Glock 27 Gen3 40 S&W Police Trade-ins (Good Condition)

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Product Description

Firearm Features

  • Model 27 (Gen3)
  • Caliber: .40
  • Capacity: 9 Rounds
  • Magazines: Comes with 1
  • Barrel Length: 3.42 in.

The photos represent the overall condition of these Glock 27 Gen3 police trades, which are in good condition. Each pistol comes with one 9-round magazines.

Price is for one Glock 27 Gen3 pistol. As with many used and police trade-in firearms, these may contain light scratches and/or holster wear. This is not always the case, but should not be unexpected.


Customer Comments & Questions

Customer Reviews

(2 out of 5) Not what I expected
by from Marion, NC on

I was looking for a Gen 3 Glck 27. Had been looking for a couple of months and then I saw these. I read the reviews on this site, and must say, was pretty excited about receiving mine. I was expecting a little holster wear, maybe some light scratches. I would never think a LEO trade in would be this dirty. I could scratch the dirt off the back straps with my fingernails. There is even dirt and filth inside the trigger guard.
 Night sights do no glow at all. Completely dead. Some bluing is worn off, also some holster wear. Its a glock, which is a huge plus, but will take alot of cleaning to just get the dirt off of it. 369.00 is a great price for what all the other reviews were describing, but this gun is far from the reviews given here.
 Taxes, and ffl fees put me around 420.00. If I could have seen this 27 before I bought it, I would have tried to get it for less, or just passed on it. Let me say again, I knew I was getting a used gun but was a little surprised when I saw its shape. No hard feelings, lesson learned. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.

(5 out of 5) Super price, super deal!
by from Greenville, NC on

I bought a Glock 27 in Very Good Condition. It looked NIB (new in box) and performs that way too! Copper colored Glock grease in all the right places. Bore as smooth as glass. The 2 mags I got were not in good condition. Emailed Sportsman’s Outdoor Superstore and had 2 new magazines in under 48 hours. I have bought several allegedly used Glocks from this company and they all have flat out rocked! No reason to look elsewhere for my firearms needs. Thanks Sportsman’s Outdoor Superstore!

(5 out of 5) Excellent!
by from Lost, AL on

My G27 was in the described good condition if not better. It shows very light holster wear and no scratches. It also came with night sights that are getting dim but still have some life left. It came with the factory box, and one magazine with a plus zero extension attached. Overall Im very pleased with my example and it looks much better than the stock photos shown.

(5 out of 5) Great
by from Meridian, MS on

Great customer service.

(5 out of 5) Terrific value and condition
by from Miami, Florida on

The condition of the gun was as new in every respect even though it was advertised as good. Came with original box and all accessories as if it would had I bought it new. I did a field strip and there was no wear at all and figure that this gun was probably issued but never fired. There were not any marks or scuffs. I'm very happy with the buy in every aspect. I certainly will keep buying these exceptional deals as they become available.

(5 out of 5) Glock 27 Trade In
by from Houston, Texas on

Can't beat the deal!! Picked up the Glock 27 this afternoon. I did a quick field inspection at the range, the gun was somewhat dirty but that was to be expected with a trade in. Tossed a quick 50 downrange and had no problems. I'm certain that this will be a solid performer. Thanks!!!!!

(5 out of 5) Very good deal.
by from Gallatin, TN on

I just picked up my new ahem my used Glock 27 that is in very good condition with just some slight finish wear at the top of the slide otherwise the weapon is perfect. Gun came with three mags, all with finger extension. Night sights are slightly dim but still very serviceable. I highly recommend picking up one or maybe two of these pistols on the next batch!

(5 out of 5) Glock 27 Police Trade In
by from Muncie, IN on

Just received my Glock 27 police trade in. It is much nicer than expected. Very clean without any wear. Took it completely apart and there was no wear. Night sights were dim, but they should be for being an older gun. Came with 3 mags, 2 were 10 rounds, 1 was 9 round. All serial numbers matched, came in cardboard box. Would buy again. Thanks for a nice product with a good price.