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Customer Product ReviewAR-556 Review
5 Star Rating
Love the Ruger MPR but needed a few adjustments
from Bossier City, LA
I absolutely love this rifle. First 200 rounds shot with zero malfunctions. Shot fiochi 55gr .223, and some federal 5.56 and it ate the ammo up. There are a few things that I found initially that I wasn't too happy with. The handguard wasn't installed evenly, it was slightly off to one side. No big deal, simply loosened set screws and moved it to center. I was worried it would walk off center, after shooting 200 rounds it maintained center. The gas tube roll pin was installed sloppily. It looked like someone was in a hurry and didn't push the pin all the way through, and mushroomed the pin so it wouldn't go in any further. This did not affect the function of the rifle, and I may replace the roll pin at some point.

The bolt and carrier were extremely tight when I first got the rifle, so tight that I had to use the fwd assist to get the bolt to seat. This was resolved with some LCP around the gas rings. The tolerance between the bolt gas rings and carrier is extremely tight. After running the bolt open and closed 100 times and lubing the bolt everything smoothed out nicely. I highly suggest you do this before taking it out to shoot for the first time, it will ensure you have a malfunction free shooting experience.

The trigger is excellent, the 2 stage trigger compliments the enhanced accuracy of the 18 inch barrel. I may actually purchase an other Ruger 2 stage trigger for another AR build I am planning.

Overall a good rifle, just needed a few adjustments which are not a big deal for a rifle which offers such a great value.
Customer Product ReviewPRECISION RIFLE Review
5 Star Rating
Ruger Sniper 22LR
from Piney Flats, Tennessee
Wow!!!! I ordered the Ruger Prisicion Rimfire couple weeks ago and I just received mine with other pistols that I ordered together. I think I got all my firearms with cheapest from any other online stores. Customer service is amazing. Shipping is super fast! I can't be happier. I wish I knew this store before I bought all my previous firearms.Thank you!!!!!
Customer Product ReviewAR-556 Review
5 Star Rating
Awesome value!
from Traverse City, Michigan
This rifle is everything I was hoping it would be. Built well, great fit and finish, shoots straight.
Customer Product ReviewLCP II Review
5 Star Rating
Great pocket carry option
Andrew from Laramie, WY
March 16, 2018
Overall, this gun is fantastic. It is very easy to conceal in a front pocket. The trigger on the gun is excellent as is the grip texture. Over 200 rounds down range so far with no malfunctions and good accuracy. Impressive groups for a gun so small. For under $300 you cannot go wrong with this gun. Compared to my other carry guns this one is so easy to carry it feels like cheating.
Customer Product ReviewAR-556 Review
5 Star Rating
Ruger AR-556, Model 8507, Magpul FDE
victor from Manitowoc, WI
March 16, 2018
Very happy. I'd recommend this gun and Id recommend SOSS to anyone. This product is exceptional and the buying process was smooth. Free shipping and a great price, too!
Customer Product ReviewPRECISION RIFLE Review
5 Star Rating
Very Accurate Rifle
Xin from Livonia, MI
March 14, 2018
I do have the Ruger Precision Rimfire 22LR Bolt-Action Rifle, and shooting Eley 38 gr ammunition. on 50 yard 10 shot at 1 hole. I am so happy with the Rimfire.
Customer Product ReviewAR-556 Review
5 Star Rating
amazing looking rifle!!!
Apox from Indianapolis, Indiana
March 13, 2018
I just received my RUGER AR 15 and it is exactly what I expected . Just a small delay with the gun control debate. I called and I was treated nice by a female rep she assured me it was good to go. There was zero damage from pickup. Everything went great even with small delay. I will definitely buy again thanks sportsman for great service!!!
Customer Product ReviewPC CARBINE Review
5 Star Rating
Tom from Cleveland, OH
March 12, 2018
I got mine a few days ago. Took it to the range after swapping out the adapters. It will only use Glock mags. Flawless performance, accurate, and fun. I put a TRS-25 red dot on it. My new favorite gun.
Customer Product ReviewSR22 Review
5 Star Rating
Excellent 22 cal handgun
Sandra from Portland, OR
March 11, 2018
I was recommended to get a 22 cal handgun and I found this contractor yellow Ruger SR22. I like how it feels and handles. It matches our Jeep and it’s perfect.