Hornady 308 Win 165 gr GMX TAP Heavy Barrier 20/Box

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Law Enforcement/Military Only

Due to restrictions set by the manufacturer, this item is limited to qualifying customers under the Individual Officer Purchase (IOP) program. These restrictions are set by the manufacturer and cannot be altered by Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore.

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  • Caliber: 308 Winchester
  • Bullet Weight: 165 gr.
  • Bullet Type: Gilding Metal eXpanding (GMX®)
  • Product Line: TAP® Heavy Barrier
  • Quantity: 20 rounds

TAP® Heavy Barrier turns cover into concealment. The 165 gr. GMX® TAP® Heavy Barrier is constructed of a monolithic material and has a double cannelured design. It is constructed entirely of gilding metal, the same alloy we’ve used to make Hornady bullet jackets for decades. It shoots cleaner than pure copper, fouls less and delivers devastating terminal performance. The Gilding Metal eXpanding (GMX®) bullet penetrates heavy barriers such as 1” laminated glass with exceptional weight retention while still delivering superior terminal performance on the other side.

NOTE: Maximum penetration - Not for use where over-penetration is a concern.

  • Ballistic Coefficient: .447
  • Sectional Density: .248
  • Bullet Length: 1.418”
  • Recommended Rifling Twist Rate: 1:10” to 1:12”
  • Characteristics: Double cannelured, Gilding metal, Polymer tipped
  • GMX®
  • Powder: Temperature stable with flash retardant
  • Primer: Staked primer pocket, Large rifle
  • Case: Match Grade Brass Composite; Manufacturer’s Name (Hornady) and Caliber Designation (308 WIN Match) imprinted on case head
    Packaging and Lot Numbers
  • 20 rounds per box
  • 10 boxes per case (200 rounds per case)
  • Lot numbers on each box and case

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