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Federal Laboratories 37mm Gas Riot Gun

No Longer Available
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Product Description

Federal Laboratories Gas Riot Gun
Item Condition: Used

Photos represent the average condition of the collection.

Federal Laboratories began producing the Gas Riot Gun in the 1930s. The exact date of these models is uncertain. These smoothbore, single-shot gas guns come with a Flip-Up Leaf Sight (Rear) and both a wood grip and stock.

Please Read Below Before Purchasing:
These are not firearms and do not require shipment to an FFL dealer. Adult Signature (Age 21 and over) will be required upon delivery. Devices designed for expelling tear gas are not weapons and are exempt from the destructive device definition. However, when a gas/flare gun is possessed with Anti-Personnel type ammunition - cartridges containing wood pellets, rubber pellets or balls, and bean bags - the combination of the gas/flare gun and Anti-Personnel ammunition is a destructive device as defined in the GCA and NFA. As a result, any person possessing a gas/flare gun with which Anti-Personnel ammunition will be used must register the making of a destructive device prior to the acquistion of any Anti-Personnel ammunition.

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