Springfield XDM 40 S&W 4.5 Full-Size Black

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$504.95 $697.00

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Product Description

What’s in the Box

  • Springfield XDM .40 4.5 Pistol
  • (2) Full-Size Magazines
  • Paddle Holster
  • Mag Loader
  • Double Mag Pouch
  • Three Interchangeable Backstraps
  • Cable Lock and Bore Brush
  • Spent Case
  • Owner’s Manual

Advances in manufacturing allow Springfield to take the XD(M)® series to a whole new level in precision. With an incredible attention to detail, Springfield Armory® created what’s become one of the most popular polymer pistols on the market.

The angle and depth of each contour in the XDM grip has been calculated for maximized control and usability, and the new trigger has the shortest travel of any polymer pistol currently available along with a similarly short reset which keeps you on target with greater ease for faster, more accurate follow-up shots.

Your total XD(M)® experience starts the day you open your case. In fact, it starts with your case. The rugged Multi-Use Carrying Case is as durable as the XD(M)® it houses and can be re-tasked to protect any number of items from a laptop to multiple XD(M)® pistols.

Springfield XDM Features

Usually, handgun customization is an after-market decision. With the XD(M)®, you get more personalized choices for a custom fit right out of the case.

  • (M)ould-Tru Backstraps: With the interchangeable backstraps, Springfield has added another level of comfort. Personalize your grip by choosing one of three backstraps for a more custom fit.
  • (M)ulti-Adjust Rail System™: A triple-position Picatinny rail readily accepts lights, lasers or other accessories. More importantly, it allows them to be adjusted to the shooter’s hand position.
  • (M)elonite®: Traditional black oxide finishes are a few millionths of an inch thick and offer no corrosion resistance. The rugged Melonite® finish on the XD(M)® is a salt bath nitriding process that leaves a thick, corrosion-resistant, hard surface.
  • (M)atch Grade Barrel: Rivaling aerospace manufacturing, the XD(M)® match-grade barrel takes precision manufacturing to a whole new level never available within the firearms industry.

Firearm Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Springfield
  • Model: XDM 4.5” Full Size
  • Caliber: 40S&W
  • Capacity: 16+1 Rounds
  • Sights: Dovetail Front and Rear (Steel) 3-Dot
  • Weight: 30 oz.
  • Length: 7.6”
  • Height: 5.75”
  • Grip Width: 1.18”
  • Barrel: 4.5” Steel Melonite® Fully Supported Ramp
  • Slide: Forged Steel
  • Frame: Polymer
  • Trigger Pull: 5.5 to 7.7 lbs.

Customer Comments & Questions

Customer Reviews

(5 out of 5) XDM 40 & 45
by from Merritt Island, Florida on

Can't rave enough about these XDMs. Every time I go to buy another, I end up buying the same after test shooting others. Great accuracy, light trigger, and feels good to the hand. Great pricing considering the quality.

(5 out of 5) .40 cal XDM
by from Geismar, Louisiana on

Probably my most favorite pistol and my home defense pistol choice. Easy to shoot and VERY accurate. I shoot better groupings with this than my Glock 19, SD40, and XD9 because of the grip. If you're looking for a full size, THIS is it.

(5 out of 5) Great pistol at a great price, best bang for your buck!!
by from Phenix City, AL on

This pistol is a great buy! It is very accurate and functions flawlessly. It has a very short trigger reset and target re-acquisition seems 2nd nature with this pistol. Rapid firing is a breeze and very fun. I can change the grip back strap for a more comfortable fit for me or my wife. The only thing I would change on this pistol are the sights. I would prefer night sights, but nothing some quality glow in the dark paint cant fix. Happy shootings!!

(5 out of 5) XDM
by from Arlington, Texas on

Havent had a chance to shoot my new XDM yet but have wanted it for some time. I've changed the grip to the small one, so it feels like what I remember from having shot the original XD some years ago. Also put a Pachmyer grip glove on it and now it really feels good. Just wanted to thank Gary and Jenny for their patience and help with the purchase.

(5 out of 5) A great all around pistol!
by from Belleville, IL on

I've owned this pistol for about a year now and it was my first purchase from SOS. I've continued to make purchases from SOS because of their great prices and customer service.

I've put well over a 1000 rounds through my XDM and I swear I just keep loving it more. Phenomenal accuracy, fast handling and target acquisition, 16 round mag! Seriously how could you go wrong.

(5 out of 5) Great service... Great weapon
by from Alpharetta, Georgia on

This is the first weapon that I have purchased and owned. I did quite a bit of research and decided on this xdm 40 s&w 4.5 for my home defense. With all of the crime and break ins as of late, I decided to get a weapon for the home. I wanted something with some good knock down power, but nothing that would be too overwhelming for my wife. After doing my research and going to the range, my wife and I decided on the xdm 40. It handled great, very accurate, and wasn't over the top for my wife. You folks here at SOS were awesome. You took the time to answer all of my questions and do some comparisons for me to make an informed decision. Your customer service was outstanding and I am now a customer for life.

(5 out of 5) Perfect Site, Perfect Guns!
by from Orlando, Florida on

I recommend anyone buy their pistol here, period! You can not find these qualities for these guns anywhere in the market! I will definitely buy here again! S.O.S, thanks!

(5 out of 5) XDM 4.5 .40 S&W
by from Colusa, CA on

Easy process. Great price. Quick turnaround and shipping. Coordination with local dealer was a breeze. ++++

(5 out of 5) great pistol
by from Sultan, NW Washington on

First I have to say that SOS was great .. got my pistol one day early.. The pistol its self well what can I say it's a Springfield and it lives up to its name .. first time out to the home range that thing made me look like a hot shot.. ate everything I put though it even some home rolled stuff .. never missed a beat ... simple to break down to clean .. what more could ya want

(5 out of 5) Springfield XDm .40 SW 4.5
by from Colusa, CA on

Very happy with price, and overall experience. Transaction went without a hitch and excellent coordination with receiving FFL. Well built and functioning gun. Would definitely purchase again through Sportsmans Outdoor Superstore.

(5 out of 5) XDM 4.5 40
by from Dallas, TX on

This is my favorite gun. It is very accurate. I put 200 rounds of FMJ though it first time out. No issues at all. You can easily punch out the bulls eye of your target at 7 yrds.

(5 out of 5) Very Satisfied
by from West plains, missouri on

Just wanted to say thanx. Very good product. Outstanding customer service.

(5 out of 5) XDM 4.5 in 40 S&W
by from Macon, Ga on

Best shooting most accurate 40 cal I own. I am comparing it to the Gen 3 G I have. Looks nice and feels great in the hand. Cant hardly beat the price.

(5 out of 5) Amazing!
by from Greensboro, NC on

When I saw the price of this XDM I thought it must be a blem, but I took a chance and Im glad I did! This is the best pistol value available anywhere. My gun arrived in perfect condition and I didnt have a single FTF or FTE during the first 200 rounds. Barrel length is perfect for the caliber much more accurate than my 3.9" barrel Sig Pro and the trigger pull is so short youd almost believe it was a SA. Its also very light for its size. This XDM has become my favorite .40, if not my favorite pistol. Thank you S.O.S. !