiss Wagon Factory
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    SIG SAUER Inc.
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Customer Product ReviewP365 Review
5 Star Rating
Defying physics
from Indiana , IN
I already had a Glock 43, but don't care for the trigger and wanted a higher capacity than 6+1. Like everyone has been saying, this is a G43 killer. The P365 is slightly smaller, has an awesome trigger, comes standard with X-Ray night sights, and of course is 10+1.
 I've only shot about 250 rounds but haven't had any issues with a range of ammo from Remington and Blazer to Hornady Critical Defense. A gun this small will never be the best range gun, but it's my favorite to conceal in warm weather. Qualified with it as an off-duty gun with a perfect score.
Customer Product ReviewP365 Review
5 Star Rating
Excellent conceal carry pistol with unmatched round capacity ...
from Midlothian, VA
I waited a year and waited for all the bugs to be worked out before I purchased mine. Prior to this guns, I tried just about every single stack pistol on the market but ended up getting rid of all of them, except for Glock 43. Yeah, there is still primer drag on the cartridge but it is slight compared to what was being shown on Youtube with the original P365s.

 This gun fits my hand like a glove. I much prefer the 12 round mags and got rid of both of the 10 round mags on EBay and purchased more 12 round mags. I shot over 1,000 rounds thus far without a hiccup. I liked this gun so much that I got rid of my Glock 26 and 43. I checked out the new P365 XL but I prefer the shorter slide of the original P365. If you are in the market for conceal carry pistol, I highly recommend that you take a look at this pistol. Unmatched for shootability, concealability, and round capacity.
Customer Product ReviewP320 XFIVE Review
5 Star Rating
Heavy Weight Champ
from Pittston, PA
I primarily have polymer pistols with the exception of my CZ Shadow Tac II and 75 B SA. I acquired a Legion P320 on a trade with a local ffl. I must say it shoots like a laser. Dead nuts accurate and saved me the extra cost of a Shadow two. My only gripe is Sig should give you 4 mags. Come on man, you make enough dough, throw in another mag!
Customer Product ReviewP938 Review
5 Star Rating
Don from Rutledge, GA
August 26, 2019
I have always wanted a Sig but never found one I liked until a friend showed me his and I was very impressed. The only thing that I felt that needed to be done was the trigger was in need of some help. I have been a bullseye shooting for some 45 years and the trigger was not want I wanted, so I took the gun apart and did alittle spring bending and that did the trick. Got it down to around 3.75# and that is not bad.
Customer Product ReviewP320 XFIVE Review
5 Star Rating
P320 X5 Legion
Jh from Ann Arbor, MI
August 24, 2019
Picked mine up at my local dealer 8/9 with a “born-on”date of 7/8, so they are shipping. As others, looked at both CZ Shadow 2 $1200, and Walther Q5 Match SF $1400. For the price, features, availability and technology it was a no-brainer for me.
 My 3rd Sig product, and for a hefty pistol at 43oz., it shoots very softly. Sunday Gunday we will see how it compares to my CZ 75 & Beretta M9A3. Two pistols I shoot very well.
Customer Product Review Review
5 Star Rating
Great value , Great ammo
Jim from Springfield, MO
August 16, 2019
Bought this ammo at a great price for my P229R and had no problems firing it. On the plus side, it was accurate and fired clean.
Customer Product ReviewP229 Review
5 Star Rating
GREAT graded Fair SIG P229R DA/SA
Sherm from Charlottesville, VA
August 16, 2019
My P229R DA/SA graded Fair arrived promptly and was one of many firearms I have purchased from SOSS. It was as expected, with fewer minor external imperfections, but with greater than expected wear visible on the internals. Cleaned internals, re-blued the barrel, lubed slide, and headed for the range.
 Performed flawlessly, and was much more accurate for me on multiple shots in succession than my similar P229R with DAK trigger system, due to trigger pull of subsequent rounds after the first round being considerably less than the 1st.. Very happy with this purchase as is usual from SOSS..
Customer Product ReviewP226 Review
5 Star Rating
Wallace from Alice, TX
August 7, 2019
Customer satisfaction with customer service was great. 5 plus for Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore. Refunded promptly. Product was not satisfactory...slide was loose and well worn. Could not keep a good group. Kept on buying from this co. though.
Customer Product ReviewP938 Review
5 Star Rating
Sig Sauer P938 Desert Bronze Two-Tone 9mm
Alan from Wasilla, AK
August 6, 2019
I have shot some Kimber, Ruger, now Sig small carry guns, by far I love this 938 the best. It's reliable, no jams and 4 inch group free hand at 25yds. Best part is, it's so easy to clean.