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Winchester 350 Legend 150 gr Extreme Point Deer Season XP 20/Box

  • Item Number: X350DS BX
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  • Condition: NEW
Temporarily Out of Stock
  • ($1.35 / round)
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Product Description

The all-new 350 Legend is a high-performing straight-walled cartridge that is ideal for hunters and sport shooters. Offering high velocity and low recoil, the 350 Legend is easy to shoot. Generations of legendary excellence, consistent performance and outstanding value continues with Winchester.

Product Features

  • Ballistic Profile - Streamlined profile for flat trajectory and energy retention
  • Large Diameter Polymer Tip - Accelerates expansion resulting in rapid impact trauma
  • Precision Jacket & Core - Yields optimum accuracy, penetration and energy transfer

Ammo Specifications

  • Caliber: 350 Legend
  • Bullet Weight: 150 gr
  • Bullet Type: Extreme Point
  • Muzzle Velocity: 2325 FPS
  • Muzzle Energy: 1800 ft-lbs
  • Quantity: 20 Rounds per box

Customer Comments & Questions

Customer Reviews

(5 out of 5) Great ammo!
by from Columbia, MS on

Sighted gun in with Winchester 145gr FMJs and the 150gr XP shot almost identical with under 1 inch groups @ 100yds. Also dropped a nice buck @ 150 yds with this round. Passed right through and deer dropped on impact. Ive even tried this round @ 200 yds at the range and would not hesitate if needed. Sighted in 2in high @ 100yds i was consistently 5.25-5.75in low @ 200 but my left or right was close. Aim high on the back and 200yds is a done deal. This is a great round i wouldnt look any further.

(5 out of 5) Excellent
by from Whitesburg, TN on

Excellent accuracy and penetration. The exit wound on whitetails was superior to my .308 150 gr. 30 caliber bullet. Groups are consistently tight 1/2 to 1” at 100yds. Very pleased with the ammo.

(5 out of 5) Good stuff!
by from Shreveport, LA on

I haven't tried any other brands to this point. But I am happy with this ammo, and the price point. Will try the higher grain in the future for hog, but I have a feeling this will do the trick.