Springfield XDS 3.3 Single Stack 45ACP Black Essentials Package

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Product Description

What’s in the Box

  • Springfield XD-S 3.3 45ACP Black Pistol
  • 1 Flush Fitting Magazine & 1 with New Mid-Mag X-Tension
  • 2 Interchangeable Backstraps
  • Lockable Case
  • Cable Lock
  • Bore Brush
  • Operation and Safety Manual

The new XDS 45 Essentials Package from Springfield contains all of the basics you need for your XDS 45ACP Black - minus the ammo, of course. This slimmed down package includes your pistol, two magazines, two interchangeable backstraps that allow you to custom fit your grip, a cable lock, and a bore brush, all inside of a lockable hard case. The two stainless steel magazines that come with your XD-S 45ACP Black Essentials Package include one 5-round flush-fitting magazine, along with Springfield’s brand new 6-round Mid-Mag with the X-Tension grip sleeve.

XDS 45 Black Essentials Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Springfield Armory
  • Model: XD-S 3.3 Single Stack 45ACP Black Essentials Package
  • Item Number: XDS93345BE
  • Caliber: 45ACP
  • Capacity: 5 + 1 RDS
  • Weight: 21.5 oz.
  • Barrel: Melonite®; Fully Supported Ramp
  • Sights: Steel Dovetail Rear; Fiber Optic Front
  • Slide: Forged Steel, Melonite Finish
  • Frame: Black Polymer
  • Magazines: 1 - 5 Round Flush Fitting, 1 - 6 Round With Mid-Mag X-Tension, Stainless Steel
  • Overall Height with Magazine: 4.4”
  • Overall Length: 6.3”
  • Overall Width: .9”
  • California Compliant: No

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Customer Comments

Customer Reviews

(5 out of 5) As I hoped...
by from Columbia Falls, MT on

XDS 45 is a sweet little weapon. Zero issues but with good brass ammo. Didn't try steel. Recoil was less than I was expecting.

SPRINGFIELD- I only buy your handguns when you're doing a free mag promotion. Keep them going and I'll keep buying.

SOSS- There was a mix-up with the FFL I picked. OK, they were douchebags. I had first arranged a return with a gal over the phone then WAS able to complete the transaction. My bad. Thanks for your guys effort in getting this worked out! Great service!

(5 out of 5) Great gun great price
by from Addison, Illinois on

Fantastic Gun and Fantastic PRICE !!!!! SOSS will be the only place I purchase from again !!!! The Springfield XDS 45 I purchased from SOSS sells locally here Illinois for right around $550;I paid a total of $429.

(5 out of 5) Great gun
by from Dallas, Oregon on

Well worth the purchase price. Not a single regret with this purchase.

(5 out of 5) Springfield XDS 45 caliber
by from Chicago, Illinois on

I purchased the Springfield XDS on Black Friday weekend. The out-the-door price was $380 . This price included no taxes and free shipping. I also received an extra magazine as part of a promotion that was going on. My FFL received the gun a week after it was ordered. I hadn't had a chance to fire the weapon yet. The gun is perfect for my needs. I couldn't be happier!

(5 out of 5) Best Concealed Carry
by from Datil, New Mexico on

If I'm going to carry concealed, I want the gun concealed. I'll admit, my M1911 will really get someone's attention, but that's not what I want. I didn't get a CCW to advertise that I have a weapon on me. The XDS 3.3 45ACP is just the perfect animal for me. And I do mean it is an animal. Don't let its appearance fool you. With 230 grain hollow points at 25 yards, it makes a very impressive hole, plus shoots a great shot group. I have fired about 200 rounds without a stand up or a misfire. Field cleaning is about as simple as it gets. I carry the gun in a Black Hawk Serpa holster without tucking in my shirt; even a t-shirt, and the gun is invisible. With my shirt tucked in I use an IWB holster, and the gun still can't be seen. Because it is so thin, I can put it in about any position inside my pants and not suffer any discomfort. There is nothing to be said about the price. There is not a gun on the market that can touch it. I paid $425 for mine about a year ago and that was a great deal. $380 is an absolute give away.

(5 out of 5) A Really Sweet Pistol
by from Eaton, OH on

After shooting the XDS 9mm, and the XDS 3.3 45ACP, I called SOS, and bought the 45 ACP. Since I live an hour away from SOS, I had it in my hands by 2pm the next day, and went straight to the range. First mag through it was at 30 feet, and dead bullseye! I have never owned a pistol that is this accurate straight out of the box. It looks aggressive, light for a 45acp, nice fiber optic sights, low muzzle rise for a pistol in this caliber with a 3.3 barrel. It feels right in my hand. Just one sweet Pistol for a great price! Customer service is the best!!! Obviously, I am very happy with this Pistol, and SOS!

(4 out of 5) Springfield XDS 3.3 Single Stack 45ACP Black Essentials Package
by from Davenport, IA on

Spent a lot of time looking and this $429.99 was best price I found for this package. Shipping was not as fast as I thought it would be but still within the 3-7 days quoted on website. FFL that it shipped to is closed today, but can't wait to get out to the range.

(5 out of 5) Springfield XDS
by from El Paso, TX on

Even though it took long for it to be shipped, gun was delivered 2 days after that to me was very fast. I definitely will recommend my friends to shop with you. Springfield XDS is at a very good price. I love the look of it and the fire power it has. Great gun and I recommend it to all

(5 out of 5) BEST CCW XDS 3.3 45ACP money can buy!
by from Sabattus, Maine on

Completely Satisfied! What more can you ask for! Hands down the best price on an amazing CCW! I had tons of sleepless nights doing my homework and researching the heck out of choosing my CCW and the Springfield XDS 3.3 .45acp was the winning candidate. I was originally leaning towards a Glock until I stumbled upon this beauty & its reviews. After reviewing several comments from Glock owners making the switch to the Springfield XDS, my decision was clear & a no brainer. I am a repeat customer of The Sportsmans Outdoor Superstore not only because of their lowest prices, but most of all because of their 5 Star customer service. Best customer service hands down! The Sportsmans Outdoor Superstore is definitely my Go-To firearm store!

(5 out of 5) High Caliber Customer Service - On Target Pricing
by from Nashville, Tennessee on

After coming across SOS following an internet search, it was great to see their wide product lines and incredibly low prices. I was looking for a specific make and model handgun - not just shopping - but the SOS price was 10 percent less than any other online option and saved as much as 30 percent over local gun dealers. My weapon was in stock, the ordering process was easy, the free shipping via Fedex was a real plus, tracking my order and status was easy, and the delivery was right on time to my local FFL. Now, I'm enjoying the SOS website and will certainly look to SOS for my next purchase.

(5 out of 5) Best concealed carry high power you can buy
by from Dike, IA on

Springfield may make the most accurate and reliable semi-auto handguns in the market. For a .45 I found this gun to be exceptionally easy to control. It is way more accurate than you would imagine a .45 this size to be. I CCW often and for many years. This is THE most concealable .45 in the market. I have run different ammo with various grain bullets and it has been flawless. I am not the least bit concerned about failure with this weapon. They had a recall the first year they made this model, and you're going to read about that, but if you buy a newer one those issues have been remedied. If you want a .45 that is incredibly concealable, buy the XDS 45 essential.

(5 out of 5) Xds 45
by from Greenup, KY on

Great gun at a great price. Super fast shipping. Could not be happier with my purchase. Will definitely do business with you again!! The XDS is a great cc firearm! A++++++

(5 out of 5) nearly perfect ccw
by from Greenville, SC on

Sure, there are smaller, cheaper, and lighter ccws out there, but are they complete? Not for me. I have tried several different carry options, but none really suited me and my carry needs like the XDs 3.3 in 45acp. It is thin, plenty light, and packs at least 6 rds of .45acp. Add a Pearce grip pinky ext to the flush fit mag and it is dang near perfect. My only gripe is the location of the slide release. For my shooting style it is placed poorly. My thumb rests on it cause the slide not to lock back after the last shot. The trigger is not great when dry firing, but has gotten better... and to be honest, I do not notice it while shooting. Mozambiques are quite manageable. I would have liked a night sight option from the factory, but the sights are still very good. Very conceivable even in gym pants and a t-shirt.

(5 out of 5) XDS 3.3 .45acp
by from Surprise, AZ on

XDS is a great platform and maximum bang for your buck. Reliable, easy carry and ton of accessories for. Sportsmans Outdoor has the best price bar none plus excellent service to boot, can't go wrong.