Ruger AR-556 5.56 NATO M4 Flat-Top Autoloading Rifle

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$819.99 $1,019.00

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  • MAGPUL PMAG 30 GEN M3 AR-15 556 NATO 30 RD MAG (TAN)

    Magpul PMAG GEN M3 5.56mm 30-Round Coyote Tan Magazine

Product Description

The Ruger AR-556 semi-automatic, M4-style, direct impingement Modern Sporting Rifle offers consumers an affordable, American-made Modern Sporting Rifle with the rugged reliability they have come to expect from Ruger. Extensively tested during its development, the AR-556 is constructed from top-quality components, including forged 7075-T6 aluminum upper and lower receivers and a cold hammer-forged chrome-moly steel barrel with M4 feed ramp cuts.

Chambered in 5.56 NATO, the AR-556’s carbine-length, flat-top, M4 design is fully configured with a Ruger Rapid Deploy folding rear sight, milled F-height gas block with post front sight, forward assist, dust cover, brass deflector, telescoping six-position stock, improved trigger-reach grip, enlarged trigger guard and one 30-round Magpul PMag. Standardized M4/AR components are utilized throughout, so the AR-556 can be customized easily.

AR-556 Features

Windage Adjustable Ruger Rapid Deploy Rear Sight: The Ruger Rapid Deploy folding rear sight provides windage adjustability, and is a solid, reliable aiming system when coupled with the elevation adjustable front sight. The rear sight can be folded out of the way to make room for optics but can be instantly redeployed if needed.
Forged 7075-T6 Aluminum Upper Receiver: Made from aerospace-grade 7075-T6 aluminum forging, the flattop upper receiver includes a forward assist, dust cover and brass deflector, and is Type III hard coat anodized for maximum durability.
Shot Peened, 9310 Alloy Steel Bolt: The bolt is machined from 9310 alloy steel and is shot peened and pressure (proof) tested to ensure strength, structural integrity and durability.
Patent Pending Barrel Nut and Delta Ring: The patent pending Barrel Nut and Delta Ring are designed for one person handguard removal and installation. The design accepts standard carbine length handguards. The barrel nut uses a standard wrench and can be swapped with a Mil-Spec barrel nut if desired.
Elevation Adjustable Front Sight: The front sight post is elevation adjustable, and a front sight tool is included. The A-2 Style F-Height allows co-witness with many optics.
Medium Contour Cold Hammer-Forged Barrel: The 16.10 inch medium contour barrel is cold hammer-forged providing ultra-precise rifling for exceptional accuracy, longevity and easy cleaning. The 1:8 twist rate stabilizes bullets from 35 to 77 grains, and the 5.56 NATO chamber allows the use of both 5.56 NATO and .223 Rem. ammunition. M4 feed ramps provide improved operational reliability, and the matte black oxide finish reduces glare and provides corrosion resistance. A Ruger flash suppressor is provided, and the 1/2-28 threaded barrel allows for standard muzzle accessories to be installed.
Single Stage Trigger and Enlarged Trigger Guard: The single stage trigger provides durable and reliable fire control. The enlarged trigger guard is designed to allow for gloved shooting.
Matte Black Oxide Bolt Carrier with Staked Gas Key: The chrome-plated bolt carrier inside diameter and chrome-plated gas key inside diameter provide exceptional resistance to hot gases. The gas key is staked so that it will not loosen after extensive firing. A matte black oxide finish on the exterior of the bolt carrier provides corrosion resistance.
Serrated Face Milled Gas Block: The milled gas block is located at a carbine length (M4) position for improved balance and handling. Multiple attachment points include a QD socket and bayonet lug, for many sling and accessory mounting options. Serrations on the angled face of the gas block provide a low-glare surface.

Firearm Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Ruger
  • Model: AR-556
  • Model Number: 8500
  • Caliber: 5.56 NATO
  • Weight: 6.50 lbs.
  • Length: 32.25 - 35.50 in.
  • Length of Pull: 10.25 - 13.50 in.
  • Width: 2.50 in.
  • Height: 8.00 in. (Without Magazine)
  • Capacity: 30-Rounds
  • Buttstock: Six-Position Telescoping / Mil-Spec Buffer Tube
  • Handguards: Heat Resistant Glass-Filled Nylon
  • Grip: Ergonomic Improved Trigger Reach / Enlarged Trigger Guard Opening
  • Sights: Elevation Adjustable Front / Windage Adjustable Ruger® Rapid Deploy Folding Rear (Front Sight Tool Included)
  • Upper Receiver: Flat Top 7075-T6 Aluminum Forging / Forward Assist Dust Cover and Brass Deflector / Type III Hard Coat Anodized
  • Lower Receiver: 7075-T6 Aluminum Forging / Type III Hard Coat Anodized
  • Bolt Carrier Group: Staked Gas Key / Chrome Plated Bolt Carrier ID and Gas Key ID / Matte Black Oxide Finish
  • Bolt: 9310 Alloy Steel / Shoot Peened / PT Tested
  • Barrel:
    16.10 in. Medium Contour
    Cold Hammer-Forged 4140 Chrome-Moly Steel
    1:8 Twist Stabilizes Bullets from 35 to 77 Grain
    M4 Feed Ramp Cuts
    PT Tested
    Threaded ½ - 28 with Ruger Flash Suppressor
    Barrel Contour is .850 Under the Handguard .750 Under the Gas Block .700 Forward of the Gas Block
    Matte Black Oxide Finished
  • Gas Block:
    A-2 F-Height Pinned in Place
    Multiple Sling Attachment Points and with QD Port and Bayonet Lug
    Machined Low-Glare Serrations on Angled Face
  • Barrel Nut/Delta Ring:
    Patent Pending Design
    One Person Removal
    Accepts Standard Handguards
    Uses Standard Wrench Can be Swapped with a Mil-Spec Nut if Desired

Customer Comments & Questions

Customer Reviews

(3 out of 5) Ruger 5.56 AR 15
by from Decatur, GA on

I must say when I purchased the rifle, it was a great price…. But that’s it. Right out of the box, the rifle will not feed the first round into the chamber. I have only shot the rifle once. But have been having the same issue ever since. Now I have to pay additional money to get a gunsmith to fix it… Thanks Ruger

(5 out of 5) Very nice rifle
by from FREMONT, OH on

250,+ rounds no jams, shoots nice. Great buy.

(4 out of 5) Bolt Carrier Issue
by from Cross Junction, VA on

I ordered the Ruger AR-556 because I thought VA was going to pass a law making ARs illegal. I purchased my Ruger AR-556 back in Feb 2020 and have not been able to shoot it yet. So today 9/15/2020, I was installing the rail system I just received and decided I would show my teenage boys how to properly disassemble/reassemble the AR. Some parts were stiff to be expected but when to came to taking the bolt carrier apart it would not go. I removed the retaining pin for the firing pin and the firing pin with no problems. When I went to rotate the bolt cam pin it would not move at all, it was like it was frozen. I tried to move the bolt by hand and it would barely move. I lubed them both up and tried to move them again but there was next to no movement. I had no choice but to beat on the bolt cam pin just to get it into place so I could reassemble the bolt carrier. I am prior Army and have never experienced anything like this. I am very experienced with ARs and never had this type of issue on any new or used AR. I am very disappointed and glad I have not fired this weapon yet. The entire bolt carrier assembly needs to be replaced in my opinion.

(5 out of 5) Solid base
by from Midland, MI on

Great unit to start with. It would have been great as is, but it took to a few modifications very well too. Im very happy with my purchase.

(5 out of 5) Great Starter AR
by from Alexandria, VA on

This is a great starter AR. I put it through its paces and for the price you cant go wrong. With that being said, it looks nothing like it did when I purchased it. I've put a binary trigger in it, changed the hand rail, stock, and muzzle device. I've also constantly changed out the scopes on this guy for whatever task I need to complete. Very dynamic!

(5 out of 5) No scratch
by from SAINT LOUIS, MO on

To the people who are having issues with the ejected shells leaving brass marks on the ejection nub here is an easy fix. Put a piece of black electrical tape on it or cut a piece of latch the soft fuzzy side from some Velcro. Both work great and will keep your 556 Beautiful!!!!!

(5 out of 5) Smooth Rifle
by from Alamogordo, NM on

Nothing bad to say. Smooth firing weapon. Zeroed in on five rounds. First three shots were low right. Couple adjustments then they were right on target.

(5 out of 5) Big bang 4 lil bucks
by from Saint Louis, MO on

I recently got the Ruger AR556 from SOSS and couldn't be happier. The shipping was fast and no issues with finding a FFL to ship to, SOSS supplied a list they dealt with and I chose the one that I felt comfortable with. The gun itself was new and in a foam lined box with all items it was supposed to have.
 The first time I shot the gun the iron sites were almost dead on, it took about 10 mins, some windage adjustment and it was perfect. I have since put about 6-7 hundred rounds through it and added a red dot with laser and everything is going great. I paid $460 for the gun on a special sale and would gladly have paid more. This gun is an awesome entry into the AR-15/556 platform.
 I highly recommend it and SOSS!!! I plan on purchasing other items from this Co. Highly recommend.

(5 out of 5) Quality AR at an acceptable price
by from Indianapolis, IN on

Purchased from Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore and had it shipped to an FFL here in Indy, all within about a week. Took it to the indoor range and cracked off a few hundred rounds of brass without a single issue. Took it to an outdoor range an let a few hundred more go. Not a single issue.
 Easy to field strip and clean. Love the rapid deploy sights. Very accurate after zeroed in. Definitely recommend. Will be purchasing from Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore again as well. Very positive experience.

(5 out of 5) Awesome Firearm
by from El Paso, TX on

This is my first purchase from SOSS and I'm totally satisfied with this firearm. Free shipping and no tax sealed the deal for me. The Ruger 556 is high quality. I will definitely order more from here.

(4 out of 5) Solid for the price
by from Indiana, IN on

Got this a couple years ago and have finally put enough rounds through to review. Overall, this is what I expected, probably better than expected for the price. Haven't had any malfunctions or issues. Replaced some of the furniture, added an ambi safety and charging handle. The trigger is descent but I plan to replace it with something lighter and smoother.
 After putting a few hundred rounds through I noticed some wobble between the upper and lower receiver, which doesn't affect performance but does bother me. Wish I had waited for the models with full length handguards and no front sight to come out. The gas block/sight on this one limits real estate for a forward grip and attachments.

(5 out of 5) Great Gun at the Best Price
by from Hialeah, FL on

Very happy with my Ruger. Excellent bang for your buck. Would recommend it to anyone.

(5 out of 5) Awesome Rifle
by from Monroe, MI on

The rifle is absolutely awesome. Great performance and great for the money . Removed the rear site and installed a descent scope and sighted the rifle in 12 shots.

(5 out of 5) Fast delivery, best prices!
by from phoenix, AZ on

I wish I knew about this site awhile back. Buying anything from local gun stores is a joke. Great prices, great customer service. They shipped my AR and I received it next morning!

(5 out of 5) Great entry level AR!
by from Hollywood, FL on

While I did not buy my Ruger 556 from SOSS, I can attest that it is an excellent entry level MSR built in Mayodan, North Carolina, USA ???? that will not disappoint. There is very little that you will find needs to be done to this rifle, and one can keep it literally stock and be very content on a fine purchase. Lastly, while I purchase mine at a gun show and as such got a real decent deal... it is tough to beat some of the deals that SOSS offers when it comes to the Ruger 556 such as this current one at $509... So, if you are seriously in the market for a Ruger 556 as opposed to the M&P Sport, go ahead and pull the trigger as you will not regret it...

(5 out of 5) Great gun
by from Moorcroft, WY on

Didn’t buy mine from SOSS, but the prices are hard to beat and this is a good gun. To Shawn who says the “bullets scratch the gun”.....what do you mean? Do you mean the shells make contact with the rifle when they leave the ejection port? If that’s the case, 90% of any AR15 out there will do that. Leaves little brass markings on the side of the ejection port as the shells clear the rifle. To fix that, you need to adjust your gas block to eject the shells further back at a 3 o’clock position vs a 1 or 2 o’clock

(5 out of 5) Great Entry AR
by from Mandeville, LA on

Purchased this one back in 2015 as my first AR. I've shot hundreds of rounds through it with no hang ups. Gun is very accurate with a Vortex Strikefire II red dot.

(5 out of 5) The bullets scratch the gun as the shells are ejected.
by from RIVERTON, UT on

The bullets scratch the AR-15 as the shells are ejected. That is a little annoying, but I am satisfied with everything else so far.

(5 out of 5) Awesome stuff
by from Eastover, SC on

I purchased this rifle the year that it was made from Cabelas in Greenville, South Carolina the only one I could find in the state of South Carolina at that time, since then I have thrown timney trigger and a bunch of other accessories. I love my Ruger upper and lower and will never get rid of it! Best gas in pintment gun for the money, sorry Smith and Wesson ..

(5 out of 5) Great Gun for the Price
by from Las Vegas, NV on

I have had zero problems with this gun. It feels good in the hand and shoots great. I have had it since Feb 2018 and have put over 2000 rounds through it without a single problem.

(5 out of 5) Great transaction
by from Elkland, MO on

I haven't had a chance to shoot it yet, but don't expect to have any problems. The ordering and pick up at my local FFL went amazingly well. Never ordered a firearm online but am impressed.

(5 out of 5) Ruger AR556
by from Butler, MO on

Online purchase was extremely smooth. I chose the overnight shipping for $29.99. The rifle shipped same day by FedEx and arrived next day. The rifle was packaged well and free from any defects. Overall I am impressed. I have more expensive ARs but for the price I am very pleased with this rifle.

(5 out of 5) Ruger AR .556
by from Farmington, NM on

Got the Ruger today after a week of waiting which was completely acceptable since it had to be shipped across the United States. After the ffl transfer fee I still got my Ruger cheaper through Sportsman's than I would have in the gun stores in my area. Still saved about 50 bucks. I really like the product. I honestly couldn't understand someone not being happy with this rifle. It's a great buy. I'll probably continue to use Sportsman's if it's a money saving deal which is almost certain. Get them ARs while we still can folks. Thanks Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore. Y'all are great.

(4 out of 5) AR556 - Very Nice
by from Madison, NC on

SOS is great to deal with, fast shipping. Got the rifle, cleaned it good and then went out and sent 120 rds downrange, not a single issue with the operation of the gun. Some very minor fit and finish issues, but cannot complain at this price point. Great rifle for the price, fun to shoot and accurate as heck with stock sights. Can't wait to finish up the break in period and get an optic on it, should be able to shoot dimes at 100 yards.

(5 out of 5) First Weapon
by from Rowlett, TX on

Paid extra for one day shipping and it was actually one day. Weapon arrived in good condition and shot a hundred rounds with no issues. 10/10 would buy again.

(4 out of 5) Customer Service
by from Jackson, TN on

I was skeptical at first, but after placing the order, a week later the customer service woman called and confirmed that my order was being shipped... I got it 2 days later. Overall, I am satisfied with the service and product. Thank you

(5 out of 5) Ruger.....
by from Matthews, NC on

This is my second purchase from Sportsman's and they are brilliant. Ordered this AR and couldn't wait to get it to the range. I put a Vortex Strikefire II on and off I went. Attempting to sight it in was impossible. Couldn't get it on paper. Purchased a magnetic bore site which showed the laser down and to the right. I put the site on the front site post and it was straight as an arrow. Upon further inspection, the muzzle break was seated off center and crooked. Spoke with Ruger, they didn't believe me. I took it to a local gunsmith who also thought I was crazy until he looked at the muzzle break and saw that it was in fact not centered. He switched out the washer and problem solved. Sighted in like a champ. Never saw this before, my other AR has no issues...just thought I would pass on for learning purposes.

(5 out of 5) Awesome value!
by from Traverse City, Michigan on

This rifle is everything I was hoping it would be. Built well, great fit and finish, shoots straight.

(5 out of 5) Excellent reliable buy
by from Sioux Falls, SD on

I bought this during last year's Labor Day sale for $469. Only time I bought on-line, mostly because of the price, free shipping, no sales tax and only a $15 transfer fee by my FFL veteran’s discount. Had to adjust the front sight for elevation and then good to go at 25 yds. Using the iron sights, I was comfortable out to 50 yds old eyes but 100 yds was more of a challenge, although I could hit paper since that is all I could see. Bought a cheap Bushnell scope and I am very pleased. No problems with a variety of ammo. Trigger seems to have smoothed out with use. Super reliable and great fun. I have a number of Ruger pistols and customer service has been outstanding when needed. I recommend to those that have had problems to contact Ruger. I would be very surprised if they did not make it right. I recommend this AR and Sportsmans Outdoor Superstore.

(5 out of 5) All-Around Great..
by from Minneapolis, Minnesota on

Purchased for $499 on black friday.. can't beat this deal anywhere. Would recommend this Ruger 556 it is a great basic AR. The shipping was very fast and easy to transfer FFL. Thanks

(1 out of 5) Horrible QC from Ruger
by from Valrico, FL on

I almost didnt accept the firearm from my local FFL after seeing a few scratches but I deemed since it was Ruger, surely it was just a small oversight. After getting the firearm home and seeing it in a bright good light I began to get steamed. I wish I could upload some pictures of what I have here. #1 it looks as though someone put it together with a steel hammer and then dropped it on a hard concrete floor. The barrel has hammer markings where they put the front sight on. #2 The charging handle is bent and finish is scraped off which looks as though it was dropped on the floor. #3 The upper and lower receiver is marred/scratched where it mates near the stock end. #4 The castle nut has not been torqued nor staked. It is loose and the entire buffer tube will twist in your hand. I will have to clear this firearm with a armorer prior to shooting it. No more Ruger firearms for me.

(5 out of 5) Ruger AR 556
by from Fort Myers, FL on

I’ve put 400 rounds through this rifle with no issues. The rifle performs and looks excellent no complaints excellent price.

(5 out of 5) Great Gun, Great Price, Great Service
by from Macomb, Michigan on

I ordered this gun for 499.99 which is the best price I've seen for this gun in about 3 months of keeping my eye on it. I ordered it with 2 day shipping and it arrived in time. I had a problem with the payment due to the bank thinking it was fraudulent activity and when I needed to call and take care of it I had quick and friendly service over the phone. I will be buying from this site more in the future.

by from Yakima, Washington on

I was kind of hesitant on purchasing a gun online but decided to go for it. It was quick and simple, even though I didn't get it walk out immediately like you do from the store. It didn't take long at all to get it. Will definitely order through this place again.

(5 out of 5) Ruger AR 556
by from Port St. Lucie, FL on

This rifle has to be one of the best choices that I have made.. It is really good looking and it fires like a champ.. I've taken it to the range a few times and I just can't put it down.. I love my new Ruger..

(5 out of 5) Best deal on the market
by from Miami, FL on

Bottom line: Great, affordable product that ships new, in the box and performs.

(5 out of 5) Ruger 223 / 5.56
by from Foley, Alabama on

Excellent firearm for sport or hunting, and the price is right.

(5 out of 5) Excellent
by from Miami, Florida on

I was looking at a few different ARs and did a lot of research before my purchase. After I saw this deal I decided to pull the trigger, literally, and get it. I am very very happy that I did. The rifle is extremely well made and so far I have had 0 issues with it after 1000 rounds. I have shot rifles twice the price and the Ruger is the same, if not better. There is no question the Ruger is better than the S&W M&P15, and I own both. I would HIGHLY recommend this rifle to anyone at any level.

(5 out of 5) Ruger AR 556
by from Dixfiels, Maine on

Awesome buying experience. Definitely will buy here again. Got my rifle 2 days after it was shipped. The rifle is just as advertised. I love it. Great shooter out of the box.

(5 out of 5) My first AR
by from Raytown, MO on

This was my first purchase from SOSS and also my first AR. The purchase was easy, my order shipped on time, and I had it from my FFL within a week. The Ruger AR556 is my first AR, so I don't have a comparison. I have fired a few rounds through it and, so far, I really like it. It seems to be made well and is very tight and solid.

(5 out of 5) Excellent Buying Experience
by from Yakima, Washington on

this is the first time for me buying a gun online. Heard about this place from my son in law, checked it out and decided to give it a try...100% satisfied. It arrived on schedule to the place I had it shipped to. I went there to get it registered and boom.... done deal! Will definitely buy more through this place...

(5 out of 5) Ruger AR 556
by from Leoma, Tennessee on

This is the third gun I have purchased from SOSS; this is by far my favorite! I absolutely love it!

(3 out of 5) Ruger AR15
by from Salina, Kansas on

Initial impression of the Ruger is that it's nicely finished. The takedown pins are really tight, my Rock River and Olympic Arms were not this stiff. The trigger is heavy and gritty compared to the previous ARs. PMAGS go in and out just fine, but metal mags require a good whack on the bottom to get them to lock, the metal mags easily installed on the Olympic Arms ARs just fine in comparison. Will take it out soon and see if running a few hundred rounds will straighten out some of these issues.

(5 out of 5) Reliable, honest and helpful customer service
by from El Paso, Texas on

Let me tell you about the customer service of the SOSS. 100% hands down customer service. I emailed them to change my order and the same day my order was changed, and I didn't even have to call them. I will definitely order more of their product in the future. I was promised that my order will be ship tomorrow, and I checked the status of my order today and guess what, my order has been shipped today. I will make another review as soon as I receive my Ruger AR 5.56. I can't wait for it; I'm excited. Thank you SOSS!

(5 out of 5) Very good AR15
by from Jackson, CA on

I've put about 800 rounds through this gun since I've owned it, and not one single malfunction or anything. Great gun, and Sportsmans Outdoor Superstore has great prices, fast shipping. Highly recommend!

(5 out of 5) Great price!
by from Clarkston, MI on

Shipping took a little longer then expected but its the holidays. Arrived at my ffl in great shape. Great prices at Sportsmans Outdoor Superstore. Will be shopping here more often.

(5 out of 5) Great buy
by from Kansas City, MO on

I got this one on sale and couldn't be happier. Shoots great. So far, I can say it's accurate up to 100 yards. Can't beat this deal.

(5 out of 5) AR-556
by from lockney, Texas on

This is my first AR and my second gun to buy from SOSS. With that, I am pretty happy. On this AR, they were $75 cheaper than next cheapest, including the $20 fee for shipping to FFL dealer. I've fired about 20 rounds through this gun so far, and it's flawless. Safe to say I'll do business with SOSS again!

(5 out of 5) Nice Purchase
by from Las Vegas, Nv on

I had been looking for a Ruger AR-556 for sometime. Bought it here at a great price, saved $200 over local dealers. Product arrived as scheduled to a FFL dealer near me. Will be making more purchases here!

(5 out of 5) AR-556 Purchase
by from Ft. Lauderdale, FL on

I was looking at the Ruger AR-556 the Friday before the election. Price was $519. WOW! Unfortunately I was dumb and waited until the Monday before the election to order, and the price was $675. Still a good deal. Had it in my hands in 2 days! What service! Rifle was flawless and tight. Shot 4 groups at 50 yds out of the box w/iron sights. Thanks for a great deal and ultra fast shipping SOSS Direct! Already purchased another CCW from SOSS at a great price...

(5 out of 5) Ruger
by from Collierville, Tennessee on

The rifle performed great and I will buy again from Sportsman's.

(5 out of 5) My First
by from Osteen, FL on

I actually purchased this gun in 2015, but just started shooting with it and I LOVE it! It feels so solid even though it's very lightweight. It's just a lot of fun to shoot with. I love how the Ruger fits, I don't feel like I am going to lose my grip or control while shooting. I am not a gun enthusiast, and don't know much about them, but I know what I like and this gun, I like. I can't think of anything about my AR that I would change. I broke it down using YouTube as my teacher and cleaned it, and put it back together with no problems. It really is a low maintenance gun.

(5 out of 5) Best AR style carbine for the money.
by from San Antonio, Texas on

I have always wanted an AR type rifle but couldn't fade the high cost of most. And with Sooooo many variables very confusing, it was very difficult to know if I would get the best bang for my buck.... But, when Ruger came out with the AR556 at an affordable price, there was no doubt I had found a winner... With Ruger's reputation for great firearms with incredible customer service and all the features that came standard on the carbine, it was a no-brainer... With almost 1000 rounds downrange, I could not be happier with my purchase.... GET ONE, YOU'LL LOVE IT.....

(4 out of 5) Rugar AR 556 Nato Model 8500
by from Marshfield, MA on

Very pleased with the accuracy of the iron sights and the all aluminum upper and lower units. The barrel is the best with its thickness / bull barrel and the 1:8 twist. The only problems that I've had are with the firing pin and bolt carrier. After 200 rounds of 223 and 556 the firing pin shows significant wear and the bolt carrier was not staked sufficiently. Ruger sent out a new firing pin and bolt carrier that was staked better/no play, but the firing pin is showing significant wear when it hits the cotter pin after only 200 rounds of 223. They are working to correct the firing pin problem. I've had this gun for two months and will probably buy a 3rd party nickel barium firing pin.

(5 out of 5) Update on my purchase.
by from Mohave Valley, AZ. on

Since my initial review, Id like to give an update. I only shoot Federal .223 FMJ 55 gr., and .American Eagle 556 FMJ 55 gr. Over 1500 rds. and not 1 malfunction. I have upgraded the trigger with Ruger Elite 452. Highly recommend the upgrade. What a difference, its 2 clicks away from a hair trigger, and it improved my grouping of shots. Installed a Hogue finger grooved pistol grip, a Magpul carbine handguard, and a bi-pod pistol grip. These items are not terribly expensive, and it really improves the rifle experience. I love really shooting this rifle. Thank you again S.O.S. you are in my favorites.

(5 out of 5) My Favorite website to buy Firearms
by from Ukiah, California on

This is my favorite entry level Ar-15 on the market!.. Couldn't be happier with my purchase, I wish SOSS would carry more guns that way I could do all my firearm business with them!

(2 out of 5) Not so good
by from Slidell, LA on

Bought this AR556 because I was well pleased with mini14 I purchased. The AR556 is junk. All and I mean all the pins that hold one thing or another in place fell out at some point within the first month I owned it. Gas block pins fell out. Trigger guard pins fell out. Bolt catch/release pin fell out.

(5 out of 5) Shipping took too long
by from morristown, TN on

The gun is great but they take too long to ship items and once you get a tracking # it still does not ship till at least 2 more days. I would not buy from them if i need something fast.

(5 out of 5) I have a new Best Friend.
by from Mohave Valley, AZ. on

Awesome right out of the box! I am a gun guy, but nowhere near expert or gear-head. I must say, this rifle made me feel like one. Out of the box, windage was right on. Only minor adjustments for elevation were made. This was done @ 50 yards. Once the rifle was dialed in, I mounted the Vortex Strike-Fire II red dot. Got that dialed in and moved to 100 yards. I didn't have to change a thing! The 3 shot groups were exceptional. Shot about 100 rds Federal 223 Rem. 55 gr, FMJ and not a glitch. On my last 3 shot group, there was a metal 10 gong @ 200 yards. I hit 1 out of 3 not touching the sights. I was, and am EXTREMELY happy with this rifle. Ruger, thank you for the firearm. Sportsmans Outdoor Superstore, thank you for the price.

(5 out of 5) Awesome Service
by from OFallon, Missouri on

Great customer service from the start. Just received gun about a week ago and have about 200 rounds through it so far. Gun ran flawlessly, no issues. Great prices will use sportsmans outdoor superstore again.

(5 out of 5) 200 yards no problem!
by from Pottstown, PA on

Right out of the box this is a great rifle, took it to our club , 200 yds. uphill with just the iron sights, hit the 14 x 10 metal plate that sits on top of the hill on the range!!

(5 out of 5) Great Rifle!
by from Ingleside, Illinois on

My first AR, couldn't be more pleased. Only about 100 rounds through it but nary a hiccup. I carefully compared the S&W M&P Sport and this gun and I'm glad I chose the Ruger - and couldn't beat the price anywhere else by a longshot! Highly recommended!

(5 out of 5) My first AR
by from Alexandria, VA on

This is my first AR15. I never really thought I would buy one because I have always liked the traditional style guns, wood stock and steel. However when I saw this Rugar being offered at such a great price, I couldn't pass it up. So far I have only put about 30 223 rounds through it with no issues. I want to try out some 5.56 NATO next. You can't beat the price for such a well made gun, although SOSS has risen the price since I bought mine. I still think it is a good value.

(5 out of 5) BEST PRICES around
by from Leoma, Tennessee on

With 4 great Grandsons who love to shoot this is my place to get their guns..

(5 out of 5) Ruger AR 556
by from Boise, Idaho on

This gun shoots very accurately with hardly any kick. It had a little trouble consistently firing .223, but shoots 5.56 ammo flawlessly. Solid, built AR for the price!

(5 out of 5) Excellent Service
by from Collierville, Tennessee on

I received the order in 3 days. The Ruger 556 was new in the box. The rifle is accurate and easy to shoot. I will use Sportsman again.

(5 out of 5) Wow!!
by from Fairview, TN on

First time AR user.....Great price best I could my hands in 3 days too !! Great job SOS!!!!!

Then the Ruger AR 556. Great first gun for even experienced AR users. I love it, small, lightweight, easy to use. Recommend SOS and Ruger 100%

(5 out of 5) Best Bang For The Buck AR
by from Austin, MN on

Ruger really did it right with this one. A quality, solid rifle that hits the mark, 500 rds so far with no issues. Sights are good and I like the delta ring also. I put a Bushnell red dot on top to sweeten it up. It rocks! Sportsmans Outdoor Superstore had it to me in 3 days. Just get one!

(4 out of 5) Just as described
by from Forsyth, Georgia on

Solid unit. Great price, magpul CTR stock and hand grip swap. Perfect set up without breaking the bank. Can't go wrong with this Ruger Ar15 all of the features of the 1000.00+ rigs. Best price online after long term search. Shipping took a while but it was worth it. Will be buying from SOSS again.

(5 out of 5) Best out of the box AR for the money!
by from Bryan, TX on

Had everything I needed straight out of the box to shoot. Ruger makes a great AR rifle. Can't beat this price. has the best prices, great customer service, and the best shipping rates and options on firearms. My AR came exactly as described new in box and got to my FFL dealer in a hurry. I will definitely buy from them again!

(5 out of 5) Perfect
by from Sterling Heights, Michigan on

Such an amazing gun. Took it to the range and it was very accurate and just overall an amazing gun. Price was great. Well worth it!

(5 out of 5) Great Product and Price!
by from Jacksonville, Florida on

Shot 300 rounds through this rifle today of cheap Russian 223 without issue. Really has everything you can ask for and a super price from Sportsmans. Strongly recommend, great U.S. made rifle and super customer service throughout order.

What more can you ask for

(5 out of 5) Just doesn't get any better
by from Conway, South Carolina on

Amazing weapon. More amazing price and the customer service is second to none. I will not do business with anyone else online from here on out. Thank you so much

(5 out of 5) Best Entry Lever AR-15
by from Salt Lake City, Utah on

After lots of research I was about to buy a S&W M&P Sport but then I found this AR made by Ruger. The barrel is cold forged which was a big plus for me. Also the barrel has a 1 in 8 twist that gives you better accuracy at longer distances. Ruger didn't go cheap and remove the dust cover or forward assist. I've put 100 rounds down range so far and the iron sights are spot on. You couldn't ask for a better rifle at this price. Get one while they are still in stock. This was my first time buying from and it will not be the last. They have great customer service and were very prompt in answering my questions. A+++++

(5 out of 5) Pleased.
by from Austin, Texas on

Solid little 6.5 lb pound sporting rifle. Fun to shoot. No malfunctions out of the box. It's just so darn handy and portable.

(5 out of 5) Ruger AR556
by from Kansas City, Kansas on

I have never bought a weapon site unseen and I have certainly never ordered one off of the internet. I must say that I was a bit anxious. I had read someones negative review about Sportsmans Outdoor Superstore about when their gun was delivered it turned out to be used. Now I kind of doubt that it was true though becuase I received my rifle new in the box today and I am excited. I would definetly recommend SOS for your purchase. There is a very good chance that I will use them again as they gave me a great deal on price and the little interaction that I had with their customer service was exceptional.

(5 out of 5) awesome
by from Enid, OK on

Great price on an American-made not just assembled in America rifle. Shipped quickly and arrived on time via two-day FedEx ground. I can't speak to the performance of the gun since I haven't shot it yet, but it's VERY tightly machined and arrived quite oily. Not a complaint, as this prevents corrosion in storage, but some cleaning is in order before the first range trip. I'd rather get a rifle that starts with tight tolerances and loosens with use than one that starts loose. Happy to support Ruger, Sportsmans Outdoor Superstore, and most importantly, our Second Amendment.