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Winchester 17 Winchester Super Mag 25 gr Varmint HE 50/Box

  • Item Number: S17W25 BX
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Product Description


  • Caliber: 17 Win Super Mag
  • Item Number: S17W25
  • Bullet Weight: 25 gr.
  • Bullet Type: Plastic Tip
  • Product Line: Varmint HE (High Energy)
  • Quantity: 50 rounds per box

The .17 Win Super Mag offers the downrange performance of a centerfire cartridge at only a fraction of the cost. For the first time in history, hunters can expect pinpoint accuracy and devastating performance from a rimfire cartridge at ranges well past 200 yards.

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(5 out of 5) 25 Gr V-Max
by from B, IL on

First off Sportsman Outdoor Superstore was AMAZING! I ordered a few boxes on December 20, 2013 and got my order on December 23, 2013. Standard shipping on one box was $6.99. Standard shipping on a few boxes was also $6.99. Cant beat that deal with a stick! Plus they only wanted $16.99 a box when other websites want $49.99! Sportsman Outdoor Superstore + FedEx = amazing!! Now on to the ammo review: Went to the range on December 19, 2013 - It was about 55 to 60 degrees that day. Got the rifle sighted in to just a few yards short of 100 yards. Left it shooting just a touch higher than middle of bulls eye so it would be almost dead on at 150 yards and a few inches short at 200 yards. The cases on this ammo WILL crack! I have had multiple cases crack on me. I had one case crack and swell and was jammed. I had to set the butt of the rifle on the table and pull down on the bolt handle with a lot of force. That was the only issue I have had with this ammo! These rounds are very accura