Hunters Specialties Attractor Max Predator Call

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Product Description

The Attractor Max features a wireless remote with 10 sound keys so you can instantly find the sound you need. It has 10 preloaded sounds; additional sounds can be downloaded and changed out through the USB port. It operates up to 50 yards.

The Attractor Max includes 128 MB of internal memory, large speaker and external jack to add an extra speaker. The 10 sounds are: Jackrabbit Buffet, Grown Cottontail, Canine Puppies, Johnnys Ky-Ki, Chicken Distress, Yellowhammer, Distressed Kitten, Fawn Bleating, Coyote & Raccoon and Coyote Pup Distress.

The base unit is powered by 4 AA batteries (not included) and the remote has a 12V, A23 battery (included). It will run up to 6-8 hours on a set of batteries.

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