Taurus Millennium PT-111 G2 9mm Sub-Compact

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Product Description

What's in the Box

  • Taurus Millennium PT-111 G2 Pistol
  • (2) 12 Round Magazines
  • Trigger Lock Key
  • Owner’s Manual

With its lightweight 22 oz. polymer frame, thin profile, and ramped 3.2 inch barrel, the newly designed Millennium G2 from Taurus is the ideal concealed carry handgun. The PT-111 Millennium G2 features an accessory rail, high-profile sights, an aggressive, textured grip and melted edges for added comfort and easy concealment.

Firearm Specifications

  • Model: PT-111 G2
  • Finish: Blue
  • Caliber: 9 mm
  • Capacity: 12 +1
  • Weight: 22 oz.
  • Barrel Length: 3.2 in
  • Frame: Compact
  • Action: SA/DA
  • Front Sight: Fixed
  • Length: 6.24 in
  • Safety: Loaded Chamber Indicator Manual Safety Manual Safety Taurus Security System Trigger safety
  • Order #: 1-111031G2-12
  • Rear Sight: Adjustable- 2 Dots

Customer Comments & Questions

Customer Reviews

(5 out of 5) Great value
by from Denver, CO on

I give this Taurus G2 all five stars primarily because of the value. It is a lot of gun for the investment -as nice as others that I have paid 2 and 3 times as much for. Easy to shoot, easy to clean/maintain and after 1000 rounds of different ammo - no FTF or FTE - shoots straight - I bought another for my other car. Guess Id rather have four of these instead of one gun that costs four times as much!!

(5 out of 5) Taurus pt111 g2
by from East Brewton, AL on

I have had my taurus pt111g2 for about a year now bout it used neither me or the guy I bought it from ever had a problem with it. Doing some upgrades to it like stanless steel guide rod and stanless steel firing pin guide from lakeline LLC. This gun is a winner from in my book great job taurus.

(5 out of 5) Taurus PT111 G2
by from East Brewton, AL on

Love this gun, so far no problems. It is just fun to shoot. Highly recommend getting one.

(4 out of 5) A very decent gun at an unbelievable price
by from Oviedo, FL on

This gun shoots very well and for this price I have no complaints. So far, I have shot about 500 rounds of name brand FMJRN with no malfunction or issue of any kind. The only reason I give it four is the trigger reset feels different and takes a little getting used to. Like one magazine!! But at this price, I'll take two more and give them as gifts! If you need some 9mm variety, and who doesn't, spend the small sum and add this one to you collection.

(5 out of 5) Great little gun
by from Centralia, WA on

Cleaned it really well and I  have put over 1000 rounds through it with no problems.

(5 out of 5) Taurus G2
by from St Augustine, FL on

Absolutely a wonderful product at a great price plus a free year to NRA. Out of the box 200 rounds no problems at all used all kinds of ammo.

(4 out of 5) Conceal Carry
by from Berlin, New Hampshire on

I purchased 2 of these for the primary purpose of conceal carry for my wife and I. As far as cost, they were priced much lower at Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore than I could get at any gun shops within a 200 mile radius. Didn't continue looking beyond 200 miles. Aside from free shipping, Taurus was offering a $50 pre-charged credit type card per pistol. After hitting the range, it was clearly obvious that these little gems were not hard to sight in. My wife, who seldom shoots, had a 4 inch grouping at approximately 13-15 yards all in the groin area, needless to say, we left her sights there. She knows to aim for the head to get center mass at that distance. The only thing I found is the matte coating on the barrel is not the greatest finish. I carry mine hunting and hiking and in humidity they can get a little rusty. Other than that functionality, no double feeds, no misfires and we have put a couple hundred rounds through both of them. Walmart Winchester 9mm ammunition.

(4 out of 5) review of taurus
by from Sarasota, FL on

Had some spent casings hanging up early on seems better now. Like the front mount rail on it.

(5 out of 5) Poor mans Glock 26 ...
by from Midlothian, VA on

Has nearly identical dimensions as Glock 26, except for the height due to extended mags with 2 extra rounds compared to 26, 12 versus 10. Very good build quality for the price and shoots straight and reliably with good recoil. Comes with two 12 round mags. The trigger is nothing to write home about but serviceable, with long uptake and extremely short reset. Surprisingly reliable thus far with virtually no jams even limp wristing and using cheap ammo.

(5 out of 5) Great gun at a bargain price
by from Nashville, TN on

I had heard a couple bad things about Taurus firearms, but for the price, I couldnt pass this gun up. I've been more than pleased at how well it has performed for me. I've shot 500 rounds through it so far and haven't had a single problem with it. The night sights I bought for it is just one of the many accessories available for it. It's the perfect size for a concealed carry gun and the recoil is very manageable. This gun is a great deal for what you spend on it.

(5 out of 5) Ignore the phoney reviews by glockaholics
by from Titusville, FL on

Anyone who actually uses one of these will love it. I did upgrade the sights to F.O. because I use this for IDPA matches when I shoot CCP. For personal protection, the factory sights are fine. Over 10,000 rounds through this one, and it cycles any and every round I have fed it. My wife has one that she uses for daily carry as it has more firepower than her Shield. Absolutely no doubt about its reliability. Use it long enough to get accustomed to the SA/DA trigger feel, and you will love it. Taurus has a winner with this one, as evidenced by the steep drop in prices of its competitors products.

(5 out of 5) Great Handgun For The Price
by from Houma, Louisiana on

I finally got a chance to shoot mine. It shot flawlessly through 200 rounds. I don't think it gets enough credit for its accuracy on hitting targets, considering the sites appear to be low quality. Definitely would buy a second one at this price range.

(5 out of 5) Excellent weapon for the price and excellent transaction
by from Hialeah, FL on

The firearm is an excellent choice for the price, I recommend it. And as always, Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore is the best in every aspect. Transaction very smooth, the information was excellent, and the shipping was fast and free. Thank you Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore.

(5 out of 5) first impression: pretty good
by from Dallas, Oregon on

was unsure about buying it as I have heard quiet a bit of bad about Taurus, but for the price I could not say no and so far I like it =D

(5 out of 5) I Just Bought Another One
by from La Porte, Texas on

One of the best deals online! This is the third G2 for me. I have taught several family members to shoot safely and shoot straight with my Taurus. My next to oldest daughter is my next project with this firearm. The G2 is my choice for several reasons: It's easy to take down, easy to put back together, cleans up easily, straight forward, simple to learn gun. The first time she fired mine she immediately said Dad I like this one! Being comfortable at the range makes learning a whole lot more fun for both of us. Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore clinched the deal with a sale I couldn't pass up. Better hurry folks, this package even comes with a spare mag...

(1 out of 5) The dirtiest gun ive ever bought.
by from lewisburg, Tennessee on

Just got this gun today. I thought it was a good thing, the outside of it was covered with oil. I took the gun apart then noticed the inside was dry, it had rust and corrosion on must of the components. I guess for $214....you get what you pay for.

(5 out of 5) Great gun
by from Centralia, WA on

Works great. Was well oiled when I received it but not to bad. Better oil then rust. Have had it for 11 months with about 1000 rounds through it. Works great. Not the best sights but you can buy better ones. You can also get ext. 25 rd magazines if you want. I had 2 failure to ejects when breaking in but that is it. Have had more FTE breaking in a Ruger, S&W, Sig etc. I also bought a nice crimson trace laser for it that looks as if made for this gun. SOSS has the best prices.

(5 out of 5) For the Money you Can't Beat it
by from North Canton, Ohio on

Great accurate gun. If it has failure to eject, the ammo you are using is junk. If you can't get it to shoot accurately, then it is because you are messing up because of the long trigger pull. You are moving at the last second before it fires. It is a good gun, and I have no issues with how long the pull is, but many don't understand the issue and claim it isn't accurate. At 25 yards I can hit within a 4x4 square 90% of the time and have only been shooting pistols for 9 weeks.

(5 out of 5) A Very Good Gun at a Very Good Price
by from Sanford, NC on

Took a little long to ship out, but it was worth the wait. This gun has functioned flawlessly and is true value to the market. I trust this gun with my life.

(5 out of 5) Taurus PT111 G2
by from Dubuque, Iowa on

This is my 2nd Taurus pistol and it's a joy to shoot! It has a great feel balance about it, and performed flawlessly w/ 300 rounds of aluminum Hot Shot ammo. Only quirk worth mentioning is position of mag release. I inadvertently hit the mag release 2x mid firing. Not sure if user error so to speak or poor location. Overall, this gun is worth every penny.

(2 out of 5) Taurus PT-111 G2 9mm not good!
by from Chicago, IL on

When I first got this gun was the time! I am a bit disappointed! Because unlike other guns, there is not a perfect packaging box! And found that bags have a lot of oil! And even has been leaked out! Make me feel dirty! $220 price is perhaps so! However, I found that my gun handle has a scratched scratches! I am disappointed! If you can return it! I will certainly refund him! The first shooting test also felt not very good! There is slow recovery feeling!I do not know why so many people have such a high praise on this gun! Perhaps the reason for low prices now! But my price is not the lowest! So I only give two stars of the evaluation!

(2 out of 5) Too Many FTE
by from Glen Allen, VA on

I really wanted to like this gun. I've had it at the range 6 times, put hundreds of round through it, and I can't usually get through a magazine with out a failure to eject. I took the ejector our, cleaned it, put it back in, no help. I like the way the gun feels in my hand. I would return it if I could and find a nice baby Glock police trade in.

(5 out of 5) Greatest surprise!
by from Salt Lake City, Utah on

Bought this as a budget carry sized 9mm. Wow, have I been pleasantly surprised! The grip provides a great purchase and is very positive. The fit and finish is way above the price of the gun. The one negative I would give it is a tiny rattle of the magazine inside the magazine well. Overall, I would HIGHLY suggest picking one of these. Amazing gun. I shoot better groups with this than any of the M&P, S&W, XD, or Glock carry sizes.

(3 out of 5) Sub Par
by from Glen Allen, Virginia on

I can't hit anything with this gun, and I have a lot of FTE with it. I've put maybe 500 rounds through it. Perhaps it isn't broken in yet. Most of my buys are used police trades that are flawless. Gonna keep trying, but not happy.

(5 out of 5) Fantastic CCW
by from Olathe, Kansas on

Right out of the box this little Taurus is a fantastic value and meets all my performance expectations. Basically same form factor as the Shield, for radically less money. No feed problems so far with accurate sights, easy field strip and tight but not too tight fit. Grip is almost like sandpaper and the double-stack mags give the grip just enough extra girth to give it a much more positive control feeling. Best value I've shot in a 9mm.

(5 out of 5) Flawless...
by from Chesapeake, VA on

Gun shipped quickly and customer service was great. I picked the gun from my FFL and immediately took it to the range. It shipped soaked in factory lube ,including the mags. I checked the barrel and breach to make sure it was clear and loaded up a few mags. I normally would fully strip and clean a new firearm but I remember saying to myself it's a 229 dollar Taurus, whatever. I was shocked to see it perform flawlessly. 250 rounds out of the box. Cleaned it thoroughly and took it back to the range the next weekend. 300 more rounds. Once again, Flawless. PMC, American eagle, Winchester , some federal. Ate it all. I was so impressed with it I even use it as my CCW from time to time. Taurus hit this one out of the park. P.S. SigP226 mags work great in this gun. 15rd high cap. You're welcome.

(5 out of 5) PT111 G2 vs MP Shield
by from Omaha, Nebraska on

I bought both guns and have to say the PT111 G3 is the best of the two. Here is why. The workmanship on the G2 is far better. The trigger is much better then the MP and at almost twice the ammo and cost $140. less. I like the G2 so well Ill be buy another soon for the wife.

(4 out of 5) Great feed, not too accurate
by from Fayetteville, NC on

After a year of firing this weapon, no matter what kind of round I use, I must fire upper right of the intended target at first, then work down. I have the sights pegged to the max. I have fired from 10 to 20 feet, always same result. Never a mis feed though, everything I load goes through.

(5 out of 5) Good weapon!
by from Rocky Point, North Carolina on

Ordered this past Thursday late in the night picked it up today Monday great shipping by Sportsmans Superstore! Will be taking to the range in couple of days! Looking forward to putting some rounds through it! Got home from work and installed a SCGL-06 laser light on the rail. Looks great. this will become my EDC easy to conceal! Would buy from here again in the future prices are great!!!!!!

(4 out of 5) PT111
by from Sanford, FL on

I picked this firearm up for $224.99, it shipped fast and I only had to pay $15 for the FFL transfer. I have fired 196 rounds down range with this firearm. I did not clean or oil the weapon; I just pulled it out of the box and took it to the range. The magazine had some feeding issues for the first couple of mags. It never jammed for myself but I did have an inexperienced shooter with me and he might have loaded the mags incorrectly or did not push the bullets in properly. I am unsure however; it did jam by loaded a round into the chamber and then the weapon tried to feed additional rounds into the chamber which became s tuck in the slide. I had to clear the jams about 4 or 6 times. I field stripped the weapon and put it back together and gave more instructions to the inexperienced shooter with me. After I had done those things the weapon had performed flawlessly with no further jams or feeding issues. I honestly do not think it was the firearms fault, it had to be the inexperienced shooter I had with me. The weapon works great and was sighted perfectly from the factory. I very much enjoy this firearm and would recommend it to anyone looking for a great budget weapon. If I could afford a Springfield or a Glock I would prefer those as my everyday carry. I would trust this weapon with my life but it would not be my first choice. I will do business with Sportmans Outdoor Superstore again.

(5 out of 5) Great gun Great price
by from Emporia, KS on

Ordered this pistol based on a lot of other reviews stating how good of a gun it was for the price. I have to agree 100%. I love the function and the feel of the gun. It fits awesome in my hand. Disassembly is a breeze for cleaning. Many videos out there and if you do it once you'll be able to do it there on out. The only thing I will say though is that if you have a larger hand you can hit the mag release when shooting. Other than that I highly recommend this gun to anyone.

by from Dallas, TX on

Very fast delivery and professional, no problems processing even during holiday order. Definitely will be a repeat customer..

(1 out of 5) Pleagued with problems
by from Collegeville, Pa on

If had to do again would put $ toward a more well built 9mm. Everything is plastic. Had trigger safety blade snap within 300 rounds. Has extremely long trigger pull. Very inaccurate past 10 yards. Aftermarket parts are non existent. The worst customer service in the industry. 10 weeks still waiting for Taurus to fix and return.

(4 out of 5) Great backup
by from Dayton, Nevada on

I bought this gun as another choice for an off duty concealed weapon. The price was great and when I shot it, I was surprised how accurate it was at 10 yards for such a small handgun. The grip is great as it is very rough so your hand won't slip even when sweaty. I have large hands and it fits very well in it with a very comfortable fit with the depression for your finger when it is indexed and another depression for your support hands thumb. The initial trigger pull is a bit long but the trigger reset is short and crisp. The sights are easy to pick up on a quick draw. The slide release is very stiff right out of the box and will need to be broken in quite a bit.

(5 out of 5) Protection pocket sized
by from Berlin, New Hampshire on

I have been looking for a decently priced semi automatic pistol for carry and conceal for awhile now specifically for my wife but ended up purchasing one for her and one for myself. This wasnt a spur of the monent purchase, after weeks of reading comments posted about the Taurus G2 Mil. 9 mm and watching test fires and break down videos on you tube it was a no brainer. The only downfall I had heard was about the trigger. This was coming from someone who shoots multiple pistols and had found his favorite, also his technique to trigger squeeze is considerable different then mine. Anyways my wife and I are looking forward to taking these little gems to the range and firing off some rounds. My FFl dealer was so impressed with it that he is purchasing one for him and his wife as well. Thanks Sportsmans Outdoor Superstore for a smooth transaction, and set up with a new FFL dealer. It took almost two weeks but understandable since we were coming out of the Christmas season. Thanks Taurus for a nice little weapon. The only thing that will make this an over the top deal is if I get the $50.00 rebate from Taurus for each pistol.

(5 out of 5) 4-5 Star reviews, They're doing something Right
by from Ft Lauderdale, Florida on

Have read all the reviews, seen the Firearm, heard all the bad stuff about Past Model, currently own a PT22 which is a Fun piece to shoot, never had any Problems with it. Also have a Bersa 380 CC, also a Good piece. Picked Up the G2 for 199.00. Could not be More satisfied. All and More, was concerned about recoil. Had Major shoulder surgery - full shoulder repair, and was worried about the Impact, Very Lite, No Problems what so ever, No FTF, FTEs, shot great out of the Box.

The Guy before Me was also shooting a G2. Very Pleased. Asked if he had looked at All the reviews. Very happy with Purchase, shooting Rem 115 FMJ. Myself shot over 100 rds, His so far 200, No Failures. Taurus Must be doing something right. Can Not keep them In Stock. I Have seen 1 or 2 1-star reviews. I Think they were Just Haters , Give this Firearm a try, I've always said, It's Not a Bargain if you don't like it. Well You will, Try It for yourself, Judge for YOURSELF.

(5 out of 5) Too good to be true!
by from Southfield, MI on

I purchased this gun about 6 months ago. I wanted to give a review after I had ample time to run this weapon through a battery of tests. Just for reference sake, I carry a Glock 19. As long as I can remember I have always carried a Glock. The only reason I purchased this gun was a $209 price tag. It came with 2 12 round mags, seemed like a good deal. I took it to the range directly out of its box, no maintenance. The gun jammed, stovepiped rounds and failed repeatedly. Imagine my disappointment. I considered getting rid of it, but I thought let me try it again. I took it home field stripped it and really cleaned and lubricated it. The next day, I put 100+ rounds through it in under 10 minutes. No failures. Since then I clean it and lubricate it every time I take it out. I have ran tons of ammo through it. No failures, no issues. I was even more surprised to find out, I am shooting tighter groupings than with the Glock 19. Still my favorite pistol I would recommend this gun to anyone.

(5 out of 5) Love at first shot
by from Anderson, SC on

I have been an avid gun carrier for years and have carried lots of pistols. The pt111 carries as good or better than any other gun I have owned. Shoots great out of the box no problems with any ammo. Looking foward to getting another for safe keeping.

(5 out of 5) Taurus Millennium G2 is a keeper.
by from Santa Fe, NM on

Received the item quickly and undamaged. The Taurus Millennium G2 is a very nice pistol that truly delivers value and has been very reliable from day one. Two 12 round magazines were included which is nice since many only provide one. Overall we are elated with Taurus build quality of the Millennium G2 and are now considering other Taurus firearms.

(5 out of 5) Join the club
by from Chattanooga, TN on

Finally tried out my PT111 G2 and everyone on the pistol range was shooting...PT111 G2s. I can see why. Solid, well-finished pistol. Reliable and accurate for social work right out of the box. One guy had more than 1100 rounds through his and not a problem yet. Good sight picture. Easy to take down and clean. Just a trifle hard getting the mag spring out to clean magazines, but no big deal. Have 738 TCP and this one. Need more Taurus products. Would recommend.

(5 out of 5) No complaints!
by from Raleigh, NC on

Was skeptical ordering from a website but this one does it right! Gun is great and couldn't be happier or feel safer knowing I can protect my family now. SOS is the best site and had the best price. Will order again soon.

(5 out of 5) Great Gun For The Money!
by from San Antonio, TX on

Great gun to own. No misfires, hang ups, FTF or FTF. Eats anything. Good trigger and an easy shoot. Simple to take down and clean. Mags are a bit stiff, but not a deal breaker. Good, accurate pistol that is a lot of fun to shoot. One of the best bang no pun intended for the buck out there.

(5 out of 5) Very happy with this pistol
by from Houston, TX on

If the definition of value is the worth or usefulness of something, then the PT111 G2 is a perfect example of great value. Taurus may have a bad reputation, but they hit a homer with this model. Only 150 rds. so far and it gobbled them all, 115 FMJ. Brand new. Can't wait to get out again. It is very comfortable and accurate with a short reset after initial pull. Two mags is a huge plus. Breaks down easily to clean. I'd put it up against other, higher priced guns anytime. SOSS shipped fast to my FFL. Great company. Great gun. Great deal. Going to get another when back in stock...

(5 out of 5) G2 Great improvement over older models
by from Toledo, OH on

Love this gun. Can't beat the price. My second Taurus. I also have a .40 cal 24/7 full size. No FTF or FTE on either. Sportsmans was great to deal with. I'll be looking at them again.

(5 out of 5) Amazing for this price point
by from Charlotte, NC on

I can't believe I bought a Taurus and liked it!!!

I got interested in the Millennium G2 after I watched the Hickok45 review of it. Sportsman's had a great price and free shipping so I thought, what the heck. After a little trouble getting the FFL information settled, shipping was fast, second day air fast! Very Nice!

Well, the gun lives up to the hype. For $200 you get features found on guns costing $500 and up. Grip is great, fires whatever I put in it and has two 12 round mag which seems pretty good for a sub compact like this one.

I love the integrated locking mechanism, a single twist locks up the trigger and slide tight. I guess my one very minor criticism is the key has its own chain and the hole in the key is too small to fit on my keyring. The angle of the two hex keys would make carrying this key around in your pocking a bit uncomfortable. Aside from that I can't be happier with this product. Ignore the Taurus haters and give the G2 a try.

(3 out of 5) older manufacturing date
by from Lafayette, Indiana on

These are a pretty good price but came in filthy and had quite a bit of wear on the internals for a new firearm. It also didn't come in the orange carry on box with the grey bags, which I've read is how Taurus ships out their new pistols so maybe these are warehouse clearouts. You can call Taurus and get your exact manufacturing date. As for the pistol, it feels great in the hand. It looks very nice and has a great round cap for the size.

Now for the drawbacks, when reassembling the slide on the frame in feels very sloppy and can even get caught up on the frame if not perfectly positioned which I've never had a pistol do. Also sometimes the slide doesn't go completely into battery when chambering a round both when you released the slide with your hand or using the lever. Maybe a few hundred rounds and a polished feed ramp will help.

And lastly it has a very long single action trigger with a fairly nice crisp break. Just be prepared for the trigger to feel strange for awhile.

(5 out of 5) Taurus PT111 G2 9mm
by from Summerdale, Al on

SOSS is a fantastic place to purchase a firearm. I ordered my PT111 G2 on 07/08/15 and received it at 8 AM on 7/10/15. What great service. Out the door for $232.00 including my FFL fee. SOSS always has the best prices and best service. Can't wait to go to range to compare to my M&P Shield 9mm, which I also purchased from SOSS at great LEO price and same fast delivery.

(5 out of 5) Awesome gun
by from Oak forest, Il on

Awesome gun ...great price at $209. Good fit and finish.

Shoots great ....eats all ammo I have tried. Not a single malfunction so far. Put about 200 rounds through it. Shoots exactly where I aim it.

No sight adjustment needed.

Nice polished feed ramp.

Very good trigger.

Very good quality ....awesome gun

(5 out of 5) Great carry size
by from Toledo, OH on

I already own a .40 PT 24/7 G2 and am totally satisfied with it. Can't wait to take this one to the range. See how it compares to my M&P Shield 9mm. Taurus has come a long way in quality. Thank you Sportsmans for such a good price and quick delivery. I'm sure we'll be doing more business later.

(5 out of 5) Dont miss out!
by from Raleigh, NC on

I have been looking at this model Taurus pt111 for a long time and this has definitely been the best price and service. I have had no issues with the gun and it arrived fast and as advertised. Great deal for a great gun. Don't miss out!

(5 out of 5) A great gun from Taurus
by from Dallas, Texas on

I used the gun directly out of the box and never had a problem. The gun feels comfortable and great for concealment.

(5 out of 5) great experience
by from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on

Fast shipping, Fast & cheap FFL Transfer. Smooth shooting with my Taurus Pt111 G2. After shooting 100 rounds didn't feel tired. Grip was great and a 12 round capacity made it special with the cheapest price found on internet. Good job Sportsmansoutdoorsuperstore.com.

(5 out of 5) How can you go wrong
by from lebanon, pa on

This handgun is a fantastic value. I have put 100 rounds through it so far and no issues whatsoever. Quality is evident all around. Say what you want about Taurus but they have upped their game on this little gem.

(5 out of 5) My First Encounter
by from Manila, NCR on

My first encounter with this gun is when I was renting it in a shooting range, really does a great job, since then I am looking for this kind of gun to own.

(4 out of 5) Most Bang, Fewest Bucks
by from Fort Worth, TX on

Ive had the 111 for years, never had failure problems, this gun is not picky when it comes to ammo nor does it require a lot of up-keep! Same size as the Glock 26 but with a thinner grip, shoots great and is a great carry gun!