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Tisas 1911 A1 Service 45 ACP Pistol with 5 Inch Barrel and Dark Gray Cerakote Finish

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$329.99 $429.99

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Product Description

What's in the Box

  • Tisas 1911 A1 Service 45 ACP Pistol
  • (2) 8 Round Magazines
  • Owner's Manual

Upgraded version of the WWII Classic. Features a 5 inch barrel, brown checkered plastic grips, a dark gray cerakote finish, and comes with two 8-round magazines.

Firearm Features

  • Hammer Forged Slide, Barrel, and Frame
  • Cerakote Finish
  • Flay Mainspring Housing
  • Series 70 Internals
  • Flared and Lowered Ejection Port

Firearm Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Tisas
  • Model: 1911 A1 Service
  • Caliber: 45 ACP
  • Barrel Length: 5"
  • Finish: Dark Gray Cerakote
  • Grips: Brown Checkered Plastic
  • Sights: Low Profile Gi Style A1 Combat Sights
  • Magazine Capacity: 8+1

Customer Comments & Questions

Customer Reviews

(5 out of 5) Sassy little thing that ceases to amaze.
by from Nashville, TN on

This little baby is a BEAST! It houses a wide range of many different attachments and parts. The gun is almost completely customizable when it comes to appearance and operation. It's fresh and sleek right out of the box.

The factory clips are pretty cheap; I dropped the entire gun on a concrete floor, and the clip popped into pieces. IT WAS FIXABLE. I fixed the magazine, and it still fired like a champ that's never been abused. I'm a huge fan of rapid fire, and this thing has yet to jam or misfire during live action. It has jammed on me ONCE out of a year of owning it, and that's because I was trying to break the slide in by chambering it a few times a day. It jammed due to the fact I hadn't oiled it in a few months.

I've shot well over 150 rounds the first day getting it, and after taking it apart for cleaning, it was a huge surprise to see how clean the gun was for 150 rounds. My Vska Ak47 collects more powder than this little beauty. She's yet to let me down, and the one time I've had to pull it out for self-defense, one time, and the sound of the chamber had four people running like track stars.

I have the factory clips but cease to use them. I run 10 round steel clips from Chip McCormick Power 10. 1911's are really feisty when it comes to extended clips, but this one seems to love it! If you want a cheap, reliable pistol, YOU'VE FOUND IT. I'm a huge Glock fan because, again, I love rapid fire, but this one takes the cake for me. I'll gladly keep this thing closer to me than my Glocks or Ak47. You want to know why the world feared this gun during a time of war? Buy one and feel the power of a true war weapon legend! They feel amazing being shot one-handed like the United States taught back then.

(5 out of 5) Tisas 1911 45 Acp
by from Bradenton, FL on

Just got my Tisas 1911 45 ACP a few days ago and took it to the range, I have to say I really enjoyed shooting this gun and would definitely buy more from this company. I made sure I read as many reviews as possible and it paid off. Great service from Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore as usual.

(4 out of 5) Great gun, great price
by from KIngman, AZ on

I already owned several Tisas products, all of which are very nice. When this .45 was offered at the price of $329, I could not resist buying it. When it arrived, I was not disappointed. The fit and finish for a gun at this price is awesome. I'm pretty sure it has a titanium firing pin. The trigger pull is nice and crisp just as a .45 should be. I really can not criticize any thing about this gun. For the price, it's a homerun.

(4 out of 5) I love It
by from Atlanta, GA on

I love it. It’s beautiful and affordable. I haven’t even really performed with it as I should but I am.

(5 out of 5) Wow
by from Apalachicola, FL on

Let me tell you, my brothers and sisters, I have purchased two Tisas 45 cal 1911's. One is the duty model and the other is the 1911 A1 Service. Both are well made and shoot well. I have used 230 grain FMJ and 185 grain Winchester Silver Tip HP with good results. Don't let the price fool ya. I will by one more just to have. This is a pistol you can pass on to your family.

(5 out of 5) Finally - I can own a 1911
by from Hattiesburg, MS on

This is my first 1911. I’ve wanted one since I held my first toy years ago. Never would have paid $1000 or more to get one, but with the cost vs performance value that the Tisas gun gives I’m glad I pulled the trigger. I’ve put 150 rounds of FMJ through it. One FTF but it was because i couldn’t count and over-stuffed the mag. Not the fault of the gun. Very little ‘click-clack’ on mine when you hand shake it. It is really well built and tight. Everyone who sees it starts looking for one for themselves. Wholeheartedly recommend this sidearm. Transfer from Sportsman’s was seamless and fast shipping.

(5 out of 5) A Great 1911
by from Grain Valley, MO on

Bought this a couple of weeks ago. It came with a nice carry case. Opened the box and found a really nice looking 1911. I took the slide off and found a well built handgun. Took it to the range this morning and shot great with zero jams. I believe this is one of those times that the working man can afford a great 1911 without breaking the bank. There is nothing cheap about this handgun but the price.

(5 out of 5) Get one….
by from Stuart, FL on

Saw some reviews and videos on YouTube, all positive. Came up for sale a few weeks ago on Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore I and took the plunge. Fit and finish are excellent and it runs flawlessly. Once in a while, the stars line up for you…this is one of those times.

(1 out of 5) Poor Customer Support by Distributor
by from Evans City, PA on

This is more of a review of SDS Imports, the US distributor, than of the pistol itself. My rating applies the distributor.

After purchasing and test firing the the Tisas 1911A1, I returned it to SDS Imports for warranty work because it was misfeeding 30-40% of the time, that is, 30-40 rounds out of 100. This remained consistent during and after breaking in the pistol by firing 300 rounds through it, which SDS recommended when I first contacted them about the problem. An SDS gunsmith polished the feed ramp and honed the chamber, which the SDS customer service rep indicated was the “standard upgrade.” When I test fired the pistol, I found that, though there was improvement, the pistol still misfed one round per magazine, on average. I contacted the SDS customer service rep, who requested I send him a video of me firing the pistol. I did, which demonstrated it was still misfeeding. SDS Imports agreed to again examine the pistol and requested I also return the magazine. They kept the pistol for three weeks. When I asked about the delay, they indicated weather had prevented the gunsmiths from going to the range. Still, I thought a three-week delay was excessive and assumed it was because their gunsmiths were working through whatever the problem was. When I asked - twice - what they were doing to the pistol, they told me it was against company policy to disclose that information. That statement plus the delay caused me to conclude SDS gunsmiths were actually repairing the pistol. When SDS finally returned the pistol, I found that nothing had changed: it was still misfiring as before. Again, I sent them videos of the weapon misfeeding. The customer service rep responded by saying he and the gunsmiths had viewed the video and concluded the problem was my grip. I was incredulous at this conclusion given that I have 26 years of law enforcement experience during which time I’ve had some of the best firearms training available. After several emails, SDS finally agreed to take the pistol back again if I included two boxes of ammunition because, as they said, “…we cannot use all of our company ammo on one single firearm that we deem as functional.” They continued by stating they had detected the grip issue in my first video, but decided to accept the pistol back to give me the benefit of the doubt. They further indicated that there were no repair notes after the second return because nothing had been done to the pistol. But, they failed to tell me they thought I had a bad grip when they viewed the first video. What did they expect me to think after they took the pistol back the second time after you had viewed my video. Exactly what I did think: that the video proved the weapon was malfunctioning. SDS only made the situation worse. Adding insult to injury, the customer service rep also sent a YouTube video demonstrating a proper grip for firing a 1911. To be fair and to give SDS the benefit of the doubt, I did view the video.

(5 out of 5) Tisas
by from Cincinnati, OH on

You can't beat it for the money, if you want a 1911A1 clone this is the one to get. The only difference between this and the Remington-Rand I carried as an M.P. is this has better sights, flat mainspring housing, and better fit so its way more accurate. Before I took it to the range, I oiled it up and worked the action at least 200 times, shooting 230 FMJ, and had no FTF or FTE. You cant go wrong with Tisas, Girsan, or SDS.

(5 out of 5) Tisas 1911
by from Surfside Beach, SC on

Wanted a 1911 for a long time, just didn't need one. Looked at many reviews of this gun online, and at this price, I couldn't pass it up! I've only run 50 rounds so far, but it worked flawlessly. I'm very happy with the quality, appearance, and function.

Also great service from Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore. Second purchase and can't find better pricing anywhere.