Smith & Wesson M&P9 M2.0 9mm Centerfire Pistol with No Thumb Safety

$419.99 $619.99

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    Springfield Hellcat 9mm Black Micro Compact Pistol with Shield SMSc Optic


    SCCY CPX-2 9mm Pistol with Gray Frame and Red Dot


    Smith & Wesson MP9 M2.0 9mm Spec Series Optics/Suppressor Ready with Crimson Trace CTS-1500 Red Dot Optic, Knife and Challenge Coin
    $969.00 $719.99


    Smith & Wesson MP9 Shield Plus 9mm Optics Ready Bug Out Bundle with Five Mags, First Aid Kit and Bug Out Bag


    SCCY CPX-2 9mm Pistol with Black Frame and Red Dot


    Springfield Hellcat Micro-Compact 9mm Pistol with HEX WASP Red Dot
    $799.00 $679.99


    Taurus Model G3 9mm Pistol (10-Round Model)
    $308.77 $224.99


    Taurus G2C 9mm Sub-Compact Pistol
    $316.00 $244.99


    Sig Sauer P365 9mm TacPac with Manual Safety, Three 12-Round Magazines and Holster
    $734.98 $549.99


    Springfield Hellcat 9mm Black Micro Compact Pistol
    $569.00 $519.99


    Taurus G2C 9mm Sub-Compact Pistol with Stainless Slide
    $332.00 $254.99


    Sig Sauer P365 9mm TacPac with Three 12-Round Magazines and Holster (No Manual Safety)

  • Federal 9mm Luger 115 gr FMJ American Eagle  50/Box

    Federal 9mm Luger 115 gr FMJ American Eagle 50/Box
    ($0.32 / round)

  • Federal 9mm Luger 124 gr FMJ American Eagle 50/Box

    Federal 9mm Luger 124 gr FMJ American Eagle 50/Box
    ($0.36 / round)

  • Federal 9mm 147 gr FMJ Flat Point American Eagle 50/Box

    Federal 9mm 147 gr FMJ Flat Point American Eagle 50/Box
    ($0.34 / round)

  • Browning 9mm 115 gr FMJ 200 Round Value Pack

    Browning 9mm 115 gr FMJ 200 Round Value Pack
    ($0.32 / round)

  • Federal 9mm 130 gr TSJ Syntech PCC 50/Box

    Federal 9mm 130 gr TSJ Syntech PCC 50/Box
    ($0.34 / round)

  • Hornady 9mm Luger 115gr XTP American Gunner 25/Box

    Hornady 9mm Luger 115gr XTP American Gunner 25/Box
    $22.39 $19.99
    ($0.80 / round)

  • Remington 9mm Luger 115 gr FMJ UMC 50/Box

    Remington 9mm Luger 115 gr FMJ UMC 50/Box
    ($0.32 / round)

  • Hornady 9mm Luger 124 gr XTP JHP Custom 25/Box

    Hornady 9mm Luger 124 gr XTP JHP Custom 25/Box
    ($0.92 / round)

  • Winchester 9mm 115 gr Full Metal Jacket USA White Box 200 Round Value Pack

    Winchester 9mm 115 gr Full Metal Jacket USA White Box 200 Round Value Pack
    Bulk discount:
    $79.99 ($0.40 / round)

  • Sig Sauer 9mm 115 gr Elite V-Crown JHP 365 Ammo 20/Box

    Sig Sauer 9mm 115 gr Elite V-Crown JHP 365 Ammo 20/Box
    ($1.30 / round)

  • Browning 9mm 147 gr X-Point Defense 20/Box

    Browning 9mm 147 gr X-Point Defense 20/Box
    ($0.85 / round)

  • Hornady 9mm 115 gr Critical Defense 25/Box

    Hornady 9mm 115 gr Critical Defense 25/Box
    $28.84 $24.99
    ($1.00 / round)


    Smith & Wesson MP9 M2.0 Compact 9mm 10-Round Factory Magazine
    $41.99 $40.99

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Product Description

What’s in the Box

  • M&P M2.0 9mm Pistol with No Thumb Safety
  • (2) Magazines
  • Four Interchangable Palmswell Grip Inserts
  • Cable Lock
  • Owner’s Manual

The Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 9mm pistol, the newest innovation to the respected M&P polymer pistol line. Designed for personal, sporting, and professional use, the M&P M2.0 delivers an entirely new platform, introducing innovative features in nearly every aspect of the pistol, including trigger, grip, frame, and finish. Highlights of the M&P M2.0 pistol include an extended stainless-steel chassis and high grip to barrel bore axis ratio for reduced muzzle rise and faster aim recovery. The M&P M2.0 pistol further improves performance with a fine-tuned, crisper trigger, lighter pull and a tactile and audible reset. The pistol, available in three calibers, includes an aggressively-textured grip and four interchangeable palmswell inserts for optimal hand-fit and trigger reach. The striker-fire, semi-automatic polymer pistol includes two magazines, a limited lifetime warranty and a lifetime service policy.

Product Features

  • High grip to barrel bore axis makes the M&P pistol more comfortable to shoot reducing muzzle rise and allowing for faster aim recovery.
  • Proven optimal 18-degree grip angle for natural point of aim.
  • Four interchangeable palmswell grip inserts for optimal hand fit and trigger reach - S, M, ML, L.
  • Aggressive grip texture for enhanced control.
  • New M&P M2.0 crisp trigger with lighter trigger pull.
  • Tactile and audible trigger reset.
  • Accurate 1 in 10” twist M&P M2.0 barrel.
  • Extended rigid embedded stainless steel chassis to reduce flex and torque when firing.
  • Armornite® durable corrosion resistant finish.

Firearm Specifications

  • SKU: 11521
  • Model: M&P®9 M2.0™
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Capacity: 17+1
  • Barrel Length: 4.25" / 10.8 cm
  • Overall Length: 7.4"
  • Front Sight: Steel - White Dot
  • Rear Sight: Steel - White Two Dot
  • Action: Striker Fire
  • Grip: Polymer
  • Weight: 24.7 oz / 700.2g
  • Barrel Material: Stainless Steel - Armornite® Finish
  • Slide Material: Stainless Steel - Armornite® Finish
  • Frame Material: Polymer
  • Purpose: Home Protection Personal Protection.

Customer Comments & Questions

Customer Reviews

(5 out of 5) M&P 9mm
by from Claremore, OK on

Great gun. Love the ergonomics. I have small hands & have multiple guns from Springfield Armory, SIG, Glock, & S&W and like the feel of the S&W M&P’s in my hand. I really like the textured grip on the S&W as compared to my other guns. My only regret is that I didn’t buy more at that price.

(4 out of 5) Nice balance but the trigger could use an upgrade
by from Parowan, UT on

I bought this pistol as an upgrade to my Ruger American pistol. Other than being a little better balanced than the Ruger, that's where it ends. Yes, the trigger works ok, the travel and reset are ok. The pistol comes filthy and needs to be cleaned IMO before use. I have never had a brand new gun come with such a filthy barrel! It shoots just fine but the trigger just feels cheap, after all, it is just plastic. Although the Ruger trigger resets further out, the cheapness of the S&W trigger makes it no better for the extra money that you need to spend for the S&W. Overall it wasn't that great of an upgrade.

(5 out of 5) Main Carry Gun
by from Fort Worth, -- on

Best gun I’ve owned. The M&P 2.0 9 MM has been my main conceal carry gun for the last two years - Extremely comfortable to carry IWB even with it being a fairly large gun. Takes all kinds of ammo and is extremely accurate - Have bought numerous pistols over the years, but always go back to the M&P. 

(5 out of 5) First handgun... right choice.
by from Flemington, NJ on

Got the M&P9 in December. Have about 2000 rounds through it with all sorts of ammo... cheap, expensive, FMJ, JHP, 115 grain, 124 grain etc. Haven’t had a single failure yet. Recoil is certainly manageable for other newbies interested in the M&P9. Shot some other 9mm’s but am most comfortable with the M&P. So much so I just bought the M&P22 compact for training with cheaper ammo and for fun. For the NJ buyers remember to have the 17 rd mags stripped from the order. You’ll need to get 10 rd mags.

(4 out of 5) Shop here first.
by from Gallipolis, OH on

Great firearm at a great price. Fast shipping.

(4 out of 5) Great gun for the price
by from Las vegas, NV on

We just finished 200 rounds of 9mm of 115 and 124 grains all of the ammo discharge properly and no misfire we shot this gun to compare with sig m18 both guns shoots pretty Well and in particular this gun has really great groupings on a 10 yard this is definitely well invested money for home defense and recreational target shooting. The only negative comment I have is it took about 2 weeks before it was shipped out and the gun came in a paper box not the plastic case that I was told.

(5 out of 5) First time online buyer
by from Morton, IL on

I Love this gun, this is my first handgun and I couldn’t be happier. I tried multiple handguns at the range before deciding on this one and the price on sportsman’s outdoor superstore was the best anywhere. I have put well over 1000 rounds and not one jam. Shipping was pre-covid so it was really quick.

(5 out of 5) As good as it gets
by from Council Bluffs, IA on

The MP9 has so many good things going for it, I find it hard to know where to start. The grip is the best of any gun I have ever held. The performance has been perfect for me. I have put several hundred rounds through it with not one failure. Disassembly shows precision. The rails and slide are perfect - no crappy mill marks. 
 A lot of my friends touted other brands - Prestige I guess. From my experience Smith and Wesson guns are for shooters. I just want something I can depend on. S & W delivers.

(5 out of 5) Sweet shooting pistol
by from Middlesboro, KY on

It's great! I have nothing bad to say about this pistol.

(5 out of 5) Best Polymer Pistol on the Market
by from Payson, UT on

This will be my second M&P 9 M2.0 I've bought. I have thousands of rounds through my first one with zero malfunctions. It is easy to shoot, accurate and the trigger is much more comfortable than a Glock. Gen 1 barrels even fit in this gun, such as the Silencerco threaded barrel.
 The grip texture is the most amazing grip I've felt on a handgun, or any gun for that matter. Perfect ergonomics, which aids in fast target acquisition. Plus, it is a gorgeous gun to look at.

(5 out of 5) S&W MP 9mm 2.0
by from Temple, GA on

Outstanding gun in the price range. High capacity mags are great …….trigger is around 6.5 pounds which is perfect for me. With this gun there is no bad shots..... Smooth operation, fit and finish is excellent . The grips will fit almost any hand with a sense of firmess and security. You can spend more money and not get a better gun. The M&P line is AAAA

(5 out of 5) Quality handgun, excellent price
by from Albuquerque, NM on

I have always been a Glock handgun owner, but recently purchased M&P40 from Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore. Excellent grip, action and function, much better than my various Glocks I own and or Springfield XDms.
 Decided to purchase the M&P9 and it is another excellent semi-auto striker fired pistol. Spent last Saturday on the range without any issues. Excellent factory trigger and absolutely no issues with firearm. Highly recommend and the pricing from Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore is excellent and hard to beat anywhere, especially with the $40 veteran visa card rebate. Customer service and shipping to FFL is seamless.

(5 out of 5) Sweet pistol
by from Roaring River, NC on

What a dream to shoot. Not sure why anyone wants to change this trigger, as I find it to nice and easy to shoot. Do yourself a favor and get this one and at a great price from SOSS. Shipped quick, thanks for a great purchase!

(5 out of 5) My first 9mm pistol
by from Horton, MI on

Everyone told me to get a Glock 17 or 19 for my first 9mm pistol. I was about to go with the G17 when I found this gem at a very nice price point. The pistol is a bit heavy, but I like them hefty. The sights are fantastic out of the box, no need to adjust at all. I shoot 2-3 inch groupings at 5-7 yds. The grip is just the perfect size for my hands and it doesn't move on me at all thanks to the aggressive stippling.
 I'm very satisfied with this being my very first 9mm pistol purchase, used for home protection.

(5 out of 5) Great buy!
by from Lacrosse, WI on

This gun is awesome and this site has the best price. I checked all my local gun shops but none of them could even come close. $450 was the best local deal I could find. I was skeptical about ordering online as this was my first time. My ffl transferred for free. I thought it was too good to be true but the gun arrived in about 5 days from ordering.

 It arrived in perfect condition, box and all. Shoots fantastic. Makes me look like a good shooter. Hit more targets then I ever could with my Ruger. Very happy with the 2.0 and Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore. I will definitely order from them again. Two thumbs up. If you want to get this gun, save yourself $150 bucks and order it from here!

(5 out of 5) Best Price, reliable purchase
by from Spokane, WA on

This is by far the best M&P in my opinion. It competes head to head with the Glock 19 and has the same reliability. Very good hand gun.

(5 out of 5) Great Pistol
by from Norridgewock, ME on

This thing is great out of the box, the only thing that I upgraded is the sights.

(5 out of 5) Excellent Service!
by from Clifton, TX on

Quick shipping. Have not shot it yet but it is exactly as described. Have already place another order.

(5 out of 5) Great Deal!
by from Sierra Vista, AZ on

Smith & Wesson MP9 M2.0 9mm is a great gun and you can't beat it at the price. I essentially got the gun for $40 less than the listed price with Smith & Wesson Military & Police rebate if rebate is still available. Nonetheless, even with out the rebate Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore's price point and quick shipping is a great deal.

(5 out of 5) Great performer at a great price!
by from San Angelo, TX on

Out of the box I'm impressed. Two 17 round mags, the 4 grip sets, and a S&W plastic box included. $349 tax free with free shipping PLUS a $40 mail in rebate for mil veterans was an absolute steal and a no brainer. BUY IT!

(5 out of 5) Great Pistol and Great price.
by from Green Cove Springs, FL on

Sportsman'S Outdoor Superstore sent my pistol to my local FFL very promptly. The price I paid was 350$ with no tax and no shipping so it was a real value. I still had to pay 25$ FFL transfer but that is fine with the major savings since my local places all charged over 450$ for this pistol. Great performance with S&W name.

(5 out of 5) Fast becoming my new favorite
by from Houston, TX on

First, the 2.0 triggers are much improved over the Gen 1. That said, go drop an Apex flat trigger kit and knock this baby down to a 4.5 pull. Runs like a sewing machine and I can chew out the “X” at 10 yards easy. Oh, be ready, that grip is as ultra-aggressive, but you get used to it.

(5 out of 5) Sweet
by from Roaring River, NC on

Always wanted the full size 2.0 and not disappointed, great shooter, soft recoil. Happy happy.

(5 out of 5) This is one sweet shooting pistol
by from Middlesboro, KY on

Excellent factory trigger and the interchangeable grips are great! It's a sweet shooting pistol very accurate and reliable.

by from Port Saint Lucie, FL on

$349 plus another $40 = now in my safe ! If you are active military or a veteran then Smith and Wesson, right now, will give you an additional $40 MIR off of the sale price! $349 is the cheapest I found online! $310 after MIR ! Great buy!

(5 out of 5) Awesome Deal!
by from Waynesboro, PA on

Great gun!! Great price!! I am very happy with my gun purchase!

(4 out of 5) Great Pistol, Too Textured
by from Chicago, IL on

I have had a couple of S&W automatics and really appreciate the value. They are a great alternative to Glocks and have decent ergonomics. I was stoked when this pistol came out as it fills a need I had for a nightstand or truck pistol with greater capacity than my Shield.
 My gripe - and the reason for the 4 out of 5 rating - is around the grip texture. It actually is too much for anything but police officer hip carry. I purchased some holsters to conceal carry the pistol - under a winter jacket or hoodie - and the grip texture chews-up the cloth of anything it touches. I feel that S&W was trying to make a good duty weapon they did or a great range pistol they did this also. But the aggressive texture does limit how the pistol can be carried. I will keep the pistol and find a job for it in my defensive weapon scheme - be it a permanent nightstand pistol or a truck pistol. As long as it isn’t shredding my coat linings.
 Otherwise the pistol is well made and performs great at the range.

(4 out of 5) First Full size S&W
by from Copper Center, AK on

I have 4 Shields 380, 9, 40,  and 45 but have not yet had a full size S&W. I just ordered it. I'm sure it will be as good as my Shields.

(5 out of 5) Nice Gun! Very Quick deliver, no problems!
by from Gainesville, FL on

I bought this gun as my first gun, I just took my class for CCW, and this was the gun I was interested on. I found it on a good deal form this website and I got it with 2 days shipping. I went to the range and shot 200 rounds with no problems, this gun is really nice, I would totally recommend. Also, the service on the website is great, and very simple process! If you are thinking on buying a firearm from this site, don't hesitate and do it!

(5 out of 5) Great Gun, Great Price
by from Alsip, IL on

This is my first purchase from an online dealer. Everything was seamless from the ordering to the shipping and beyond. Will definitely be back for my next purchase.

(5 out of 5) M&P 2.0
by from Casa Grande, AZ on

This firearm is one of the best in its category by far. I’ve already owned the 4” 2.0. I wanted to upgrade to the 4.25”. This pistol is very reliable and does well with any ammo. By far the best price online only 350.00 bucks!

(5 out of 5) Amazing deal
by from Savannah, GA on

I was not looking for another gun, but when I saw the price advertised on another site I jumped on the opportunity to buy. I have the original version which I really like, it’s in 40cal. I have bought a few guns from this retailer and they have not failed me once.
Shipping took a little longer then usual, but I was fine with it, I know their customer base has grown a lot and they are shipping a lot of orders at once. I still will be doing business with them. The firearm is a winner, shot 500 rounds through it after picking it up at FFL. Person in stall next to me was impressed with the one larger hole I was making at 7 yards with the pistol. lol.

(3 out of 5) M&P9 2.0 incredible price
by from Phoenix, AZ on

For the sale price of $349 and a $40 rebate from S&W this purchase was a no-brainer right now.

(5 out of 5) They got it right.
by from Las Vegas, NV on

The 1.0 was a winner but it had a tiny bit of room for improvement, and the 2.0 crosses the finish line in 1st place. Many people compare it to a Glock, but the truth is, the Glock would fall short of comparing itself to the 2.0. Last week I shot a -1 at a 5 stage IDPA competition with this gun and that was 30 yd shot behind cover. Then I bought the 5” 2.0.

(5 out of 5) Get the $20 shipping!
by from austin, TX on

For us impatient individuals $20 is a small price to pay for super quick shipping. Ordered Friday, picked up Tuesday at FFL. I've put about 500 rounds of cheap 9mm Tul ammo. Not one issue. It has jump a bit when loading the initial round but I think I read this was typical. Trigger is fantastic, it's responsive and the gun shoots great. Only downside is all the money I'm gonna spend on buying more ammo for this baby. Feels great in the hand also. Looks cool as hell. Easy to handle and clean. I own a Glock as well and it's crazy how each firearm has its own personality on the range. Five stars to SW for keeping this an enjoyable hobby with such wonderful products. I'm no expert on firearms, if you haven't noticed, just a casual shooter. SOSS has a lifelong buyer here!

(5 out of 5) Great price and a great product!
by from Montgomery, Alabama on

Great gun, especially when compared in value to the other polymer firearms out there. The only reason I've withholding a star is one failure to feed at the range out of 220 rounds. I will continue to put this gun through the ringer! Of course, great service as you would expect from Sportsmans!

(5 out of 5) M&P9 2.0, great price quick service!
by from ATOKA, TN on

Ordered the handgun Sunday night, got here Thursday, picked it up Friday. Perfect condition, amazing price on SOSS part. Very pleased with the transaction. Plus they took care of setting everything up with my FFL, so all I had to do was sign that 4473 and pay my transfer. Boom! Done! The pistol is very much was I was hoping for from M&P as well. The new slide cut is comfortable, easy to manipulate. Trigger is SO much better, aside from the shape but that's neither here nor there. The new frame is stippled to perfection. The grip is incredible for what I picked this gun up for. The new frame lengthening and extended steel really help settle the gun, but also not too much to weigh the gun down in the hand. Very happy I snagged this for the M&P summer special, thank you SOS! I will be sure to order from you again!

(5 out of 5) Wow!
by from Warsaw, Indiana on

I love the M&P line of pistols and this is the best of the best. With the texture on the grip I would not spend the extra on a pro model. Trigger is awesome and improved over the old. I hit better with this than my PPQ. Best one on the market in my opinion.

(5 out of 5) Impressive
by from Mokena, Illinois on

The M&P9 M2.0 is very nice very to shoot and clean, and I enjoy shooting it. I've installed a rail laser flashlight combo. Finding a holster was the only headache due to the flashlight laser that goes inside the waist band.

(5 out of 5) M&P 9mm M2.0
by from Du Quoin, IL on

Very good and fast service! Good price. M&P 2.0 shoots really nice. Very good trigger. I recommend Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore to buy all your weapons.

(5 out of 5) MP9 M2.0
by from Tampa, Florida on

I love my new M&P9 M2.0. It shipped fast, price was great, and free shipping! What else could a girl want!!! Thank you!!!

(5 out of 5) Awesome M&P9mm M2.0
by from Saint Maries, ID on

Ordered on the 9th and was received at my FFL on the 13th. Very fast shipping from Outdoor superstore. The M&P is machined perfectly and very clean. The aggressively-textured grip and is perfect for a mans hand. The four interchangeable palmswell allows you to get a perfect hand grip. The slide made of Stainless Steel with Armornite® Finish is smooth in action and extremely fast action. The trigger is extremely easy to pull with a tackle and audible reset. The gun fires as fast as you can pull the trigger. This gun is made for performance. Life is good and keep moving forward!