RCBS Partner Deluxe Reloading Kit

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Product Description

Reload like a pro!

This Kit Includes

  • Partner Press
    • Great for Just starting out reloading. Easy to use and incredibly durable, offering big performance in a small package.
  • Uniflow Powder Measure
    • Capable of accurately measuring all three types of powder and consistently throwing accurate chargees reload after reload.
  • Speer #15 Reloading Manual
    • Published in 2018, this manual has over 900 pages of reloading information and data.
  • Pocket Scale
    • 1,500 grain capacity pocket scale for measuring powder charges.
  • Case Slick Lube
    • Case Lube to ensure that brass does not get stuck in sizing dies
  • Loading Tray
    • Perfect accessory to keep brass separated through the handloading process
  • Primer Tray
    • Get Primers facing the same direction and keep them in one location before handloading
  • Powder Funnel
    • Used to take weighed charges from the scale and put into the case before seating a bullet.
  • Shell Holders
    • Five Shell Holders included for the most popular calibers.
  • Primer Pocket Cleaner & Handle
    • Large and Small primer pocket brushed for cleaning out primer pockets before seating primers.
  • VLD Deburring Tool
    • Put a slight chamfer and debur on the case mouth to help bullets seat easier.
  • Fold-Up Hex Tool Set
    • Set of essential sizes of hex tools for adjusting RCBS reloading equipment.

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