Froglube CLP Liquid (4 oz.) Squeeze Bottle

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Product Description

FROGLUBE® is a cutting edge biodegradable lubricant made from “USDA Certified Food-Grade”. All ingredients are produced in the USA using a proprietary formula. It is a non-toxic substance that dissolves carbon on contact. It has a heavy specific gravity, which enables it to ‘season’ the metal by absorption deep into the pores. Using FROGLUBE® results in a durable dry slick wax-like surface that reduces friction, eliminates fouling, and destroys rust. FROGLUBE® is safe for plastic, urethane, nylon, and wood. FROGLUBE® will give your weapon many extended years of service.

Contains 4 ounces of FrogLube CLP Liquid, all natural, food-grade safe, petroleum-free, anti-oxidant, water insoluble, temperature sensitive, full function firearms cleaner, lubricant and preservative in a durable, compact squeeze bottle capable of dispensing drops or a stream of lube where it is needed.

The 4 oz amount provides just the right amount for issuance to an individual soldier, operator or consumer to maintain personally assigned primary, secondary, or select individual weapons.

  • Contains no petroleum or water
  • Non-hazardous in every way
  • Pleasant mint smell

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