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Customer Product ReviewAmerican Rifle Review
4 Star Rating
223 roger american
from Ebro, MN
I'm very impressed with how it shoots. I was comparing different shells to see how they would shoot and I shot a 2.2 3 shot group at 300 yds. I had a 3x9 VX 11 Leupold but if I had a better quality scope I think it could get down to 1.5 groups. Worth the money.
Customer Product Review10/22 Review
5 Star Rating
10/22 Ruger
from Sherwood , AR
With Altamount Classic V stock. I sold mine and have regretted it since then. Please, Ruger, bring it back. Very classy rifle. Would not change a thing.
Customer Product ReviewGP100 Review
5 Star Rating
Gives S&W some serious competition
from Elkins Park, PA
While looking for a good .357 Magnum revolver, my 2 choices came down to either a S&W Model-686 or the Ruger GP100. I personally went with the Ruger after a good buddy of mine told me that he used a Super Redhawk .44 Mag on some of his hog hunts awhile back. So that alone sealed the deal. The GP100 looks like it's very well-built anyway so kudos to S.O.S.S. for carrying an excellent revolver!!!!
Customer Product ReviewEC9S Review
5 Star Rating
Price has went up
Rose from Columbia , MO
June 12, 2022
I had purchased the exact same one, even same color, at the end of 2019. The price has went up on this appoximately $80.00, which is very unfortunate.
Customer Product Review10/22 Review
5 Star Rating
Great Rifle
Joshua from Fayetteville , NC
June 6, 2022
There is a reason they have been making this rifle for almost half a century. Great 22 rifle. It shoots straight and has great accessories and magazines. I would recommend it for anyone new or experienced.
Customer Product ReviewEC9S Review
5 Star Rating
Travis from Huntingdon, PA
June 4, 2022
Bought the pistol for my wife. Fast delivery and everything was included that was listed. Wife loves the gun.
Customer Product ReviewLCR Review
5 Star Rating
The perfect everyday carry
Jamie from Nobleboro, ME
June 3, 2022
What makes this stand out in a sea of snub nose revolvers is the long overlooked 327 Federal Magnum. It was derived from the 32 H&R Magnum,so it really should be called the 327 Federal Magnum Magnum.The fact is it's a superior cartridge when compared to a .38 Special or a 357 and it does it with a noticeable reduction in felt recoil. The icing on the cake is the extra round you get in comparison to the 99% of snubbies on the market that only hold five.
Customer Product ReviewSR1911 Review
5 Star Rating
Fastest shipping ever!
Azmi from Vancouver , WA
May 21, 2022
Placed my order on 5/19 and within 24hrs it is in Portland OR! Not even amazon is that fast!
Customer Product ReviewGP100 Review
4 Star Rating
Joseph R. from ESSEXVILLE, MI
May 11, 2022
More than happy. Ruger really knows how to make a revolver. For an older gun, it's in very good shape. She's a little dirty but after I clean & polish, she will look like new. I like these police trade-ins. Will buy again.