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Customer Product ReviewAmerican Rifle Review
4 Star Rating
Great deal
from Vineyard Haven, MA
Tiny bit of trigger work to get the best ever. Shoots super I need another. Mounting block inside should be held better.
Customer Product Review10/22 Review
5 Star Rating
Ruger 10/22 Talo Exclusive Engraved Wolf Edition
from Reubens, ID
Ruger and Talo have teamed up and really knocked it out of the park with this engraved wolf, limited edition rifle. To my knowledge there are only 500 of these units that will ever be produced. This rifle features a beautiful engraved wolf on a Beech wood stock. Other features include the legendary Ruger tried and true action for reliability and consistency, a gold bead front sight and a traditional rear folding sight, along with a very reliable 10 round rotary style magazine. This rifle also comes with a prominent magazine release for easy no fuss magazine removal. This rifle features an 18.5 inch cold hammer-forged barrel with a 1 in 16 in, right hand twist making this rifle a total of 37 inches in length. This rifle weighs in at 4.9lbs. The receiver, barrel and stock combine to create an attractive, yet classic styling that Ruger is well known for. Ruger also built safety into this rifle with their positive cross-bolt push button style safety.
Customer Product ReviewSR22P Review
5 Star Rating
Great for training, fun to shoot
from Dexter, MI
I've used this gun with my wife and daughter for practice and training. Its easy to use, ambidextrous got a lefty or two in the family, and just fun to shoot! The double-action and safety mechanism are great`;` obvious and secure. Well balanced, grips comfortably. The only concern I've had is an occasional jam. I suspect one of the stamped-steel magazines is not quite right at the top. I tried tweaking it and think it helped. Great gun for training, plinking and shooting! Also, the Tungsten Cerakote looks great! Sportsmans was the only place I found it. I wanted something that wasn't just black but didn't want a Fisher Price look either.
Customer Product ReviewAMERICAN PISTOL Review
5 Star Rating
Superior in every way
Dave from New York, NY
May 22, 2021
Have fired every combination of rounds through this gun. Expensive to cheap mixed in each mag, no FTF, no FTE, no glitches at all. I also own the compact version, same thing. Feels good, good weight, solid, dependable every time.T
Customer Product ReviewAmerican Rifle Review
5 Star Rating
Its a shooter for a budget rifle
Cam from Owensboro, KY
May 6, 2021
For the money you can't beat it. Friend paid X3 as much for a Broowning X-bolt and this thing out shoots his. I like the 70% throw bolt so doesnt smack the scope. Bolt is heavy and makes a zipping noise and tooling marks. But I don't care it shoots 1/2 MOA. Changed the trigger spring and now have a 2pound trigger on it...
Customer Product ReviewAmerican Rifle Review
5 Star Rating
Ruger American Ranch 5.56 NATO FDE Bolt-Action Rifle with 10-Round AR-Style Magazine
Joe from Trenton, NJ
April 30, 2021
The first reviewer is spot on and hit all the highlights so I can’t add much more. Unlike the first review I did lightened-up the trigger right out of the box and put on a Burris 3 x 9 scope. First day at the range I found it to be amazingly accurate. The only negative is it uses what looks like a standard AR mag release button and I would say is about 1/3 of the mag release button is sort of concealed by the stock but there is enough of the button there for the release. It’s a great little gun and I would buy it again.
Customer Product Review10/22 Review
5 Star Rating
Havent fired weapon yet but SOS was great as usual
Howard from Brewster, NY
April 17, 2021
Will be going to range in the coming weeks, I expect nothing but great reliability from this Ruger 10/22.
Customer Product ReviewMARK IV 22/45 Review
5 Star Rating
plinking in style
ed from park city, MT
March 31, 2021
Nice looking and a straight shooter. Hasn't refused any ammo-clean and crisp trigger. Take down is sooo much easier then the mark 2 . Takes plinking to a new level.
Customer Product ReviewSECURITY 9 Review
4 Star Rating
This pistol is a great value!
Doug from Clinton, IA
March 30, 2021
This is not my first pistol, but it is my latest carry gun. The grip is very well designed. I find it easier to hold than the Glock 26, and costs about $200 less! The only reasons I do not give this 5 stars`;` the take down pin requires a screwdriver or other similar tool, and you need to be careful not to lose it, and the slide hold-open though easy to use does not allow you to close the slide. Racking the slide is how one must close it. Otherwise its a reasonably soft shooter and has proven to be extremely reliable, which for me has been about 150 or so rounds. It carries very well in my kydex holster. I prefer to use the pinky extension for the 10 round magazine. The optional 15 round magazine with spacer sleeve has proven flawless, so far. That is sold separately.