Glock 22 Gen3 40 S&W Police Trade-ins (Fair Condition)

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$349.99 $419.99

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    Glock 22 Gen4 40SW Police Trade-in Pistols with Night Sights (Good Condition)


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    Glock 22 Gen4 40SW Police Trade-in Pistols with Night Sights (Fair Condition)


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    Smith & Wesson MP40 40SW Police Trade-In Pistols (Fair Condition)


    Glock 23 GEN3 .40SW Police Trade-In Pistol

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  • GLOCK G22 40 SW 15 RD MAG

    Glock Model 22 40SW 15-Round Factory Magazine
    $29.99 $21.95

  • GLOCK G22 22RD MAG

    Glock Model 22 40SW 22-Round Factory Magazine

Product Description

Firearm Features

  • Model 22 (Gen3)
  • Caliber: .40
  • Capacity: 15 Rounds
  • Magazines: Comes with 1
  • Barrel Length: 4.49 in.

These photos represent the overall condition of these Glock 22 Gen3 police trades, which are in fair condition. Each pistol comes with one 15-round magazine.

Price is for one Glock 22 Gen3 pistol. As with many used and police trade-in firearms, these may contain light scratches and/or holster wear. This is not always the case, but should not be unexpected.


Customer Comments & Questions

Customer Reviews

(5 out of 5) Is what expected
by from Six Lakes, MI on

Pistol came in Fed Ex box with one 15 round mag. Was hoping I would get lucky like some who received 2 mags and Glock case. Overall happy with the purchase, pistol is in fair to good, as expected. Not beat up but was definitely used. Glocks are durable, so for the money can not complain, would purchase again.

(5 out of 5) So happy I pulled the trigger on this
by from Ann Arbor, MI on

This is such a great pistol. For it being considered fair condition I was shocked! One tiny little scuff on the slide. The trigger is amazing and its already broken in. I received the NY1 trigger and it is very smooth, brakes better than my other Glocks. It was a bit dirty when I received it but it cleaned up very nicely. I took it to the range immediately and shot 150 rounds without a single issue. I absolutely love this gun.

I will definitely purchase another one from Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore again. The shipping was outstanding. Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore shipped my product the same day and I had it at my FFL in three days! Great customer service!

(5 out of 5) Elation
by from Spring Lake, NC on

Im elated at my purchase, and extremely satisfied. These look to be in good to very good condition as opposed to the listed fair. It also included factory box and factory accessories. Simply impressed by their quality, dependability, and price. Will buy again, and highly recommend.

(5 out of 5) Glock 22Gen 3
by from Spring Lake, NC on

I ordered and received my Glock quickly. Upon inspection, it was a pleasant surprise. This wasn't fair condition. It was more at very good. Came with box, and tools. It even had the test round! I am extremely satisfied, said will buy again. I highly recommend them. Thanks to SOSS.

(5 out of 5) Better than fair condition!
by from Palmer, Texas on

This 22 looks like new! Came in Glock box with 2 mags, loader, manual, and loader. Also had the test brass in box. This is the second police trade-in I've purchased, both were like new! The 22 even has night sights. Will be buying more.

(4 out of 5) Awesome Product!
by from Gainesville, Virginia on

The Glock 22 Gen 3 Police trade-in was sold as fair condition but it is actually much better than that. There's very little holster wear, there's no grip wear/tear, and very little internal wear. I was very surprised. The extra mag was a bonus. The ad stated it would come with one magazine. The trigger is a very nice 5.5lb trigger, as well. Also, the TN sights still have life in them. There's very little not to like about this gun. It is quite the bargain for $319. Would I buy a LEO trade-in from this store again.  Oh yeah!

(5 out of 5) Better than described
by from Augusta, Ga on

This gun was in amazing condition and shipped with a Glock box, and two magazines instead of one. I can't say enough about what a great site this is and how great the prices are. Don't be afraid to get a police trade in from these guys, they know how to deliver.

(5 out of 5) Awesome
by from DICKINSON, TX on

They lied. There is no way this is fair condition. The pistol looked like it had very little wear. The slide has almost no holster marks. What ever police department that used this gun must not have needed to holster it very often. I am ecstatic over the condition of this firearm. PS- it had night sights that are bright too!

(5 out of 5) Glock 22 gen 3 fair condition
by from Horizon, Texas on

I just picked mine up. If this is fair then the other rated guns must be brand new in box. Condition is fantastic no holster wear, functions perfect looks unused. Night sights dead no big deal. No box but two mags. Couldn't be happier. Fast shipping. They have a new customer who is telling all his shooting buddies.

(5 out of 5) Very impressed!
by from South east, Kansas on

Wow! Very fast order processing and shipping! For being a police trade-in that is labeled fair condition it looks really good. I expected a lot of holster wear and scratches but that isn't the case with this one. It looks well taken care of. I couldn't be any happier! Great price, I couldn't pass this up. Thanks.

(5 out of 5) Sweet deal
by from Leoma, Tennessee on

S.O.S. is a SUPER place to shop for firearms, ammo and other accessories . 5 Stars all the way.

(5 out of 5) Even the LAST fair G22 in stock was nice!!
by from Pcola, Florida on

Ally and SOSS have done it again! I was afraid that I had waited too long to order one of their fair condition Glock 22 police trade-ins. There was only one left by the time I ordered, so I was expecting the worst.

SURPRISE! It needed lube, and night-sights were weak as advertised up-front, but otherwise was in near new condition! VERY happy with my purchase! Thanks again for your wonderful customer service, Ally! It keeps me checking Y'ALLs website FIRST when I'm looking for something.
Dennis in Pensacola

(5 out of 5) Used but new to me
by from Spirit Lake, Iowa on

So I jumped on the opportunity to buy this particular Glock. It said it was in fair condition, but the only thing that looked used on it were the night sights and 2 mags. The frame/slide were almost in mint condition. And the internals were not only clean, but polished and looked sharp. The night sights were however completely worn out. So I think this gun sat on a shelf for 10-12 years. Tritium has a half life of 10 years anyways, so that is not a reason to knock a star off for them dimming. For $45 I was able to easily swap the sights for fiber optic. Only thing there was that the front sight was crimped in and not just hex screwed in, which took some time to get out.

Be aware that these were cop guns and some armories have strange gunsmithing practices. I bought this gun to run a conversion barrel from LoneWolf. The fit and function of both was flawless. I haven't had any failures of any kind both 9mm and 40cal. I've shot standard federal, TulAmmo, Freedom Munitions match, and even some Underwood +P+ 9mm thru it. Granted the 9mm rounds shot thru the 9mm conversion barrel. This gun works and works well. This was an outstanding purchase. Shipping was so-so. Got the gun in like a week. But I knew they were backlogged with new - used guns that came in, so again not knocking a star off. Do yourself a favor and sign up to be emailed when these get back in stock. You won't regret it.

(5 out of 5) Fair condition
by from Las Vegas, NV on

Product was listed as fair condition. It was in much better shape than that. All the weapon needed was some TLC, elbow grease and love. I've since run around 400 rounds through it. It's chewed every thing up I've run through it. Perhaps it could have been listed as steal of the century.

(5 out of 5) Great Deal!
by from Wakeman, OH on

I picked up my Fair Condition G22 Gen3 Police Trade at a great price! No rust, it was a little dirty but a complete dismantle and soak in the sonic cleaner and it's in great condition. Some holster rash but I plan on getting the slide cerakoted anyhow. It has aftermarket iron night sights but are a little dull. The listing said I would get one 15rd magazine but two were shipped! Bonus or mistake. The shipping took a little longer than expected but it was okay. Thanks!

(5 out of 5) Glock 22 Used Police Trade-in
by from Ft Lauderdale, Florida on

This is my 3rd gun purchase this year from Sportsmans Outdoor but my first used gun purchase. Weapon in better condition than advertised and even came with an extra mag. Shipping could move a little faster, still had it in one week, all-in-all a very, very satisfied customer. I'll be back for more.

(5 out of 5) Glock 22 fair condition
by from Sulphur Springs, TX on

It took a little bit to get my Glock 22 in one week plus, but I understand they are backlogged right now. Sportsman's more than made up for it with an extra magazine!

(5 out of 5) used Glocks
by from Leoma, TN on

I was well pleased with my item from this store. Shipping was a little slow but I understand these guys ship a LOT. No problem though.........

(5 out of 5) Amazing
by from Christiana, TN on

Said fair looks more like good to very good. In truth it looks better then the pictures they give for very good. Recommending to everyone. They even sent me 2 mags when it was suppose to come with 1. Came in 4 days.

(5 out of 5) Excellent
by from Bryson City, NC on

Received my police trade in Glock in 2 days. In very good condition even tho the description said fair. Can't beat the service and product, will definitely order more.

(4 out of 5) Great Gun
by from Houston, Texas on

After the long delay in order processing the team at Sportsman's Outdoor delivered. The gun was in great condition and looked like it was only used for qualifying purposes. The mags were also in fantastic condition. The customer service agents were quick to respond and did right by me to make me a return customer. It was worth the wait!