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Customer Product Review586 Review
5 Star Rating
Ist Class
from Burlington, KY
This is my third purchase from SOSS. I can honestly say without any doubt you can't beat this company. The service they provide is second to none. I ordered my gun on the afternoon of Jan 14th and I collected it from my local dealer 3 days later. Very smooth and easy transaction.
 The gun is superb as you would expect from Smith & Wesson, it feels good in your hand and looks great. Many thanks to the staff at SOSS. I will making more purchases in the future.
Customer Product Review642-1 Review
5 Star Rating
Good little snubbie
from Kaufman, TX
I use to have this exact same model with the stupid Hillary Hole safety lock. I sold it out of principle and snapped up this one WITHOUT the stupid lock hole drilled into the side of the frame. I really wish S&W would get rid of these abominations or just sell them to commie states and let the rest of us have guns without the lawyer locks. And there are documented cases of these locks disabling the gun inadvertently, especially in the Magnum calibers.

 Anyhow, I like my no lock 642 so much that I want to get another one or the 442, which is also available sans the lock. These handle +P no problem, although a steady diet of them probably isn't a good idea. Sight it in with your chosen +P carry load, and then practice with regular .38 fodder. I DO carry mine with either Federal Hydro-Shocks +P JHP or the Remington 158-grain +Ps, LSWC.

 One thing to be aware of when shooting this DAO revolver is to make sure that after taking a shot, you always let the trigger back out all the way forward before taking a subsequent shot. Trigger isn't bad, but there is a little stacking, but it gets better the more you shoot it. Not really a target gun per se, but if you are going to carry this and possibly have to stake your life on it, you MUST practice, and practice, some more.

 Don't just buy it and stick it in a drawer and forget about it. Get familiar with it, learn the trigger, how to reload under stress, and SHOOT IT. It also doesn't hurt to dry-fire it either. This helps break it in a little better too, but ALWAYS do so safely. I highly recommend these NO LOCK 642s.
Customer Product ReviewM&P9 M2.0 Review
3 Star Rating
Nice gun
from Buckeye, AZ
The gun shoots excellent. My only complaint is that it flys the brass back into my face. Now I have to send it out to Smith & Wesson for repairs. ANOTHER 4-6 weeks gone. I don't particularly like the aggressive grip texture.
Customer Product ReviewM&P40 Review
5 Star Rating
m&p 40
January 9, 2020
I purchased a used surplus handgun after completing purchased went back to check and realized I had gotten the last one, well not expecting much, but to my surprise is a very nice weapon with a little holster wear and looks like not very fired much. i am very pleased with purchase.
Customer Product ReviewM&P9 SHIELD Review
5 Star Rating
Nice Gun
Dustin from Moran, WY
January 8, 2020
Picked mine up from my FFL this evening. Looks sharp. Feels good in my hand. Well balanced. Will take it out to the range my next day off. The coloring is darker than the picture. Looks closer to brown to me. The seven round clip makes it just too short for me to have a good grip but the eight round clip allows me to have a confident grip. May order grip extensions and a hogue grip.
Customer Product ReviewM&P9 M2.0 Review
5 Star Rating
Great alternative to the Glock 19
Cameron from Saint George, UT
January 8, 2020
I had been trying to decide between the Glock 19, the CZ P-10C and maybe even the P-07 and this one. Before I made up my mind based solely on features, this one went on sale and that made up my mind. I had actually been leaning towards this S&W due to some really great reviews on Youtube....particularly the one by Honest Outlaw....he really praised this pistol.....I now  know why.
 This pistol is so cool looking, the grip is outstanding. I actually really like the trigger....and, for some reason, I shoot this thing really well. The pistol has been 100% reliable for me and I carry it every day. Love it!
 And lets not forget the deal here at SOSS. When I went to pick it up at my local gun store, I apologized to the guys for not buying it from them and they said....No apology necessary. For that price, I would buy from SOSS too. They even said that the price I paid was less than what they can get it for. Sweet. Completely satisfied.
Customer Product ReviewM&P40 M2.0 Review
4 Star Rating
Pretty good gun
January 8, 2020
Ran 150 various 180 grain rounds through it with 1 failure to feed. Clean it and ran 100 rounds with 1 failure to feed. I have a few more rounds to use to break it in until i decide on one type to practice with and one for home defense. I am well pleased so far. Have been running federal, blazer brass, and agulia rounds so far.
Customer Product ReviewM&P40 M2.0 Review
5 Star Rating
Mp40 m2.0 compact
Thomas from Caledonia, IL
January 5, 2020
Out of the case the sights are dead on. I have 300 rounds in it now without one mis-load. It's a nice pistol for the price, you can't go wrong.
Customer Product ReviewM&P9 Review
5 Star Rating
My M&P 9mm handgun
William from Loris, SC
January 4, 2020
I have owned my M&P fullsize 9mm for over 5yrs. I have fired all different brands of ammo through it and never had any miss fires are jams. The gun is very accurate and very reliable. I have owned several S&W hand guns and have never had any problems with them except for one.
 Smith and Wesson went above and beyond to take care of problem. They gave me an upgrade model of that handgun free and I received it with in three days. S&W takes care of their customers, that's why I will always own no other handgun but S&W.

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