Kel-Tec Sub 2000 Gen2 9mm Carbine Rifle Glock 15-Round Configuration

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Product Description

What’s in the Box

  • Kel-Tec Sub 2000 Carbine
  • (1) 15 Round Glock Magazine
  • Owner’s Manual

The Kel-Tec SUB-2000 is a self-loading carbine for pistol cartridges. The SUB-2000 has a greatly enhanced accuracy and extended range compared to a handgun. The superior precision is also very useful against small or partially covered targets at shorter range. The amount of training to master the SUB-2000 is only a fraction of that required for a handgun. The SUB-2000 has been developed from Kel-Tec’s highly successful SUB-9 rifle. Although retaining some features of the old rifle, the SUB-2000 is a completely new design. Emphasis has been put on consumer safety, but without impeding the performance. Polymers are used to a large extent, resulting in increased durability and reduced price.

The bolt can be locked in the rear position by the operating handle. The main safety is of protected push bolt type disconnecting the trigger bar and interlocking the hammer and sear. By rotating the barrel upwards and back, the SUB-2000 can be reduced to a size of 16.25” x 7” to facilitate secure storage and utilize the internal deployment lock which is operated by a proprietary key. The rear sight is of aperture type and the fluorescent front sight can be adjusted for windage and elevation. The SUB-2000 can easily be disassembled for cleaning or inspection without tools.

This 9mm SUB-2000 is configured with Glock 15-Round 9mm Magazines.

Firearm Specifications

  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Weight Unloaded: 4.25 lbs
  • Length Open: 30.5”
  • Length Closed: 16.25”
  • Barrel Length: 16.25” (Threaded)
  • Magazine Type: Glock 19 (15 Round Capacity)

Customer Comments & Questions

Customer Reviews

(4 out of 5) Item is very versatile, light and fun
by from Dallas, TX on

Item is very light, when folded it can easily fit in a 17 laptop bag or similar. Its not sexy and it doesn't try to be. It can be a bit difficult to pull the bolt back, not super difficult but something to maybe consider. I am putting an over customer satisfaction rating of 2 not because of the item or Keltec but Sportsman's Outdoor. I have purchased several firearms from them and even though this indicates new it was not. It had been fired several times. The magazine follower was dirty the barrel was super dirty. Super dirty meaning that after cleaning the swabs still had dirty black on them.

(3 out of 5) Could be much better with upgrades.
by from Las Vegas, NV on

Out of the box performance with a few lube critical parts was just ok. Shooting wasn’t enjoyable due to the bare, naked buffer tube where you rest your cheeks. You have to dig in a bit deeper than comfort would allow due to the short, folding plastic peep sights for target acquisition. Butt stock is made of plastic with a center a bit raised in the middle, making a 9mm recoil more felt than usual.
 But then, found out about MCarbo products and never looked back. Even Keltec themselves sells the M Series upgraded with MCarbo parts and would even install MCarbo products on your Keltec with a flat rate. I personally added the stainless feed ramp, muzzle break, rubber butt pad, buffer tube cover & the All in One Pro upgrade that deals with all internals! I am not in any way paid or affiliated with MCarbo but just want to share my experience with their products regarding the Keltec Sub 2000 that literally made it so much better!

(1 out of 5) JUNK with a Capital J
by from WASCO, IL on

Ive seen some crumby firearm designs in the last 30 years. This POS is, by far, the worst piece of junk I have ever seen. God help you if you need to dis-assemble it for cleaning or repair. It will not, repeat NOT, ever fit back together. You will be left with a bunch of useless plastic parts that are truly good for nothing. Never bought a kel-tec before, and most certainly NEVER will again. If you want to waste $400 of your hard earned money, buy this POS. Whoever designed this utterly worthless and completely crappy collection of plastic parts, aluminum bushings and crumby screws that strip the first and only time you ever try to remove them should be selling tacos.