Hornady 22 WMR 30 gr V-Max Rimfire Varmint Express 50/Box

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Product Description

Experience the Hornady 22 WMR Ammunition - A Benchmark in Rimfire Performance!

Following the introduction and overwhelming success of the 17HMR and 17 Mach 2, customers across the world sought high-quality ammunition for their 22 WMR rifles.

The Hornady 22 WMR ammunition represents the pinnacle of rimfire performance. Its 30 gr VMAX bullet achieves a muzzle velocity of 2,200 feet per second, offering unprecedented accuracy for this cartridge and outstanding terminal performance up to 125 yards. Hornady's 22 WMR ammunition significantly enhances the accuracy of nearly any 22 WMR rifle. This addition to Hornady's rimfire line exemplifies the level of quality expected from Hornady, making it a valuable addition to their product range.

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Customer Reviews

(5 out of 5) Quick
by from Akron, OH on

Quality products and prices.

(4 out of 5) Hornady Vmax
by from Rivesville, WV on

Hornady vmax ammo is high quality and shoot well outa my Ruger American 22mag. Very satisfied.

(5 out of 5) The most accurate 22 mag ammo
by from Dunlap, TN on

I have shot all kinds of 22 mag ammo out of several rifles. This is the most accurate ammo I have shot out of all my 22 mag rifles.

(5 out of 5) 4 Magazines = 120 shots= 0 misfites
by from Palm Coast, FL on

I ran 4 magazines of 30 shots each out of my Kel Tec PMR30 as fast as I can pull the trigger and reload. Not one misfire. I think I’m gonna stick to Hornady 22 magnum ammo from here on out. Thank you SOS for the fast delivery of my Kel Tec and Ammo.

(5 out of 5) I love Hornady!
by from Carson City, NV on

Ive been shooting this for the past 10 years and never had an issue. That other reviewer must have a bad gun!

(2 out of 5) Misfires
by from Ooltewah, TN on

The first and last 2 boxes of ammo had 12 misfires. Certainly would not have expected that from a Hornady product. I will try a different brand.