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Customer Product ReviewAR-556 Review
5 Star Rating
Fun AR pistol.
from Ellijay, GA
After receiving my AR pistol I installed an Eotac sight, really quick to pick up and accurate in fact this pistol is amazingly accurate using the Eotac and a bench rest I was able to place 5 shots in 1.5/1.25in at 100yrds not bad for a 10.5 bbl. Note to any BATF officer reading these reviews, at no time was the brace used as a shoulder stock!!!
Customer Product ReviewBLACKHAWK Review
5 Star Rating
fun gun
from Stockholm, WA
Great fun to shoot with. Tried it in total darkness - the flame was fascinating
Customer Product ReviewSR22 Review
4 Star Rating
Nice and accurate, lots of fun
I really like this handgun and it seems to be running fine on various bulk ammo. However, I had multiple FTFs on the first round out of the magazine. This happened using both magazines. I could not determine why the first round would get hung-up, but it was concerning. I started to load 9 only rounds instead of 10 and had no issues. The rounds were seated right and everything appeared to be functional. I know this sounds bonkers, but this was truly happening and was puzzling. Overall I really like the SR22 and the easy take-down is great for cleaning. I would certainly recommend this to anyone, but I got to figure out the first round FTF issue.
Customer Product ReviewWRANGLER Review
5 Star Rating
her revolver
Brad from Waukegan, IL
December 21, 2020
great fit and finish....sure will shoot as good as it looks!!!
Customer Product ReviewWRANGLER Review
5 Star Rating
his revolver
Brad from Waukegan, IL
December 21, 2020
very nice gun for the money!!! great value!! and as always completely satisfied with Sportsman!!
Customer Product ReviewPRECISION RIFLE Review
5 Star Rating
William from Bensalem , PA
December 20, 2020
Be patient folks! Ordered an RPR on 11/26 and took it home on 12-17
Customer Product ReviewNEW VAQUERO Review
5 Star Rating
Ruger Vaquero
December 15, 2020
This is such a nice balanced revolver, looks great and alot of fun to shoot. The Ruger people really put craftmanship into these firearms `;` built to last and pass on to your family members
Customer Product ReviewLC9S Review
5 Star Rating
Ruger LC9s Purchase
John from South Portland, ME
December 12, 2020
Ive been shopping around in my home state/area southern Maine for the past month or more for a good and affordable 9 mm semi pistol. I found Sportsman during a google search and ordered the Ruger LC9s and some 9 mm ammo. I had the gun sent to my local Cabelas for pickup. It was here approx 2 weeks after my order and I was able to do the gun check and pickup within 30 min at Cabelas. I was soooo pleased for such quick response, especially considering how difficult its been to purchase any sort of firearm. Ive taken the gun out to the local shooting range a couple of times and have been very pleased by the guns performance. I am so impressed by Sportsmans Outdoors!!! Ill be shopping there again!!! John C
Customer Product ReviewAmerican Rifle Review
4 Star Rating
James from Hammond, LA
December 10, 2020
I bought one of the first rifles that use a rotary mag and it’s been a good rifle. Recently bought the AR mag version and I’m a little disappointed. Bolt is not near as easy to throw and doesn’t always release empty case rim sticks in extractor and I have to manually pull the spent case free. Whole lot of mag wiggle as well. I’ll polish the bolt and run some rounds through it in hopes it’ll improve. Definitely not getting rid of my early model.