Sabre Designer Pepper Spray Pink Lipstick

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Product Description

This compact, attractive, pink Maximum Strength SABRE RED Lipstick pepper spray is more modern looking than traditional models. It provides a very practical and preferred way for many to carry their pepper spray. The ballistic stream delivery contains approximately 10 bursts and provides protection at a safe distance with its range of up to 10 feet. Boasting a 4-year shelf life that’s double the industry average, SABRE RED is a much a better value.

  • SABRE RED Maximum Strength Pink Lipstick Pepper Spray
  • Compact, attractive, pink & more modern looking than other pepper sprays
  • #1 brand used by law enforcement worldwide.
  • Delivers a ballistic stream to prevent wind blowback.
  • Provides protection at a safe distance – 10 foot range
  • SIZE: 0.75 oz./color: pink
  • Bonus: Looks like a fashionable lipstick container

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