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Customer Product ReviewM&P9 M2.0 Review
5 Star Rating
American Quality on the cheap!
from Hattiesburg, MS
I saw this deal on a pop up add, and thought yeah right, $419 with free shipping, for a suppressor ready M&P Turns out it was true! And what a deal... I ordered the gun, and it was sitting at my FFL in 3 days flat, free shipping! This is my 1st S&W auto, have long been a fan of their revolvers. I was actually going back and forth between this and the new PPQ Q4 Tac. But this 1, being almost $200 cheaper than the Walther, it was a no brainier.

The quality, fit, finish, and function has been flawless... I am very satisfied with my purchase. Now I just have to decide on a suppressor!
Customer Product ReviewM&P9 Review
5 Star Rating
Very good purchase
from Longmont, CO
For a used handgun I am very pleased. Excellent condition overall. Very little holster wear and upon disassembly very little wear on the frame and slide. The weapon does not seem to have been fired much, but I don't think it was ever cleaned either. I was little concerned at first because the front sight was positioned as far to the left as possible, but I shot it before any adjustment and it consistently shot far right. Once I centered the the sight it was spot on.

Two weeks ago I was shooting my AR-15 at an 8x8 inch steel target at 100 yards. For grins I pulled out my M&P and hit the target 4 times out of 10 shots off hand. That is as good I could possible expect from a handgun for my ability. If there are any left, get one before it is too late.

Mine came with the original plastic case, grip inserts, 3 mags and owners manual. It even had the original piece of that protective paper with the S&W logos all over it wrapped over the gun. Great purchase, I could not be happier!!! Thanks SOSS, I'll be buying from you again.
Customer Product Review625 Review
4 Star Rating
Great Gun, Grips not fitted well
from Crestview, FL
I got the pistol and took it to the range to try it out. Loaded it up and after the first shot I had to look at my left hand. The left grip had a high spot on the top rear and I thought it had cut my hand. I readjusted my grip several times and each time the grip bit into my thumb. Being a Performance Center pistol I would expect much better quality control than what I got. I love the wood grips but ordered and installed some Hogue grips. Love shooting the gun now.
Customer Product Review586 Review
2 Star Rating
revolver performance
carleton from Canyon Country, CA
September 9, 2018
Trigger pull too strong..I will have to send it to a pro-shop to have the trigger reworked.
Customer Product ReviewM&P40 M2.0 Review
5 Star Rating
new gun
hal from las vegas , NV
September 9, 2018
This S&W is a very nice gun and the right size for home protection. I bought mine online and still got a great price. if you're thinking of buying one like this you will be very happy. I've had guns before in the past and I have liked them, but I like this one the best. When I hold this S&W it feels good. Not too big or too small. The weight is not too heavy .
Customer Product ReviewM&P22 COMPACT Review
5 Star Rating
Best price, Better gun than the others
Micky from Springfield, MO
September 8, 2018
Slick looking gun with the Silver cerakote. Feels good in the hand. ZERO malfunctions. Aluminum slide better than the zinc alloy that others have I am not a S&W fan, but I LOVE this pistol. Cheap to shoot- no frills. Barely any recoil. Get one- $299 is 10$ cheaper than when I bought it!
Customer Product ReviewM&P9 M2.0 Review
5 Star Rating
Great all around gun!
Nate from Trinity, NC
September 6, 2018
I bought this gun back in July and have loved everything about it since I have had it. It is fun to take to the range and has run fine without any problems with any and all ammo I have put through it. It feels great in the hand and the aggressive texturing keeps it in place when your hands are sweaty. It is also a great gun for concealed carry. I have been using the Tier 1 Concealed Agis, and it conceals extremely well and is super comfortable. I cannot say enough about how great this gun is.

As far as SOSS goes, I could not be more pleased with the service I received. Order was placed and my FFL had the gun within a week, and that was over the weekend. I am very impressed with SOSSs turn around time on orders. I will definitely be shopping here for any future gun buys.
Customer Product ReviewM&P15 22 Review
5 Star Rating
Excellent rifle!
Baidy from Phoenix, AZ
September 3, 2018
I have owned this rifle for 9 months and put ~more than 1000 rounds. Very accurate, lightweight and fun to shoot. So far seems to be very reliable but only time will tell.
Customer Product ReviewM&P15 SPORT II Review
5 Star Rating
Yep...These folks are awesome
Robert from London, KY
September 1, 2018
5 Stars for this outfit. As good as it gets.

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