Avian X Top Flight Fusion Pack Mallard

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Product Description

No two mallards are alike in nature, and they arent in this fusion pack either. Six unique postures create a spot-on depiction of the natural behavior of mallards over water. Ultra-realistic paint schemes combine with the ultimate in paint adhesion and durability for the final word in floating mallard decoys. All Topflight decoys feature an innovative weight-forward swim keel. Simply snap the line through the swim clip to give decoys natural motion on the water.


  • Surface Feeder Hen
  • Surface Feeder Drake
  • Swimmer Hen
  • Low-Head Drake
  • High-Head Hen
  • High-Head Drake

Product Features

  • Perfect replication of mature mallards
  • Weight-forward swim keel for realistic movement
  • 6 true-to-life postures
  • Unmatched coloration and detail
  • Rugged durability
  • No-flake paint for lasting finish

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