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Customer Product ReviewGP100 Review
5 Star Rating
I like this handgun.
from Goodwell, OK
The trigger will be stiff when you get it, just dry fire it a lot. The gun is heavy, I use suspenders when carrying or a shoulder holster. I will tell you that this handgun will shoot and shoot well. Just practice with it.
Customer Product ReviewAR-556 Review
5 Star Rating
Lovin it!
from Country , --
Sexy and reliable. I’m so in love.
Customer Product ReviewAMERICAN PISTOL Review
5 Star Rating
from Langhorne , PA
Nice 45 i recommend pistol ,accurate nice stippling crip trigger soss shipped fast ,good price.
Customer Product ReviewGP100 Review
5 Star Rating
Gp100 .357 4in barrel
Tony from Locust Grove, GA
August 26, 2021
Great gun, great price looks great, very accurate had mine about 5 years just gets better with age.
Customer Product ReviewLC9S Review
5 Star Rating
Grady from LEESBURG, GA
August 22, 2021
I originally purchased this pistol for my wife, about six years ago. Unfortunately, she has developed severe arthritis and had to switch to a revolver. Her loss was my gain. I don't like to give a review, until I've had time to thoroughly put whatever it is through its paces. I carry this little thing around with me, nearly everywhere I go. Its small enough to conceal almost anywhere. So much so`;` that I often forget its on me, because its so comfortable to wear. I prefer the 9-round mag because it fits in my hand better and I can hold the muzzle more steady for quicker follow-up shots. I've put more than a thousand rounds through it, without a single jam, misfire, failure to feed, stovepipe, failure to eject, or anything else. I'm used to the heavy trigger and have no problems squeezing it. I shot the head clean off a moccasin, about a month ago, at roughly 15ft. The only additions have been tru-glow night sights and a laser. I highly recommend this pistol.
Customer Product ReviewAR-556 Review
5 Star Rating
Ruger MPR 16 Mid Best AR15 For The Money
Phillip from DEATSVILLE, AL
August 20, 2021
Day 1 300rds without any issues. Hitting 8 plate at 300yds every time using UTG Ops3 3-12x44. Used Winchester & Frontier M193, Hornady 62gr, Wolf and Tula steel just to see what it likes. It ate everything. The 2 stage trigger is nice for long shots. It is very light. Ordered on 8/7/21 and it was delivered 8/14/21. Mid range AR with a entry price
Customer Product ReviewPRECISION Review
5 Star Rating
Can hit a crater on the moon
Buck from Omaha, NE
August 9, 2021
If you ever want to shoot a bullet into outer space, this is the best gun to defend from alien invaders in the stratosphere, at extra extra extra extra long range. Also good for taking out T. Rex and other man eating dinosaurs in Jurassic Park.
Customer Product ReviewAmerican Rifle Review
5 Star Rating
Great Rifle
Rob from Lakewood, CA
August 8, 2021
This is a great rifle and scope combination. It is great out to 600 yards so far. I havent taken it to the 1000 yard range yet but will soon. The AI style magazine doesnt feed as smoothly as Id like, I wish this came with the smaller magazine. But it is very accurate with consistent performance. The customer satisfaction score is based on the fact that there wasnt a magazine in the box when the rifle arrived at my FFL, and nobody replied from SOS when I told them about it. Other than that it was a good buying experience.
Customer Product ReviewAmerican Rifle Review
4 Star Rating
Accurate rifle
David from AKRON, OH
August 1, 2021
Pluses - accurate sub-MOA, light, relatively inexpensive, adjustable and crisp trigger, AR mag compatible and very quiet with subsonics and a suppressor. Minuses - mag wiggles a bit, bolt can get sticky lube it! and is not as smooth as I would like. Definitely a nice coyote and hog gun.