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Customer Product ReviewM&P9 SHIELD Review
5 Star Rating
Great pistol. Forget the rebate
from Godley, TX
Gun is great. These Shields fit well and I haven't had a problem with any of the 400,or so, cheap rounds I've shot. The rebate is a joke though so don't buy based upon it. I have submitted the form by email twice with attached receipt, and by mail in an envelope provided. All started in April 2017 and as of today 9/19/17 the rebate outfit still has no record of my submissions. Sportsmans outdoor is great though and the price before rebate is lower than most even after rebate, so that makes it all good.
Customer Product ReviewM&P9 SHIELD Review
5 Star Rating
Perfect 9mm
from Virginia Beach, VA
Hands down one of the best compact 9mm handguns I've ever owned. I've put over 2000 rounds through mine with no Failures or hiccups. Love the added thumb safety, the trigger has a bit of a safety feature to it which I don't mind , just glad it isn't the horrendous Glock style . Only thing I must note is both magazines that come with the shield are a little bit hard to seat into the Magwell. I figured out that the plastic butts on the magazines needed to be sanded down some and now they fit perfectly and I don't have to slam them in. Overall extremely happy with this gun, and ever happier, with the awesome service and rebates made known to me by this website . Sportsmans outdoor superstore is the best place online to buy a firearm.
Customer Product ReviewM&P9 SHIELD Review
5 Star Rating
Amazing handgun with amazing service!
from Hampton, VA
The M&P Shield 9mm is an amazing handgun for Concealed Carry. Nice and lightweight. The FDE color scheme makes the handgun look awesome as well. In the first shooting session, I shot 75 rounds through it with no problem at all. There are also a ton of mods and accessories available. Buy this and take advantage of the rebate!
Customer Product ReviewM&P9 SHIELD Review
5 Star Rating
Great gun..great transaction
John from Newport News, VA
September 15, 2017
Bought 2 S&W shields, 1 for me and 1 for the wife. I've got the full size M&P 9mm, and have always liked it. The shields didn't disappoint. A great CC firearm, and a great transaction with Sportsman. They shipped pronto, and we will definitely be buying more from them.
Customer Product ReviewM&P9 Review
5 Star Rating
Great price and a great product!
Adam from Montgomery , Alabama
September 14, 2017
Great gun, especially when compared in value to the other polymer firearms out there. The only reason I've withholding a star is one failure to feed at the range out of 220 rounds. I will continue to put this gun through the ringer! Of course, great service as you would expect from Sportsmans!
Customer Product ReviewM&P15 Review
5 Star Rating
Intro AR
Tom from Okanogan , WA
September 11, 2017
I am new to the AR-15 platform firearms. I had decided to enter in with a basic semi-automatic rifle, and after some research decided on the Smith & Wesson M&P AR15. I have been extremely pleased with the performance of this firearm. I have run 600 rounds through it and it is performed well without a single issue. I was skeptical about the red dot optics that came with it but once getting it sighted in, the Truglo has performed well and has not had any problems after six hundred rounds either. I am extremely happy with this purchase, both in the price point and function of the firearm.
Customer Product ReviewM&P9 SHIELD Review
5 Star Rating
Smith M&P Shield 9mm
Mark from Park Ridge, IL
September 10, 2017
My first purchase from SOS. Went great, quick shipping with tracking. The gun performed perfectly at the range, in fact much better than I had expected. You must remember this is a $300 gun, and also with a $75 rebate, thats $225 total, for a New Hi quality Name Brand! I would put it up against a Glock any day, and its 1/3 the money!!!!!
Customer Product ReviewM&P9 SHIELD Review
5 Star Rating
Kind of a trade off with comped guns, but....
Seth from PHOENIX, AZ
September 6, 2017
The Shield fits my hands like a glove, they shoot nicely, but the Perf Center is super well executed. My only issue is, potentially losing my night vision due to the ported barrel, & the flash from the ports. Other than for that, everything about these guns was super nicely executed by S&W. Trigger is markedly improved. Recoil & muzzle flip, are also markedly improved. S&W did a fine job with these, and for BUG category in IDPA/IPSC this would be a fine comp piece. These make my Glock 43 seem like rather a toy, or an Auxiliary Piece, that  I really don't like to shoot. S&W deserves a lot of credit for this one! WELL DONE! I just need to remember to blink when I shoot at night. Easy!
Customer Product ReviewM&P9 Review
5 Star Rating
What an underrated gun!!
Tomas from Chuluota, FL
September 5, 2017
You see all the attention other guns like Glock, HK VP9, Canick, CZ, and Springfield get. This gun is amazing. I just purchased a HK VP9 and I thought the Smith and Wesson 2.0 was not going to impress me as much, but I was wrong. Besides the looks of FDE and the long 5 barrel, what makes this great is it is very easy to handle and is VERY accurate. I love this gun. My Glocks are now third behind this M&P and the VP9. The thumb safety is easily replaced with side panels that S&W customer service can send out to you free of charge. The only thing I changed was the sights. Only negative I can say is that it only comes with 2 magazines, but the rebate sends me 2 more. At $429, it is the best price around.

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