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Customer Product ReviewM&P BODYGUARD 380 Review
5 Star Rating
solid pocket pistol
from irwin, PA
Nice thin size fits in any pocket, front or back. Longer trigger pull is a nice safety when pulling it out of my pocket. Small and lightweight when biking. I found it accurate for its short sight line.
Customer Product ReviewM&P9 SHIELD PLUS Review
5 Star Rating
First S&W product
from Wasilla, AK
After I accepted the transfer I found that the backplate had been damaged on installation. Smith was quick to respond and send me out a new one. In between, I put 100 various rounds through it and it still functioned perfectly. Comfortable grip. Massive improvement over original Shield. But my personal preference is still with the Springfield line, probably still go Glock if everything else was the same. But the 5 mag deal is great. Springfield used to do that and S&W caught on. Would probably buy again if the price difference was still substantial. $455 after rebate April 2022, good deal.
Customer Product Review500 Review
5 Star Rating
Bad A$$
from Schwenksville, PA
What a blast. In every sense of the word!!! Absolutely accurate, crisp rigger, fun too shoot... though, a bit expensive. Love it, you wont be disappointed
Customer Product ReviewM&P 10 M2.0 Review
3 Star Rating
Is it good for 200 grains
John from Columbus , GA
May 8, 2022
I was at the range with my neighbor that bought one. We both use Underwood ammo. The weapon was already broken in and decided to use Underwood 200 grain hollow. The weapon misfired every 3rd round. I tested the same ammo on Glock 20 10mm with no issues at all. I ended up firing the remainder of the 30 rounds left of the Underwood 200 grain hollow. I went online to to see if there were any reported issues and found on YouTube a video with the same issue with 200 grains.
Customer Product ReviewM&P9 M2.0 Review
5 Star Rating
M&P 9mm
Devin from Claremore, OK
May 6, 2022
Great gun. Love the ergonomics. I have small hands & have multiple guns from Springfield Armory, SIG, Glock, & S&W and like the feel of the S&W M&P’s in my hand. I really like the textured grip on the S&W as compared to my other guns. My only regret is that I didn’t buy more at that price.
Customer Product Review10 Review
5 Star Rating
Smith & Wesson Model 10 HB
Thomas from Schenectady , NY
May 4, 2022
I’m a retired NYS Correction Officer. This firearm was our duty weapon throughout my career. It was the best revolver I ever threw rounds down range with. I have owned several Model 10s in different barrel lengths and they all performed the same: excellent. I would only recommend a 4” Heavy Barrel Model 10. The 2” & 3” Model 10s perform every bit as good as the 4” HB barrel but the larger frame revolver is difficult to conceal no matter the length of the barrel.

I was a transportation officer and I took many a funeral visit with this weapon so I have carried it in the field in plain clothes countless times and concealment was always an issue. I bought a Model 10 a few years ago from an area that has several prisons (Mid-State NY) and the dealer claimed it was owned by a corrections officer. I would love to find a stamped NYSDOCS MODEL 10 HB but they are rare. I highly recommend the Model 10 4” HB for anyone who loves to fire away at the range.
Customer Product ReviewSD9VE Review
5 Star Rating
S&W 9mm SDVE
Scott from Tulsa, OK
May 3, 2022
Late in review but this gun is very nice and light weight. Did have an issue with Remington rounds getting jammed up. Switched back to my Winchesters and no issue. Over all very pleased with it. Now my gf wants the EZ 9mm.
Customer Product ReviewM&P9 SHIELD Review
5 Star Rating
Things that GO bump in the night
Steve from SIREN, WI
April 30, 2022
As should be expected, a flawless addition to an awesome little CCW. My motto... Always be prepared!!
Customer Product ReviewM&P9 SHIELD PLUS Review
5 Star Rating
Delighted with my purchase, but...
Greg T. from Tucson, AZ
April 29, 2022
I am happy with this purchase to the extent that received exactly what I was expecting. Unlike another reviewer, my pistol did come with the Tritium sights, as specified. After the sale, things didn't go as well. I registered for the $50 S&W rebate the day I picked it up. A couple of days later I received an email stating that my submission was rejected because my serial number was invalid. I figured I had entered it incorrectly so I contacted the rebate processor via chat and was told that I had entered the correct serial number but that it did not qualify for the rebate! This package qualifies, just not my specific weapon, apparently and possibly others. I chatted with an SOSS employee who said they would look into it but I am skeptical that this will be resolved to my satisfaction. If something changes Ill update my review here.

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