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Customer Product ReviewM&P15 Review
5 Star Rating
Awesome Service
from New Orleans, LA
I had zero problems. Thanks Yall
Customer Product Review442 Review
5 Star Rating
Excellent choice for CCW - women or men
from Lebanon, NH
This gun is never going to jam on you. Ladies, this is surprisingly comfortable to ccw in an appendix carry position, w/hard leather holster. Was recommended to me by a war vet, bc the Glock I used at the range kept jamming on me. Also got a Sig Sauer P238 excellent for those w/small hands. Also great choice for ccw. The all-metal Sig frame vs. the polymer Glock frame means you also wont have jams w/a Sig. Its very forgiving of an imperfect handgrip by the user. With a polymer gun, this can cause the gun to jam. If you get a second gun, you can use the 442 as an ankle-carry backup. The Sig is comfortable to shoot. I can put 50 rounds 1 box of ammo through the 442, and the area between my thumb and first finger will feel a bit sore. Both excellent firearms, but realize the .38 special 442 has more punch.
Customer Product ReviewM&P15 22 Review
5 Star Rating
Prompt service.
from Palatka, FL
Very good magazines with one flaw. The feed lips should be steel or aluminum. Polymer wears terribly and eventually cause malfunctions feeding rounds. And how much I like to shoot and at the price of a new magazines every 6 months it gets expensive. S&W needs to address this. Other than that Im gold with it!
Customer Product ReviewM&P9 PRO SERIES Review
5 Star Rating
Excellent weapon
Mike from Wilkes-Barre, PA
September 13, 2020
Right out of the box this gun is great. With the included different size back straps I was able to get a great fit. The fiber optic sights are the best. I’m looking to put them on all my weapons if possible. I was also pleased to see how accurate this was with every shot. Keep it up S&W
Customer Product ReviewM&P15 Review
5 Star Rating
MP 15 Sport II Optic Ready OR
Nicole from Huntersville, NC
September 10, 2020
Great beginner rifle. Had a few initial issues getting the laawe dot sight adjusted, but overall Im Happy with the purchase.
Customer Product ReviewM&P380 EZ SHIELD M2.0 Review
5 Star Rating
First time shooter
Amy from Manville , NJ
September 8, 2020
I am 100% happy with this firearm. I’ve never even held a gun before and I feel very comforting this one after a lesson with a professional. #2A!!!!!
Customer Product ReviewM&P15 Review
5 Star Rating
Excellent shooting gun
Kevin from Easley, SC
September 2, 2020
Great shooting gun. My son bought this a couple years back. Went and put about 300 rounds through it then. I bought him a Burris scope, but we never sighted it. Went to the range today, had it zero’d in 6 shots at 25 yards. 2 - 3 round groups and it was on. He’s law enforcement now, and now that it’s sighted... he can qualify and have for back up. GREAT gun!!!
Customer Product ReviewM&P9 M2.0 Review
4 Star Rating
Shop here first.
Kenneth from Gallipolis, OH
August 30, 2020
Great firearm at a great price. Fast shipping.
Customer Product ReviewM&P 380 SHIELD EZ Review
5 Star Rating
100% reliable
James from HTown, PA
August 29, 2020
My wife picked this up for her EDC. We took it to the range and it ran with no failures. We used FMJ and HP ammunition from 4 different manufacturers. It was grouping tight but to the left. Adjusting the rear sight is easily done by loosening a set screw under the slide. The fit and finish of the pistol is excellent and the sights are super bright in day and night. Trigger was very nice too but the reset click is not very audible. It is definitely easy to load the magazines and rack the slide as advertised. It also came with a very nice cleaning kit and two magazines.

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