Smith & Wesson Model 442 38 Special J-Frame with No Internal Lock

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Product Description

What’s in the Box

With decades of reliable performance to its credit, Smith & Wesson’s J-Frame remains among the best and most popular small-frame revolvers on the market.

Firearm Specifications

  • Caliber: .38 Special +P
  • Capacity: 5 Rounds
  • Barrel Length: 1.875” / 4.7 cm
  • Sights: Black Blade Front and Fixed Rear
  • Grip: Synthetic
  • Action: Double Action Only; Internal Hammer
  • Finish: Matte Black
  • Overall Length: 6.31” / 16.0 cm
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy Frame and Carbon Steel Cylinder
  • Weight Empty: 15 oz / 425.3 g
  • Purpose: Personal Protection / Professional / Duty

Customer Comments & Questions

Customer Reviews

(5 out of 5) Awesome revolver
by from Kitsap, WA on

This revolver is great for conceal carry and is a great punch to the pow when fired. Even if just fired with the short muzzle it is not loud or intimidating to fire. The wife loves this piece.

(1 out of 5) Dent On End of Barrel & Looks Like A Used Gun
by from Mount Juliet, TN on

I’ve always had great experiences buying guns and always had a fantastic experience with SOS. Same with S&W products. They are always at the top of their game when it comes to specs and the product having that S&W appeal to it. That’s why I’m questioning this 442 I just bought. It has a small dent at the end of the barrel and actually is pretty dirty for a supposedly new gun. I’m just wondering if this specific one was shipped by mistake or was drop or what Sportsman’s is there anything you all can do on your end to resolve this issue Usually a very satisfied customer, but a little disappointed with this transaction. Not sure it was worth the $570 only to receive a dented and dirty maybe used gun.

(5 out of 5) Great shooting EDC
by from West Chester, OH on

Fits comfortably in pants pocket, no external hammer to catch on clothing. VERY accurate shooter in spite of the long trigger pull

(5 out of 5) Excellent choice for CCW - women or men
by from Lebanon, NH on

This gun is never going to jam on you. Ladies, this is surprisingly comfortable to ccw in an appendix carry position, w/hard leather holster. Was recommended to me by a war vet, bc the Glock I used at the range kept jamming on me. Also got a Sig Sauer P238 excellent for those w/small hands. Also great choice for ccw. The all-metal Sig frame vs. the polymer Glock frame means you also wont have jams w/a Sig. Its very forgiving of an imperfect handgrip by the user. With a polymer gun, this can cause the gun to jam. If you get a second gun, you can use the 442 as an ankle-carry backup. The Sig is comfortable to shoot. I can put 50 rounds 1 box of ammo through the 442, and the area between my thumb and first finger will feel a bit sore. Both excellent firearms, but realize the .38 special 442 has more punch.

(5 out of 5) A superb EDC
by from Springfield, MO on

I bought this revolver nearly a year ago and it was my very first snub nose .38. It has wound up at the top of my carry rotation due to its very light weight, safety features, and concealability. Frequent practice is essential for anyone carrying a small .38 Special like this but the gun should not disappoint those that do so. Delivery from SOSS was prompt and the free shipping is a sure winner with me. Now I have my eye on a PC 642 from here...

(5 out of 5) Great price, service, rebate, and revolver! The value of the year for 2018.
by from McAlester, OK on

Great price! I bought this great little carry revolver on July 2 for $289.99 net cost after figuring in the $30 rebate. Great service! Even with the 4th of July holiday I picked this gun up at my LGS on July 5th. Great rebate! I filed for my $30 rebate from S&W online July 5th and received the prepaid credit card on July 16th. Only 11 days from filing to receiving the rebate. Great revolver! Nice and light carry gun that is accurate and dependable. This S&W 442 is the value of the year for 2018 thus far.

(5 out of 5) Outstanding customer service!!!
by from Houston, TX on

I’ve ordered two guns from this website and I was amazed with their customer service. After I ordered my gun i had a few follow up questions and they responded immediately. A person by the name of “Jenny C.” Sent me emails basically letting me know where the gun was while in transit and sent a follow up email after I received the gun to let me know it had been delivered, which she didn’t have to because I had a tracking number but their service is above and beyond. Extremely fast shipping as well. I have already recommended this website to several people and I will buy more guns from them. They are better than Grab-A-Gun, Buds, and all the rest. Lowest prices around. The guns also come in pristine condition.

(5 out of 5) Dependable little wheelgun
by from Overland Park, KS on

Installed crimson trace grips and had some parts cerakoted. I like it. And it is as accurate as you can get. Nice ankle back up. Just S&W quality.

(5 out of 5) Don’t leave home without one
by from Cape Girardeau, MO on

Amazingly accurate, easy to carry and 100% reliable with Smith & Wesson quality.

(2 out of 5) Reliability is the only pro, heres the cons
by from Chicago, IL on

Ive been EDC for 30 years. I like carrying my full size 9mm 92D more than I carry this. It feels like an explosion in my hand with every round and its not easy to use the sights. Ive stopped carry +p rounds and I now only shoot it once a yr at annual qualifications for my ROCC. The cylinder makes it awkward to carry in a pocket and 18oz 8 shot 9mm feel lighter in a belt holster. And its only 5 shots. I dont understand why people like this gun

(5 out of 5) S&W Airweight 442
by from Atlanta, Georgia on

Gonna keep it short and sweet. Get one if you can. This is one sweet revolver. I am currently carrying mine as backup / ankle gun with a bugbite ankle holster highly recommended FYI to compliment my department issued M&P 2.0 9mm. Fits snugly and pretty much disappears on your person. I keep this by my wallet and phone, and when i just wanna roll out quickly. It fits right in any pocket and you forget its there. I do recommend some sort of pocket holster simply for safety purposes. I also bought the silver 642 model for my 65 year old mother who lives alone and needs something for EDC and home defense. My mom wanted something to carry but she is afraid to carry with one in the pipe w /o a safety. Plus I was scared she would actually remember to rack the slide when / if it came time to rumble !! She felt comfortable with this setup immediately. She's gonna carry it in a cheap little Walmart makeup bag in her purse. If you're looking for something for the woman in your life that she wont be intimated to carry EDC, this is the one !! No slide to rack or magazine to load. Just drop and go easy breezy. Hard to mess it up. This thing is Ready to roll right out of the box, super easy to setup for first time EDC user or experienced gun enthusiast. Loaded up with Hornady Critical Duty .38 special and we are in business. People knock the whole 5 shots thing , but most gun fights are 2-4 rounds. I trust my life with it as a current LEO if / when it comes time to go to the ankle on or off duty.

(5 out of 5) Most boring positive review ever
by from north central, Florida on

Shipped out promptly. SOS continues to be a great vendor. Cant argue with good prices and free shipping. New no-lock 442 - not much to add here Centennials and Airweights have been produced since the 1950s, except firearm arrived in as-expected factory-new condition.

(5 out of 5) Can't beat a classic
by from Inwood, West Virginia on

I own this as well as the 642. One of my favorite carry guns. Smith and Wesson always makes nice revolvers and this is no exception. Heavier trigger than my Ruger LCR in .357 but just as good, only different. Smooths out greatly after a while and can be staged perfectly with practice.

(5 out of 5) S&W 442
by from Sycamore, Illinois on

My first SOSS purchase... great service, great price $337 shipped this is a dependable light weight cc handgun I use Hornady FTX Critical Defense 38 +p ammo

(5 out of 5) Smith and Wesson 442
by from Penrose, NC on

Very happy with this purchase. Before shooting turn the gun upside down and apply a couple drops of lube on either side of the trigger and let the lube drain down as the gun is delivered rather dry. Also, practice staging the trigger and you will be pleasantly surprised at the accuracy of this revolver.