Smith & Wesson M&P-10 308 Optic Ready Semi-Auto Rifle (LE)

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Law Enforcement/Military Only

Due to restrictions set by the manufacturer, this item is limited to qualifying customers under the Individual Officer Purchase (IOP) program. These restrictions are set by the manufacturer and cannot be altered by Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore.

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Product Description

  • 5R Rifling
  • S&W Enhanced Flash Hider
  • Gas Block with Integral Picatinny-Style Rail
  • Ambi Magazine Release & Bolt Catch
  • Reversible, Ambi Safety Selector Lever

Product Specifications

  • Model: M&P10
  • Caliber: .308 Win / 7.62x51 mm
  • Capacity: 20 Rounds
  • Barrel Length: 18” with Durable Corrosion Resistant Barrel Finish
  • Action: Gas Operated Semi Automatic
  • Overall Length: 40.9” Extended / 37.6” Compacted
  • Stock: 6 Position CAR
  • Barrel Twist: 1 in 10”
  • Weight (No Mag): 7.71 lbs.
  • Trigger Pull: 6.15 lbs.
  • Upper/Lower Material: 7075 T6 Aluminum
  • Barrel Material: 4140 Steel
  • Chromed Components: Gas Key Bolt Carrier Firing Pin
  • Other Features: 9310 Steel Bolt | QD Sling Swivel Attachment Point (bottom of gas block)

Customer Comments & Questions

Customer Reviews

(5 out of 5) 500 rounds & 100% reliable
by from Hawkins, TX on

Bought this in 2016. Have only shot 500 rounds, but there have been no FTF or FTE. I have only shot cheap Federal and Winchester 308/7.62x51 149/150 grain brass ammo. I haven't shot for accuracy on paper, but I hit my 3 inch steel target every time I shoot at it. The only 2 issues I've had are that the ambi bolt release on the right side broke when I pressed it today. I'd call that a MIM problem, but most guns have MIM parts these days. The other issue, which I probably caused, is that the dust cover pin walks forward which allowed the short end of the spring to spin so that I lost my spring action. When I put the pin back and close the cover, it opens like its supposed to.
 I think the problem is from me changing to a Midwest industries handguard. It works great, but I'm guessing that it doesn't have something that the delta ring had to hold the pin in place. I think a longer pin will solve it. In addition to the handguard, I've added a Magpul ACS stock, BCM grip, Superlative Arms adjustable gas block and Radian Raptor SD charging handle for suppressors. Everything fit perfectly without any issues. I haven't adjusted the gas block. So far, its been wide open. My son has a Helix suppressor that we tried. The gun shot perfectly and had zero blast in my face. I love this gun and so far am 100% happy that I bought it.

(1 out of 5) Unhappy with Purchase dont waste your money buy a CMMG, LMT, or POF
by from Murfreesboro, TN on

I owned this rifle for 4 years and had had nothing but problems with FTF, light primer strikes, double feeds, stove piping, short stroking. I give it a 1 rating because it did fire on occasion, but has never been reliable. I replaced the trigger with a Giessele, DSM adjustable 2 stage trigger, and still the rifle continued suffering light primer strikes especially with 7.62x51 ammo`;` it would double feed or fail to feed when using 7.62 nato rounds.
I cleaned it, lubed it I have replaced the trigger, checked gas tube alignment, I have done everything I know possible to have it function reliably and nothing improved. I took it to an old friend who was an armorer in the Corps., and was working for Barrett and he couldn't repair it. Also, S&W has proprietary parts yet no replacement parts for the rifle, only parts used for their production, so customer service has not resulted in anything but allegations that I performed improper maintenance or that it was the trigger installation. I also was told I could buy a new M&P 10 rifle from the CSR.
I was in the Corps for just shy of 21 from years, 1995 to 2016 I know how to disassemble, reassemble, and troubleshoot weapons malfunctions and can practically do so blind folded. This was honestly the worst firearm I have ever purchased. I purchased it in 2014 and eventually gave it to my father after asking if he wanted it, he has had the same problems with no resolution in sight. I purchased a CMMG 7.62 rifle and upgraded the trigger, I have had only one, only one, light primer strike while using some cheap CBC ammo, and haven't had a problem since... I then purchased a LMT rifle and it hasn't had a single problem, it has superior reliability. I also have built a DPMS rifle with Brownells premium barrel, BCM and Magpul components and it hasn't had but one cycling issue that I was guilty of for letting it get too dry and dirty, but we also fired 300+ rounds of cheap ammo. My son now uses it to hunt and hasn't had a single hiccup. So no more S&W M&P rifles for my family!

(5 out of 5) Best deal going
by from Santa Clarita, CA on

I saw a negative review on this rifle, and I can't speak for that guy's customer service experience, but as far as this rifle goes, this thing is light, accurate, utterly reliable. Compares to or beats AR-10s that go for twice as much in these features. Superb accuracy without a free floated barrel! I do not see any AR-10s that compare to the value of this rifle. I have gotten 3 1/2 to 6 1/2 groups, 5 rounds, 400 yards. Great rifle!

(1 out of 5) Never again
by from Mundelein, IL on

After purchasing the S&W MP-10 .308 I hit the range. After firing the first shot it went down hill. Many failure to feeds, failure to eject and dropped hammer with no primer strikes. I could not get through a box of ammo. Called S&W, had to pay for a box to Fed-ex it back since I was told they had a new system that could NOT send me a box. The following was on the repair order:
Furious that this was the ONLY firearm ever purchased that was practically nonfunctional out of the box I called Customer Service and expressed my dissatisfaction. I was told they are test fired and that there should be a spent casing included with the firearm which it did NOT. That left me with even more questions. This was my second S&W purchase, and probably the last.