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Customer Product ReviewAR-556 Review
5 Star Rating
Excellent AR rifle for the price and a great start for upgrades .... one con ....
from Midlothian, VA
I bought this rifle about a year ago and put it through the paces before deciding to write a review. I put about 1,000 rounds through it and have not had any issues with the gun. Rugers Elite 2 stage trigger is excellent out of the box and way, way better than standard mil-spec triggers you get at this price point. That trigger alone is worth $100 over the competition from the likes of Smith & Wesson and Springfield, etc.

 Also, the Magpul furniture and Rugers muzzle break is a definite improvement over mil-spec A2 flash hider and grip as I really dislike the finger groove. BCG had no problems at all but I upgraded it to FailZero Nickel Boron BCG and replaced the original charging handle with Strike Industries Latchless Charging Handle. Swapped out the MOE SL buttstock with Magpuls CTR buttstock because I think it looks better. Mounted QD attachment as well as pic rail on the side of the handguard for mounting a flashlight. Also added offset iron sights and Leupold 3-9x40 scope for the optics.

 All in all, I spent $600 for the rifle and about $650 in additions and upgrades to make the rifle really function optimally to my liking. The performance of the barrel was excellent enough that I did not feel the need to upgrade it. My only con with this rifle is the 18 inch barrel when it comes to overall handling. It feels a tad more cumbersome handling it than your typical 16 in. barrel AR rifle. For short range, close quarter type of shooting, I would rather go with 16 inch barrel or better yet, an AR pistol. Otherwise, the Ruger 556 is an excellent choice in this very competitive AR price segment.
Customer Product ReviewPC CARBINE Review
5 Star Rating
from Ocala, FL
I just Got My RUGER PC CARBINE from Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore and I just LOVE this GUN. And I love doing business with Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore. They treated me the OLD SCHOOL WAY!!! They were super friendly and answered all my questions no matter how stupid they were.

 The RUGER CARBINE is so well made, the fit and finish are both PERFECT!!! I almost forgot how an AMERICAN COMPANY CAN MAKE FIREARMS THIS WELL!!! You need to go see how this RUGER PC CARBINE is in person. I wish I could visit the RUGER SHOP that made this Fine Weapon. I OWN BERETTAs, SIG SAUERS AND MORE, AND I'LL PUT THIS RUGER UP-AGAINST THEM ALL. You just have to see it yourself. So between THE RUGER PC CARBINE and the SPORTSMAN'S OUTDOOR SUPERSTORE it looks like I've hit a Home-Run!!!
Customer Product ReviewAmerican Rifle Review
5 Star Rating
Hog Hunter
from Helena, AR
I have three Ruger Hawkeyes. This is my first Ruger American. I put a Zeiss 3-12x56 30 mm tube an a Timney Trigger set at 2.9 of pull. I hog hunt in northeast Texas. I’ll just say this, this Rifle is a Hog Stomper!!
Customer Product ReviewAR-556 Review
5 Star Rating
Great Value Rifle
Justin from Tampa, FL
August 13, 2019
I got this as my first AR-15 style rifle and there is not much to be disappointed about! I have nearly 2k rounds through this of Federal 55gr ball and have never had a malfunction!! My only gripe is that the hand guard gets hot Very fast and that the handguard started to back off once. After some locktite, I never experienced this problem again and could not be happier.

 For this price point, the value is definitely there. Sure there are some nicer rifles if you can spend more money, but for the price this Ruger 556 MPR is hard to beat! Throw an Aimpoint PRO on top and you are good to go!
Customer Product ReviewAR-556 Review
5 Star Rating
Awesome AR Pistol
Jay from Panhandle, WV
August 12, 2019
What a great AR pistol for a great price! Ruger really nailed it with this one. Fit and finish is excellent and quality parts. The weight and balance are spot on. I like how they included the 300 blackout on the magazine and dust cover. Thread protector is nice. Came off easy and put a AAC Compensator/Flash hider on. You won't be disappointed with this firearm!
Customer Product ReviewAR-556 Review
5 Star Rating
Really great pistol
Johnny from Soddy-Daisy, TN
August 10, 2019
Purchased this pistol sight unseen and it is really great. I liked it so much that I just purchased 2 more of them. I did do a lot of research on them before I made this purchase and I could not find any negative comments about it at all.
 Ruger has been around a long time and I expect that this pistol will be too. Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore does a wonderful job of shipping it when they say they will and the receiving FFL folks had no problems. Will purchase from them again if I ever have enough money after this 2nd purchase.
Customer Product ReviewWRANGLER Review
5 Star Rating
Great fun 22
Ethan from Niceville , FL
August 10, 2019
Everything I expected. Well constructed. I do not find the loading gate to be overly stiff as some have mentioned. Sights are spot on, and I find the thin blade front sight to be very easy to pick up. Just got it to the range, 250 rounds through it. Trigger is very nice, especially at this price point. Overall, very happy with the purchase.
Customer Product ReviewWRANGLER Review
5 Star Rating
Hard to cock vs. others, but amazing for the price!
Bill from Webster Township, MI
August 9, 2019
You can't expect the buttery-smooth feel and performance of costly Ruger cowboy guns for this price, but I'm not sure why the hammer has to be so stiff to cock. Someone with weak hands might find it irritating, but then there's always the two-thumb approach. The gun is really phenomenal for the price. Very well made, solid, and precise, nothing wobbly, built like a tank. Great trigger, with no slack once cocked and a pull weight similar to my Single Six.
 An advantage to the Cerakote finish is that you might be more willing to risk it out on the trail than you would a fancier revolver. The only cosmetic complaint I have is that the hammer and trigger look like they had a bit of a hard time in the parts bin. I waited two months for this model, and Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore delivered efficiently, as always.
Customer Product ReviewMARK I Review
5 Star Rating
I owned a Ruger Mark I pistol like this one for several years.
Gary from Sun City, AZ
August 8, 2019
The Ruger Mark I is, in my opinion, one of the most accurate, reliable .22 cal. pistols ever made. I owned one for several years until I lost it while moving to another home. I never had any kind of trouble with my Mark I and I fired thousands of rounds through it over a period of more than 20 years.
 I own one of the newer Model Mark IV, 22/45 pistols now and quite honestly I liked my old Mark I better. It just felt better to aim and shoot. I think it has something to do with the angle of the grips. One main advantage of the newer models is that they have a very handy one button take-down feature to make cleaning much easier and more accessible.