Surefire MN11 Lamp Assembly (Replacement)

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Product Description

The SureFire MN11 Ultra High Output Lamp Assembly is a specially engineered lamp that, when combined with its designated and carefully engineered reflector, will produce SureFire's brilliant and perfectly-focused beam. The reflector is either integral to the head of your flashlight, or part of the prefocused lamp assembly.

You can purchase either standard high-output replacement lamps for your flashlight, or optional ultra-high output lamps that nearly double the light output (available for most flashlight models). Ultra-high output lamps use more energy, and therefore deplete batteries more quickly.

The MN11 is an ultra high-output replacement lamp that produces a 225 lumen beam for 20 minutes.

  • Applicable to the M3 flashlight
  • Produces a 225 lumen beam for 20 minutes
  • Fits in the SC2 Spares Carrier for field deployment

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