Hornady 44 Special 165 gr FTX Critical Defense 20/Box

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Product Description


  • Caliber: 44 Special
  • Item Number: 90700
  • Bullet Type: FTX®
  • Bullet Weight: 165 gr.
  • Product Line: Critical Defense
  • Quantity: 20 rounds per box

The Hornady Critical Defense line of personal defense ammunition has added 44 Special to the lineup. Loaded with the patented FTX bullet, these bullets offer expansion even through heavy clothing.

  • Features
  • Unaffected by thick and heavy clothing, including denim and leather.
  • Patented FTX bullet delivers superior controlled expansion and large, deep wound cavities over a wide range of velocities.
  • Clean burning and stable propellants reduce recoil in lightweight handguns, and perform consistently in all temperatures.
  • Minimal muzzle flash protects night vision.
  • Feeds reliably in all pistols.
  • Bullets are cannelured and crimped to avoid bullet setback.
  • Bullets are custom designed for individual loads.
  • The most effective, consistent, and reliable self-defense ammunition available today!

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