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  • Founded: 1853 as Swiss Wagon Factory
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    (603) 610-3000
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    SIG SAUER Inc.
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    18 Industrial Drive
    Exeter, NH 03833-4557
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Customer Product ReviewP226 Review
5 Star Rating
Much better than expected
from Big Rapids, MI
This gun was clean inside and out, little sign of wear. Functioned flawlessly with both magazines. Other than a few scratches on the grips, two pinprick dings above the grip and worn finish on the barrel, this gun looked new. A good bargain at the sale price, especially if you aren't put off by it being DAK.
Customer Product ReviewP320 Review
5 Star Rating
Great Gun! Great Price! Thank you!!
After seeing their SIG SAUER sale on Nov. 29 & 30 I couldn't resist placing an order. It's a gun I've wanted for quite awhile but just never saw a compelling deal ........... until their sale. I picked it up yesterday. Great gun. I like the fact that everything I would typically do gto a competition gun has already been done ....... trigger , sights, mags, and mag well are already perfect. Too bad more holster companies don't make them for this gun.
Customer Product Review516 Review
4 Star Rating
Very nice but dirty.
from Fort Worth, TX
Well it was used so no surprise. Strangly more carbon inside the bolt and lower receiver than in the piston areas. Looks nice and broken in. Have not fired yet but did clean the rifle. There was an extreme amount of carbon in star chamber. Sprayed some cleaning solvents and mud, yes, actually mud slowly oozes out. Very gritty. After it's all cleaned up I am still satisfied. Maybe they threw it in some mud. Who knows. Don't anticipate any problems. Great price. Great deal. Looking forward to owning this rifle.
Customer Product ReviewP220 Review
5 Star Rating
Used Sig P220
Rudi from Dallas, OR
December 12, 2018
I received this police buy back last week 12/07/18. I have cleaned it, but not yet fired it. It came with the original factory blue box, three magazines, night sights and E2 grips. The frame is stamped made in Germany. The slide has an external extractor. This pistol exceeds my expectations. When I stripped it for cleaning I found it to be in very good condition. I think it is better than a brand new one!
Customer Product ReviewP226 Review
5 Star Rating
What A Pistol!
G from Racine, WI
December 11, 2018
Amazing piece of craftsmanship. This is a very high quality gun. It feels amazing to hold and shoots extremely smooth. This is my new favorite sidearm. The extra money for the select model is worth paying a bit more for. The grips are fantastic, night sights are great, I believe this has the SRT the reset is super short, and the smaller controls and forward serrations are also nice and purposeful. The trigger is right at 5lbs and breaks very clean. Buy it!
Customer Product ReviewP229 Review
3 Star Rating
Disappointing cosmetically
Tim from Big Rapids, MI
December 6, 2018
Previously I received a P226R that was rated fair`;` it was nearly pristine in appearance and function. Maybe that experience clouds this purchase. This P229 arrived with more than fifteen shiny dings of various sizes and bright yellow painted grips. Someone recently, judging by the shiny marks, tried to back out the grip screws, maybe to put on different grips, but instead nearly stripped out the slotted head on one of the top grip screws. I havent been able to remove it yet. Mechanically it looks great and runs as it should. Inside the grip it looks like new. Very clean and well cared for on the inside, which is what counts. I am glad I got it during a reduced price sale, however, and not at the current listed price of $479.99.
Customer Product ReviewP365 Review
5 Star Rating
Daniel from San Antonio, TX
December 6, 2018
I’ve had almost every single stack pistol you can think of, the P365 is the same size as it’s single stack competitor. I had my reservations at first after reading all the internet hype about initial release stutter step. Sig has fixed them and now it’s a excellent conceal carry option. I have 570 flawless rounds threw mine
Customer Product ReviewP226 Review
5 Star Rating
SIG Sauer P226 9mm Police Trade In Magazines
Joe from Fredericksburg, VA
December 6, 2018
I made two orders, the first was for three to check them out and all were German and in very good condition and cleaned up well. All had good springs and tested out flawlessly. One did have a slightly bent floorplate, but I had a spare and replaced it, regardless it still functioned perfectly. I immediately tried to reorder more but they only had one left in stock. I bought it but it was a MecGar but it was in great shape and seems to be working fine like most MecGar magazines usually do. I will buy again, if they get more in stock.
Customer Product ReviewP938 Review
5 Star Rating
Great weapon
William from Lawrenceville, GA
November 27, 2018
This is a great conceal carry pistol and the price is the best that I have seen. I submitted my order with no issues and the weapon was shipped to the FFL within 2 days. I received this pistol and mounted the laser. I have shot 500+ rounds with no issues. The performance is great.