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  • Founded: 1853 as Swiss Wagon Factory
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Customer Product ReviewP365 Review
4 Star Rating
from Danbury, CT
Received my sig P365. Put 220 rounds through the gun and shoots low left! Looking at the slide, you can see the awesome sights are not centered on the slide! If they were centered it would bring the left grouping to center! Looking at the front sight it is #6 and I’m told they have 5 different front sights for the gun#2#3#4#5#6. #6 would make the gun shoot as low as possible before changing the rear sight!

I would like to know what other Sig P365s are coming with! Very upset of the thought of sending the gun back after waiting for along time! Once this issue is rectified this will be my favorite gun and it will be a 5 star rating! Glock must spend more time on accuracy then anyone due to the importance and a extremely top selling point!
Customer Product ReviewM17 Review
5 Star Rating
M17 Commemorative
from Galesburg, IL
Got the pistol really fast. I can't tell you how it performs or how it handles. I've not shot it, not going to. It's going into a display case right next to my military shadow. But I can tell you I got it at a bargain compared to the ones that are for sale on the internet. Thanks SOSS.
Customer Product ReviewP365 Review
5 Star Rating
My new EDC
from Spring, TX
When I first got my P365 I put about 250 rounds through it. I had the same problem a lot of people had or have. The slide would not lock back after the last cartridge was fired. It happened about 40% of the time. After reading and watching several videos on the issue, a few days later I went and shot another 250 rounds. After changing my grip a bit and keeping my thumb off the slide-lock button the problem went away. I did not have one issue with the slide, or anything else.

The P365 is now my new EDC. It shoots great, smooth and accurate. Got to love those x-ray sights also. Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore is fantastic! I've ordered a good bit of items from them. And, every single time I am satisfied. Timely delivery, great products and especially their great service and staff. Anytime I call them, they are friendly and always have the answers. Thanks!
Customer Product ReviewP229 Review
4 Star Rating
Get One now Before They Are Gone!
Juan from New Orleans, LA
August 30, 2018
I know 9mm is all the rage ATM, but at these prices and in this quality even in 40 you cant pass them up. The pistol I received was in GREAT shape! The classic grips are in good shape and the finish is in good shape. Don't get me wrong, there are a few light surface scratches on the frame and slide, and a very small amount of rust on the reverse of the mag release button, but all in all this is the shape I look for in used gems. If I had to guess this pistol is sub 2000 rounds! Maybe even sub 1000. Very little wear to the coating of the barrel 10-20% wear, same is true for the slide rails, and 0 wear on the Sig accessory rail. The SIGLITE night sights are still very hot. I am extremely happy with my experiences with SOSS I will do business with them again.
Customer Product ReviewP320 Review
5 Star Rating
P320 9mm night sights w/safety
Johnny from Wilmington, NC
August 28, 2018
All good so far...Great experience with SOSS once again..
Customer Product ReviewP229 Review
2 Star Rating
Sid from Tampa, FL
August 28, 2018
The gun arrived fast and free shipping which is great. Came in a Fed Ex box with nothing else but 1 mag. No bag or case. The gun has a moderate amount of wear on it, outside and inside. This was no holster queen. The deputy who carried it shot it frequently. The gun is a really sweet shooter though, accurate, smooth and broken in nicely. The night sights are dead.

Overall, for the price I am OK with the purchase. Seeing in other reviews that other customers received 2 magazines and guns in better shape is disappointing. This is especially so because I am a repeat customer. I have purchased other LE trade-ins in much better shape.
Customer Product ReviewP229 Review
5 Star Rating
As represented, and then some!
John from Largo, FL
August 25, 2018
Delivered free in three days. Very little wear at tip of barrel, right side of grip and at mag well. Came with Hogue grip and an extra mag. Description said one, but included two. Very pleased.
Customer Product ReviewP365 Review
5 Star Rating
Worth the wait
Victor from Raymore, MO
August 24, 2018
Gone to range several times. Enjoy every minute shooting the P365.
Customer Product ReviewP229 Review
5 Star Rating
Anthony from Fredericksburg, VA
August 23, 2018
Was an amazing transaction from start to finish. Sig p229 purchase. Couldn't be happier. Everything arrived better than expected. I will be doing all my gun purchases and accessories from here on out.