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  • Founded: 1853 as Swiss Wagon Factory
  • Customer Service:
    (603) 610-3000
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    SIG SAUER Inc.
    Customer Service Dept.
    18 Industrial Drive
    Exeter, NH 03833-4557
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Customer Product ReviewP320 X CARRY Review
1 Star Rating
Defective from the factory
from Wilmington, NC
I had failures one after another so I called Sig and they told me that due to the X-Carrys tight tolerances it would require a longer break in period. Sig considers a 50% failure rate acceptable during break in. What a B.S. response! I tried various ammo types and the failures continued. I sent the firearm back to Sig and they said that the barrel needed to be replaced. It should have never passed QC in the first place. It shoots fine now and does have a great trigger, but I do not trust it enough to carry for personal defense.
Customer Product Review220 Review
5 Star Rating
Guess you have to wait for it...
from North Kingstown, RI
Paid for express shipping- total waste of money. SOSS did their part but FedEx screwed me. Haven't heard back from their customer service after a couple of emails... Sig pistols are beautiful precision machines that function flawlessly, I'll continue to buy from them and from SOSS, but I'll plan to wait next time.
Customer Product ReviewP320 Review
5 Star Rating
Excellent product and top notch customer service.
from Hudson, MI
I had looked everywhere for a P320 X-VTac and couldn't find one. Even my local dealers couldn't get them. I decided to order here. The price was right and I had to have it. Anyway, after sending in my FFLs info, they shipped. I ordered on Sunday and it was at my FFL on Thursday. I'll definitely be ordering from Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore again.
Customer Product ReviewP226 Review
4 Star Rating
Good gun for the price.
Jon from Frisco, TX
April 10, 2019
It's an accurate gun..though heavy considering I've been using Glock 40s all time. Received with an original SIG pistol case and 12+2 mags. It's dirty in and out from the box, I gave a good cleaning because it looks like it has never been taken care off. Anyhow, it's great and fun to shoot!
Customer Product Review Review
5 Star Rating
Very good ammo
Jon from Frisco, TX
April 10, 2019
Got this ammo together with my SIG P320rx Compact. Very clean and good ammo for home protection. Will recommend to anybody to try this. Good price and excellent deal. Thanks Sportsman's!
Customer Product ReviewP226 Review
3 Star Rating
Not satisfied Sig12RD tradein mags
Jon from Frisco, TX
April 10, 2019
Bought these extra mags when I ordered my SIG P226 Police trade in. I gave a thorough cleaning to both handgun and mags before going to the range. I wasn't HAPPY when all these mags except the 12+2 would not leave the slide open when out of bullet. Normally the slide locks OPEN when you're out of ammo, especially with this type of world renowned pistol. These mags are made in Italy MeCGAR and one made in USA.
Customer Product ReviewP365 Review
5 Star Rating
It Don't Get Any Better Then This!
Charles from Portsmouth, VA
April 7, 2019
I carried a Kahr PM 9 for years because it was as small as most 380s, but I have sold it now that I have the Sig 365. The 365 is a great carry gun and a great value. I shoot it very well and I get 11 rounds instead of 7. The night sights on the 365 are great and the texture of the 365 feels good in my hands. It is the ultimate carry gun for concealment. Also love the trigger, there isn't anything I don't like about the Sig 365. I would give it extra stars if I could. And I have made many purchases from Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore and they are a great store to do business with.
Customer Product ReviewP938 Review
5 Star Rating
5 Stars All Around
Miles from Grandview, MO
April 6, 2019
This is a great pistol. It feels great in your hand, has little recoil for a small barrel and looks really good too! This has been a very accurate pistol, and I replaced the Sig Lima laser with a Viridian Reactor 5 green laser. If you want more rounds go with the P365, if 7+1 is enough. I wouldn't waste your time looking at anything else! Plus with Sigs lifetime guarantee you can't beat the price! Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore shipped it super quick too, very pleased with the service from beginning to end.
Customer Product ReviewP320 X CARRY Review
5 Star Rating
NB from Harrisburg, SD
April 1, 2019
Really like this SIG. Still breaking it in, but so far has ran everything I put through it. It feels real nice in the hands and shoots straight. Little big for concealed carry for my taste P-365 works great for that.