CVA 243 Winchester Single-Shot Rifles

Looking for a simple and reliable hunting rifle? That's exactly what these single-shot rifles were built to be. Our selection of rifles feature models with a wide array of proprietary features from top manufacturers, from rail systems for optics to recoil pads. No matter which rifle you choose to go with, we can guarantee you'll be more than satisfied.

CVA Scout .243 Win Single-Shot Rifle with Stainless Barrel

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  • Brand: CVA
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Single-Shot Rifles: Simplicity in a Firearm

Single-shot rifles may sound outdated amidst semi-auto rifles with all kinds of accessories and attachments. But with single-shot .243 Winchester rifles, you get a firearm designed for shooters who don't need the bells and whistles. Their simple design makes them lighter and easier to control than repeating rifles, which are critical traits when trekking through dense forests for days and lining up shots through foliage.

Rifles aren't the only gun with a single-shot design. Our single-shot pistols offer the same simplicity in a compact package. Want a gun more suited for duck hunting? We have pump-action shotguns for sale in a variety of gauges. For hunters who want a gun just a step above these .243 Winchester rifles in complexity, we have an entire collection of bolt-action rifles that balance classic and modern designs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hunt with a single-shot rifle?

You should take a single-shot rifle hunting for three reasons: weight, reliability, and safety. With no internal moving parts to chamber rounds from a magazine, they're lighter and easier to carry for long periods of time. They're reliable for the same reason: less parts means fewer points of failure. And since they can only have one cartridge in them, they're extremely safe. If there's a round in the chamber, it's dangerous; if there isn't, it's 100% safe. You can't accidentally chamber a single-shot rifle!

Can you ship single-shot .243 Winchester rifles to my house?

Unless you personally have an FFL, we cannot ship to your house. Your order will need to be sent to a local licensed dealer for you to pick up. Before ordering, you should reach out to the dealer to confirm they're okay with taking the package, as well as ask about any potential pickup fees.

Are there any downsides to using a single-shot rifle?

Only one: you have one shot. Use it wisely, especially when hunting. It can be the difference between an ethical takedown and needing to track a wounded animal. Make sure you're a confident shooter before taking your gun into the wild.