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Customer Product ReviewAR-556 Review
4 Star Rating
Good gun, after some work.
from Dalton , GA
Whoever built this gun at Ruger completely stripped out all the threads on the buffer tube, so the stock would spin in a 360° circle when mounted. So, had to replace the buffer tube, and everything’s good now. Also, the barrel hand guard was misaligned badly. Had to straighten that up also. Not a big deal to do either one, but for a 700$ gun everything should be correct out of the box.
Customer Product ReviewSR9 Review
5 Star Rating
from Oscoda, MI
This was the first time I bought from Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore but it will not be the last. Excellent price, good communication and super fast shipping. As far as the pistol's a Ruger and it lives up to its name. I would recommend the pistol & Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore to everyone and anyone. I will surely buy from them again!!
Customer Product ReviewAmerican Rifle Review
5 Star Rating
Out of the box shooter
from Roaring River, NC
Got the rifle. Mounted 2-7x32 tactical scope. Sighted in at 50 yds. Punching holes in 10 shots. Adjusted the trigger down to 3 lbs. Very crisp trigger.
Customer Product ReviewEC9S Review
5 Star Rating
Brand spanking new everything, legit fast ship service
Devante from Homestead, FL
January 19, 2020
Great firearm, happy customer and was my first buying experience from this site.
Customer Product ReviewAmerican Rifle Review
5 Star Rating
Love this rifle so far
Eddie from Pine , AZ
January 19, 2020
Love it! I put a Vortex Crossfire scope on it and so far I love it! Haven’t had a problem! Thanks SOSS for the great experience!
Customer Product ReviewAR-556 Review
5 Star Rating
Pictures don't do this justice!
Nika from Dayton, NV
January 18, 2020
The pictures on the site are nice but this thing is beautiful in person. Lightweight and shoots great. Love it!
Customer Product ReviewAR-556 Review
5 Star Rating
Ruger MPR
Ken from Bethany, OK
January 13, 2020
I bought this rifle last year and have been very happy with it. With rifle length gas system, it has very soft recoil, a nice trigger which you usually don't get on an AR and has been surprisingly accurate. I hand load my ammo and I had no problem getting sub MOA. It really likes the Hornady 60 g. Vmax, loaded with CFE powder.
 I bought it for coyote hunting and it has worked out great for me. I think this rifle is the best buy for money on the market today. My son is considering buying one for himself.
Customer Product ReviewWRANGLER Review
5 Star Rating
Dio from Aurora, CO
January 13, 2020
What can I say, accurate out of the box, great cerakote finish and just plain sweet for plinking. I could get squirrels or rabbits with this one.
Customer Product ReviewAR-556 Review
5 Star Rating
No scratch
Raymond from SAINT LOUIS, MO
January 12, 2020
To the people who are having issues with the ejected shells leaving brass marks on the ejection nub here is an easy fix. Put a piece of black electrical tape on it or cut a piece of latch the soft fuzzy side from some Velcro. Both work great and will keep your 556 Beautiful!!!!!