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Customer Product ReviewP320 XVTAC Review
5 Star Rating
My first pistol - Sig P320 VTAC
from Hackettstown, NJ
I am a novice shooter and did a lot of research before deciding to buy the Sig P320 VTAC. Prior to purchasing the pistol, I went to a range several times with my cousin who is an avid shooter for most of his adult life. He taught me the basics of shooting and gun safety and I got some experience shooting various guns in multiple calibers from .22, 9mm, .45 acp and .357. I also shot an MPP AR-15 but I don't remember what caliber. Among his pistols, I shot S&Ws 9mm, .45 & .357 and Glock 9mm.

 I performed best with his Glock but I was'nt a fan of the gun itself. I didn't like the way his S&Ws felt in my hand and I wasn't thrilled with their trigger on the 9mm. What originally led to me to try a Sig was hearing that they marginally beat out Glock for the Military contract. I figured that I tried the Glock, why not try a Sig I rented a P320 full size from the range and I shot as well as I did with the Glock but I liked the way it felt in my hand more. It just fits in my hand better.

 Now, onto the VTAC. The Day/Night Sights are great. I hope never to have to use the night sights or it means I have an intruder in the house. I am fairly accurate within 7 yards with paper targets at the range to the head and chest. Probably means nothing in the real world under duress. I have shot a total of 250 rounds with this pistol so far with no sighting issues. It is an accurate pistol even for a novice like myself. I have shot less than 2,000 rounds of ammo since I started shooting in October of 2019. No misfires, no jams, and fired fine out of the box. I love the two-tone color scheme and VTAC engravings on the frame. The grip feels great and the gun fits in my hand perfectly. The gun has a solid feel but I don't feel like I'm carrying a sledgehammer like a stainless steel S&W .357. The pistol has good balance and weight feel to it.

 I know I could have spent far less money for a gun but I didn't want to regret it just save a few hundred bucks and then waste time searching for a better gun. I got it right the first time and am really happy with this pistol.
Customer Product ReviewMPX Review
5 Star Rating
Perfect PDW with just a few upgrades.
from Sandston, VA
I bought this strictly for in-home defense. Top 3 requirements were weight, maneuverability, and reliability. Let me start by saying I am over-the-moon happy with this firearm. With nearly zero recoil and zero malfunctions, this weapon fires on command and is laser accurate.

 The only downsides, as I see them, are the near requirement to upgrade the charging handle to the Next Level Arms Ambi charging handle for the MPX and the need to swap out the grip. In this case I chose the Mission First Tactical Engage v2. Now after those two easy steps... I believe I am trusting my life and my families with one of the finest pistol caliber weapons on earth.

 As far as attachments, I highly recommend the Cloud Defensive Optimized Weapon Light OWL and the HOLOSUN HS510C. Lastly, perfect fitting hard case is the Condition 1 18 Medium Waterproof Protective Hard Case with Foam. God bless and stay vigilant.
Customer Product ReviewP226 Review
5 Star Rating
Sig Sauer P226 40SW / 357 Sig. 12-Round Police Trade-in Magazine
from Cleveland , OH
Thank you guys, very satisfied with your item.
Customer Product ReviewP320 Review
5 Star Rating
Awesome Carry Weapon
Phil from Stigler, OK
February 5, 2020
Sold my Walther 9 mm to my son, and replaced it with this Sig about 8 months ago. Added a Crimson Trace green laser, and am totally happy with the result. Infinitely dependable and accurate. I really appreciate the ability to customize with grip changes, etc.
Customer Product ReviewP238 Review
5 Star Rating
Dick from Attleboro, MA
February 4, 2020
I have owned this compact pistol for 3 years and I would buy another anytime. I have been shooting for many years and for the money it’s worth it . Better yet your worth it. I have put many different bullet types through this pistol and never had problem, it’s been flawless.
 Great to carry concealed and you can be confident in its performance.
Customer Product ReviewMCX Review
5 Star Rating
Comanche from Toledo, OH
February 1, 2020
Sig has created an Outstanding weapons platform, not one hiccup in the four years!
Customer Product ReviewP226 Review
5 Star Rating
Sig 40sw trade-in mags
Tom from Green Bay, WI
January 28, 2020
I bought the 3 for $9.99 each deal. All 3 are brand new. They are not in boxes, but there is no bluing wear that you get with normal use-none at all. There is no powder residue in the small corners of the follower that is hard to get out after you shoot it.
 I have not shot them yet but the mag lips look undamaged, no box and they look ready to go. They are stamped as Sig factory made by Meg-Gar. Awesome!
Customer Product ReviewP229 Review
5 Star Rating
Obruton from Ewa beach, HI
January 22, 2020
So I just received my P229 police trade in today. I picked up the “Good” Version and I have to say I am blown away on how good of shape it’s in. When I picked it up it appeared new. I did observe some minor holster ware on the slide. But it shoots well I am really happy with purchase. $410 for a $899 gun.
Customer Product ReviewP320 Review
5 Star Rating
Sig X quality
David from Crown Point , IN
January 16, 2020
Excellent firearm, the X series definitely step up in the 320 family. Very reliable and decent accuracy. Sig needs to increase production of grip modules and offer more color options