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Customer Product Review460 Review
5 Star Rating
460's all there!
from Monroe, NY
Exetremly accurate. 45 LC is a pleasure all day long. 454 and 460 on the other hand gives a crazy percussion that will make people next to you have an involuntary bowel movement! Could be good, could be bad. Depends if they are riding home with you in the car. Other than that can't wait to do some big game hunting!
Customer Product ReviewM&P40 M2.0 Review
5 Star Rating
Great! Compact
from Columbus , GA
Royce, maybe I am late, but when you added to the cart just follow the instructions. It will ask for your zip code and it will show the closest FFL. I purchased mine 2 months ago and is great! No hiccups. I ran thru it Hornady 165/175 grains, Gold Dot 2/ Gold Dot 165 grains, Underwood 140 grains, HST 180 grains, and for target Speer 165 grains. Out of all the grains 165 grains is the best.
 I also have M&P 40mm 4.25, M&P 9mm 4.25, M&P Shield 40mm 3.1, and M&P 9mm 3.1, The only M2 is the 40mm 4 inch compact. Sold the Glock 26 and 19. Nothing but, M&Ps and M2s. Next the M2 40mm 3.36 compact. Had no issues with none. I even shot some +Ps
Customer Product ReviewSD9VE Review
3 Star Rating
Needs to be more accurate
from Oneida, TN
Getting rid of this Gun, brand new is a poor shooter when it comes to accuracy. at 5 yards it shot 18 low and about 10 to left, Groups are about 8. I sent back to Smith and Wesson. they said they replaced sights and barrell. Now it shoots a better group at 5 yards about 4, still shoots about 6 `;`low and at 25 Yards is about 18 low and about 6 groups. this is the worst shooting pistol i own, and i own 18...I do like the feel and action of the gun, but it would be useless in a gun fight...maybe i just got a lemon.
Customer Product ReviewM&P40 M2.0 Review
5 Star Rating
Nice Hand Cannon
Carlton from Grand Rapids, MI
April 20, 2019
Just put my 1st hundred rounds down range today! Shot Blazer Brass 165 gr and Remington 180 gr with zero issue. Had never shot .40 before today and was expecting quite the snappy experience. However the recoil was very manageable. This hand cannon is a smooth shooter :0.
 For only $299 out the door I just couldn't be happier with this purchase!! BTW...I officially consider myself a .40 fan now! Will see how long this fandom lasts considering premium cost of the ammo.
Customer Product ReviewM&P40 M2.0 Review
4 Star Rating
Great .40!
Brian from Tallmadge, OH
April 18, 2019
I strongly prefer hammer-fired pistols but this is a nice gun. The trigger on the 2.0 is dramatically better than the original, even if you can't tell by dry-firing. I'm not a big fan of the fit and finish of the M&Ps. HK, Glock, FN, and even CZ polymers all far surpass M&P but this is a smooth shooting .40. If you like striker-fired pistols this is a nice gun even at full retail. I got mine at a steep discount which makes it an absolute steal...
Customer Product ReviewM&P40 Review
5 Star Rating
Amazing condition!
Theodore from Gainesville , GA
April 17, 2019
At first I was very weary on the condition in the pictures. However, what I received was a great condition M&P that looks barely used!! Very pleased with the condition of the gun!!
Customer Product ReviewM&P40 M2.0 Review
5 Star Rating
Best deal by far
Mark from Cedar Rapids , IA
April 16, 2019
SOSS here to impress once again! Shipping was very quick and you really cannot get a better deal at $420 for this entire range kit. Not to mention the new and very well improved M2.0. If you wasn't a Smith fan because of the old M&P 40 S&W like myself this will help mend the wounds.
 After about 300 rounds, I remain impressed and had absolutely no issues. I mostly shoot Fedarm reloads and haven't had any issues with cycling in this firearm. Hopefully they get more of these range kits! Thank you SOSS!
Customer Product ReviewM&P40 M2.0 Review
5 Star Rating
You can’t go wrong.
John from Bullhead City , AZ
April 15, 2019
How can you go wrong at $299.99 for this firearm. Feels great, looks great. I can’t rate performance because this is a Mother's Day gift but have no doubt as others have said. Great price, great firearm.
Customer Product ReviewM&P40 M2.0 Review
5 Star Rating
M&P 2.0
Trap from Glendale, IL
April 14, 2019
Got my pistol delivered within 4 days. The ergonomics are better than any pistol I’ve ever held. Feels like a glove. The sights are great. It is a beautiful gun and shoots great. I have owned a Glock 19 and 17, and I must say this gun out performs the Glocks, and looks way better. When I saw the price for it I ordered it with no hesitation. Get it, you won't regret it.

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