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  • Founded: 1949
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    (928) 541-8892

    Revolvers, Rifles and Shotguns:
    (603) 865-2442
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    Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc.
    Lacey Place
    Southport, CT 06890
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Customer Product ReviewLCP Review
5 Star Rating
Nifty little gun..
from Newark, NJ
I purchased this for my sister who is new to firearms. She needed something with a little punch that did not make her feel overwhelmed. She loves it, I am now trying to get her to move up in size..
Customer Product ReviewSECURITY-380 Review
5 Star Rating
Awesome pistol
from Kempner, TX
Thanks for having it in stock. Great price and free shipping! The pistol is awesome, great for concealed carry. With it being a 380, there is hardly any recoil. The wife loves that the slide is easy to work! Overall we are very satisfied with it. Thanks again!
Customer Product ReviewLCR Review
5 Star Rating
Great well made piece
from Sandown, NH
Bought it for my wife. She hates racking the slides on semi auto. It's a freaking hand cannon with .357 in it. But I use .38 special +P and she out shoots me with my P365! She is formidable! And being small (the gun) she will carry it. You can feel the quality in your hand like most well made things.
Customer Product ReviewSUPER REDHAWK ALASKAN Review
5 Star Rating
Another wonderful transaction
Robert from Hudson, OH
February 15, 2023
Thank you Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore for yet another perfect transaction. The customer support is amazing, and the shipping is very fast. Yes, this revolver is amazing in every way as well!
Customer Product ReviewPRECISION RIFLE Review
5 Star Rating
Ruger precision
Larry from Vienna, OH
February 11, 2023
Great prices and shipping immediately
Customer Product ReviewSECURITY-380 Review
5 Star Rating
Jeff from SE, MI
January 9, 2023
As a senior with arthritis in my hands, it's become painful to shoot 9mm. I've been waiting for an easy-to-rack, easy-to-shoot .380 with a higher capacity. I ordered this Ruger from SOSS and so far I love it! It's very easy to rack, has low recoil, and holds 15 rounds, and the fiber optic front sight against the black rear sight is very easy to get on target. Although I haven't had a chance to put as many rounds through it as I'd like, so far I've had zero problems. For the price, it can't be beaten!
Customer Product Review10/22 Review
5 Star Rating
Love it
Steve from Archbold, OH
December 20, 2022
Great looking stock. Great craftsmanship, hope to pass this one down through the generations. Ruger knocked this one out of the park.
Customer Product ReviewSR45 Review
4 Star Rating
Very Nice Gun
Dalton W. from Franklin, TN
December 14, 2022
Ordered a very cool Ruger SR45, great condition, and still fresh from the evidence locker showing it had been seized by PD. No complaints on the firearm as the condition was better than described and I appreciate having the factory case with it as well. The only complaint I have is that my order sat for a while as I had an FFL that was not on file, so I got a copy of the license sent over when my order was placed on the 30th. It then did this cool thing called sat there for about a week until I got on the horn and checked with customer service to get the FFL added in. From there it was an  additional several days later! Cool gun, would message customer service sooner next time. Thanks team.
Customer Product ReviewLCP Review
5 Star Rating
Ms. Angela from Pelion, SC
December 3, 2022
This is a powerful little Ruger. I wanted to purchase another one for my adult daughter, but this item is no longer available!