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Customer Product ReviewSHIELD EZ Review
1 Star Rating
Smith and wesson warranty sucks
from Fort Dodge , IA
I bought the gun from sportmans outdoor superstore. I did not look at the gun when I pick it up at my ffl dealer. When I finally look at it a piece of the frame was broken. I sent the gun in for warranty they said two or three weeks before I would get it back. They had it in there hand since December 28 I called the today February 22 and they still dont know when they will have it fixed.
Customer Product ReviewM&P9 Review
5 Star Rating
Almost New
from Lake Butler, FL
Beautiful condition. Looks like it sat in a rack most of the time. Night sights were gone but no biggie. Even though it was 1st gen, the trigger was crisp with an audible reset. This is a great starter pistol for someone just starting out as it won't break the bank and is always reliable. - YEZAHF
Customer Product ReviewM&P15 Review
4 Star Rating
Great gun
from clearwater, FL

S&W made a great AR platform gun when they made this. My only complaint about the gun itself is the foregrip and the A-frame front sight. I swapped the foregrip out for a quad rail and took off the A-frame sight and replaced it with a Magpul front flip-up sight to accompany the Magpul rear flip-up sight.

Haven't had a jam, even with subpar ammo. The included bag is nice, just don't put the rifle away hot as you'll melt the inside of the bag where the barrel touches. Ask me how I know. The mag loader is very convenient.

Customer Product ReviewM&P 10 M2.0 Review
0 Star Rating
Mag falls out with certain ammo
Steve S from Missoula, MT
February 6, 2024

Bought in late 2022, I intended to use this product as a bear defense gun and shoot heavy hard-cast flat-nose ammo. I bought 220-grain Underwood hard casts. These were measured to be within SAAMI spec for 10mm. This gun has a serious design flaw with its magazines. With certain ammo types, long ammo with a wide nose, the mag catch window will be filled up by the nose of the ammo during cycling, pushing the mag catch out of the window and the mag will FALL OUT OF THE GUN. This is confirmed to be the source of my mag drop problem.

I alerted Smith & Wesson about this issue and gave them the videos and sources attached here in May of 2023. I was assured that they were working on a fix for their pistols. I asked them continuously how they intended to fix them and what was being changed. Never got that info from them, just that they were on it. In January of this year, I was told that the issue had been addressed and new updated mags were sent to me. These new mags also fell out.

It turns out they had not addressed these issues at all and have refused to comment in any way on how they supposedly were addressing the issue. I am convinced that I have been lied to by Smith & Wesson and strung along for 9 months and as many phone calls. I am extremely disappointed with Smith & Wesson and will be leaving a copy of this review in several places so people do not buy this gun without knowing about this potentially fatal problem.

Customer Product ReviewM&P9 SHIELD M2.0 Review
5 Star Rating
Work great
Mike from Sachse , TX
January 31, 2024
Work just like they are supposed to. Great price!
Customer Product Review4006 Review
5 Star Rating
Like new
David from Alpharetta, GA
January 22, 2024
No sign of being used.
Customer Product ReviewSHIELD EZ Review
5 Star Rating
30 Super Carry
Jay from Bradenton, FL
December 31, 2023
Bought this a few months ago and have put a couple hundred rounds through it with no issues at, it shoots great and have added it to my EDC.
Customer Product ReviewSHIELD EZ Review
3 Star Rating
Great price but...
Michael from Spokane, WA
December 29, 2023
...the trigger is terrible. It moves in fits and starts. Currently there is no after-market replacement. If youre someone who reloads youll have to first buy factory loads. While dies are available brass is not. Not the easiest to take down and put back together.
Customer Product ReviewM&P15 Review
5 Star Rating
Remarkable Right Out of the Box
Ken from Las Vegas, NV
December 25, 2023
I have had my S&W for over a year prior to finally having the ability to take her to the range. After several surgeries I have regained the use of my legs and one of the first things I wanted to do was to go shooting. I took my new AR15 M&P Sport II 556 with the Crimson Trace optic out to the desert and with help of a friend set up multiple targets at ranges from 10 to 100 yards. Using a target designed to assist in zeroing the optic for 100 yards at 25 yards, I started sending rounds down range. Groupings were great. After adjusting the optic, I was plugging the center of the target at 100 yards with groupings less then 1 using Winchester M885 green tip 62 grain. Over the year I read and watched countless reviews about this weapon stating that it was good but not great, I personally disagree, this is a great gun right out of the box. The trigger breaks smoothly and precisely, trigger travel is more than acceptable, weight is excellent, and even with my limited mobility I was able to easily able to manipulate all facets of the guns surfaces without issue. All that being said I believe that because of its low starting price I will make some upgrades to make it an absolutely perfect AR for me. Adding a free-floating handguard and upgrading to a two stage Gissele trigger will make this my favorite gun. If you purchase this gun, you will find it more than satisfying and a ton of fun.

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