Hornady 45 Auto/AR/Win Dieset 3 Taper Crimp

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Product Description

  • Zip Spindle design locks to eliminate slippage; zip up or down for larger movements or make incremental adjustments
  • Precision machined and polished to a smooth finish
  • Hornady Sure-Loc™ lock rings clamp entire die to hold ring in place
  • Elliptical expander provides extremely smooth neck sizing and reduces friction and case neck stretch
  • Seater adjustment screw easily adjusts for bullet seating depths
  • Locking retainer spring removes in seconds for easy disassembly and cleaning of the die
  • Compression washer
  • In-line Bullet Seating System including a floating bullet alignment sleeve, a floating steel seating stem, and a built-in crimper for benchrest precision
  • Taper Crimp Seating Die
  • Taper Crimp Adjust Screw
  • Easy Access Die Boxes
  • Titanium Nitrade Coated Sizing Ring

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