Smith & Wesson Black Pistol Case

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Product Description

Smith and Wesson Pistol range bag.

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(4 out of 5) OK for ONE full-sized Pistol
by from Denton, TX on

As an entry-level bag which came with my s&w m&p9 compact... it is alright. Fits my m&p and up to 5 spare mags +1 in gun comfortably, as well as spray lubricant, bore cleaner, a small 9mm cleaning kit, cleaning mat, shooting eyewear, two small zippers I have filled with some disposable earplugs and cleaning patches, with a zipper in front of the bag for a few more items if needed. It gets a full 5 stars for performance because it does exactly what its supposed to do, but I have to take away a star from the overall rating because it is not big enough to fit my earmuffs, nor really big enough to fit ammo. I will continue to take this bag to the range for now, but if you plan on bringing a lot of ammo or use more than one gun, you'll want a bigger bag.

(5 out of 5) great bag
by from Houston, TX on

I have a black pistol case and I carry my wife s&w ez380 and ez 9mm plus 3 magazines carefully packed. good buy..