Glock 22 Gen4 40 S&W Police Trades (Good Condition)

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Product Description

Firearm Features

  • Model 22 (Gen4)
  • Caliber: .40
  • Capacity: 15 Rounds
  • Magazines: Comes with 2
  • Barrel Length: 4.49 in.

These photos represent the overall condition of these Glock 22 Gen4 police trades, which are in good condition. Each pistol comes with two 15-round magazines.

Price is for one Glock 22 Gen4 pistol.

As with many used and police trade-in firearms, these may contain scratches and/or holster wear. Gen4 Glock police trades may not include backstraps. These things are not always the case, but should not be unexpected.


Customer Comments & Questions

Customer Reviews

(5 out of 5) purchase
by from Odessa, TX on

I bought my Glock from here, and it was a used pistol they described as being in very good condition. I am pleased to say that I agree, and I would even go so far as to say it is in excellent shape, especially for a used police pistol. It fires excellently.

(5 out of 5) A shot in the dark…bullseye
by from Rutherfordton, NC on

Now based on reviews, I figured it was 50/50 you either get a good or less good, I spun the wheel and placed my order came in 5 days, little to no wear 2 scratches on frame near backstrap, clear night sights, inside near pristine, trigger action impeccable, all in all I think I received a 92% total grade firearm, 2 mags, new case, paperwork sealed, it may not be the same for everyone my cheeks quivered when I opened it, thought I may get a plastic bag, but no it’s Amazing A+

(5 out of 5) COULD SWEAR ITS NEW
by from Ft WORTH, TX on

Not sure if I bought the last one in stock That they had a trade in. I feel like they sent a new one, new box, backstraps, 2 shells from the factory and 3 magazines to top it off it's in excellent shape and appears brand new!!!!

(5 out of 5) COULD SWEAR ITS NEW
by from Ft WORTH, TX on

Not sure if I bought the last one in stock That they had a trade in. I feel like they sent a new one, new box, backstraps, 2 shells from the factory and 3 magazines to top it off it's in excellent shape and appears brand new!!!!

(5 out of 5) Luck of the draw
by from Dallas, TX on

The condition of these all depends on the batch that comes in. They could all be pristine or all be thoroughly used, and its all luck of the draw. I received mine last week and had tempered my expectations based on recent feedback. Boy, was I surprised! Mine came in VG condition with very little external wear and internals that looked new. Included with the gun was a case, 2 backstraps, and even the spent casing fired from the factory. To top it all off, mine even had Meprolight TruDot night sights that still glow! Very impressed with the bang for your buck on this one and the turnaround time was second to none. Just keep in mind when purchasing, not all examples are the same.

(3 out of 5) Its a glock
by from Priest River, ID on

After reading all the reviews saying how they all looked nearly new and perfect I really had my hopes high, so I ordered one. It came, it works just like it should, but its definitely used. It came in a ziploc bag with just the gun and magazines. Everything was just thrown into the bag and sent out. I dont care about a case or backstraps, but the bag was pretty weird. The finish on the slide is very worn down and bare metal is showing. There are large gouges in the polymer along the frame and rail. The slide release is worn down and bare metal. Overall the gun was very dirty and for some reason like 4 whole hairs in the slide and barrel. The internals were clean, and barrel looked unfired and was slightly oiled. The magazines were extra dirty and gross and looked like they were ran over. It looked more like whoever owned it previously had used it as a club rather than a firearm. Nothing against SOSS besides the bag it came in. Its a used gun, came with 3 mags, which was more than advertised. I just wish I got one of the like new ones. Oh well, its going to go back to a duty gun and I dont need something pretty.

(4 out of 5) Not Bad
by from Fort Worth, TX on

The gun arrived pretty quickly with 3 mags, no case, and stock sights. It looks like it was carried, indicated by minor holster wear and some scoring on the grip. It came with one medium size grip extender with beavertail. Overall the exterior was much dirtier than the interior after fully cleaning but nothing too excessive. Considering the average market price for a used G22 is around 450USD I would say better deals could be had if you really know where to look but this is quite convenient. After spending around another 150USD on upgrades its about on par with the price of a new one so I am pleased with the purchase.

(5 out of 5) Glock 22 Gen4 LE trade in
by from Mankato, MN on

Was very hesitate on ordering a Glock LE trade in. Was very happy I did. Glock 22 Gen4 LE trade-in was the best deal yet I’ve made. Ordered on a Thursday night and Arrived on a Tuesday afternoon. Not to shabby considering it was during July 4th 2021 weekend holidays! Glock came in Glock factory case, three Glock factory mag’s, and all the Glock factory other parts in sealed envelope. Upon viewing pistol, it had no signs of ever being shot or holstered. BONUS- Pistol arrived with Crystal clear bright night sights. So so happy! Differently going to be a repeat customer and now on the look-out for other law enforcement trade ins that come available thru this company.

(5 out of 5) Great Value
by from Longbranch, WA on

I bought one of these and it was in such great condition, I promptly bought another. Both of them have little to no wear on the barrels or slides. It’s obvious they’ve been carried, and also obvious our police officers need to practice more! Both function perfectly, as all Glocks do. I bought a Glock 31 barrel for one of them so it’s will be a 357 SIG. Great deals. Thanks.

(5 out of 5) Glock Perfection
by from Lithonia, GA on

Ordered 06/18/21,delivered 06/22/21,picked up 06/23/21.Tested 06/25/21 200rds.A transaction made in heaven. Now my son wants it, Ive got to get another.

(5 out of 5) Super Nice!!!
by from Joplin, MO on

Man what a deal!! I picked my glock model 22 gen 4 up today and it looks brand new!! All matching serial numbers and the insides including the barrel look brand new no marking at all. I would buy these all day long!! And super customer service and fast shipping!!

(5 out of 5) “Used”
by from Lockesburg, AR on

Got my trade in the other day, the hun looks brand new!! In GREAT condition...

(5 out of 5) Good Buy
by from Cincinnati, OH on

Condition was as described. Slight wear on the grip and some signs of holster wear. However the gun appears to be almost unfired. Extremely clean bore and unit overall. Came with two mags and a cheap case. No back straps but did have Glock NS installed.

(5 out of 5) Police trade in Glock 22 good condition
by from Wausau, WI on

I was nervous buying a police trade Glock in good condition, but this gun came in great condition and also has night sights, which I did not expect. The price is 180.00 dollars cheaper then my Gen 3 I bought new. Shipping was also super fast.

(5 out of 5) Police trade-in
by from Middletown, VA on

I never take the time to write a review, but here is why I am doing it on this Glock. I was very worried about buying a used police trade-in, but it is cleaner than I even expected, very little wear on it. This is the first time I bought from this supplier but I believe this now is my new outlet.

(5 out of 5) I couldn't believe it!
by from Indianapolis, IN on

I have purchased 11 pistols, one pump shotgun, mags, and ammo, over the last few years. I've never had ANY issues with them. Very satisfied, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a good deal. I picked up my latest deal last week. It was a Glock 22, 40 S&W Police trade in, with two mags. I had read good reviews by others on their site, so I took a chance and got one. When I picked it up I couldn't believe it. It had never even been shot! It still had the copper lube in the rails, from the factory. That's how Glock ships them out. The box had all the original paperwork. I got a new gun for the price of a used Police trade in. I have never had anything but good experiences with Sportsman Outdoor Superstore. A+ John :)

(5 out of 5) Great Deal
by from Bethlehem, PA on

This used police trade in Glock 22 was rated as good condition and arrived in great condition. This was not my first firearm purchase from SOSS and definitely will not be my last. Their products, prices, shipping time, delivery, and service are second to none. Everyone at the range said wow when I showed them this gun. Don't waste your time looking at other online gun sales, these guys are tops. I'm already scoping out another one. Thanks SOSS !!

(5 out of 5) More the expected
by from Bamberg, SC on

Came with everything that you would expect if bought brand new and more. Fast shipping free only two days. And the pistol was listed in good condition but I must say it was at least very good condition! Couldn't be more satisfied. I would recommend buying too everyone.

(5 out of 5) Awesome!
by from Monterey, Tennessee on

If you are hesitating on buying, don't, this is a phenomenal deal. When I received the Glock, it came with the box , 3-mags and 2 of the back straps that I was not expecting. The night sights look brand new. The slide had very, very light holster wear, so light some would not even notice. Barrel finish still looked new, I am wondering if this one had even been fired 50 times, seriously! For the money, this was an absolute great deal. I am actually contemplating on buying a second just for a night stand gun. As before, Sportsmans Outdoor Superstore has made another great transaction for this consumer.

(5 out of 5) Perfect used glock 22
by from Greenville, South Carolina on

What a great company. First of all this is the only place I will be buying firearms from now on. It is such a pleasure doing business with SOS ..this gun looked like it was brand new, never fired or carried ever. I thought it was going to have a couple of minor things but it was perfect. Looks like it has never been fired, and I'm weird with my guns. I really don't like scratches that much unless it's one I carry daily or fight or train with ... Thanks SOS