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5 Star Rating
My favorite revolver.
from Snohomish, WA
In the USAF I carried a model 15. That was many years ago. I shot expert first time out with the model 15 and have enjoyed many [email protected] revolvers since. This Model 686 needs to be in everyone’s inventory who loves the finest. This is my fourth as my sons and daughter were given the other revolvers to use deer hunting in the San Juan Islands which do not allow rifle use due to density of the population of people living here. I easily shoot a thousand rounds a year and the revolver just keeps going. I trust my life to it on duty. Love the feel, weight and trigger. It is extremely sturdy and perfect for the salt air and moisture on boats.
Customer Product ReviewM&P9 Review
5 Star Rating
Great Deals
from Butler, PA
Well most LE personnel hardly ever use their firearms. I have purchased several of these LE turn ins and have not been dissatisfied with any of them. Several showed little to no use with no wear marks on the slides or contact points on the frame. These are great deals and I will but again when the need or desire dictates.
Customer Product ReviewM&P15 22 Review
5 Star Rating
Killer Little 22LR to Have Fun
from Austin, TX
What a great gun. Great finish and fit and firing. Thing is a blast and ammo is a hell of a lot cheaper that my ARs. Buy this thing when you can in stock--you wont regret it. Sportsmans had it out the door in a week! These guys rock on shipping time...this is my fifth order and cant speak highly enough of these guys.
Customer Product ReviewM&P9 M2.0 Review
5 Star Rating
Nice gun
Dan from Harrisburg , PA
January 13, 2021
Ordered this gun Christmas Eve, received it 10 days later. I have put 100 rounds through it with no malfunctions. Very nice pistol.
Customer Product Review442 Review
1 Star Rating
Dent On End of Barrel & Looks Like A Used Gun
Ethan from Mount Juliet , TN
January 12, 2021
I’ve always had great experiences buying guns and always had a fantastic experience with SOS. Same with S&W products. They are always at the top of their game when it comes to specs and the product having that S&W appeal to it. That’s why I’m questioning this 442 I just bought. It has a small dent at the end of the barrel and actually is pretty dirty for a supposedly new gun. I’m just wondering if this specific one was shipped by mistake or was drop or what Sportsman’s is there anything you all can do on your end to resolve this issue Usually a very satisfied customer, but a little disappointed with this transaction. Not sure it was worth the $570 only to receive a dented and dirty maybe used gun.
Customer Product ReviewM&P15 22 Review
5 Star Rating
Craig F from Lowcountry , SC
January 12, 2021
I have no idea what this dude is talking about. Mine arrived perfect just like my other Smith and Wesson M&P tools. Love the Magpul bits and the brace is one of the best on the market right now for the money. My family and I will enjoy some low cost sport shooting with this baby for many years to come.
Customer Product ReviewM&P15 SPORT II Review
5 Star Rating
Smith & Wesson MP15
Jim from Lorain, OH
January 9, 2021
Could not be happier with this purchase. Despite the warning of shipping delays from Sportsmans Outdoor Superstore, this firearm arrived at my local FFL dealer about a weeks time, much sooner than expected. Rifle works exactly how it should. Would highly recommend the MP15 to anyone looking to pickup an AR style rifle. Excellent quality for the price tag.
Customer Product ReviewM&P15 22 Review
1 Star Rating
Michael from Brandenburg, KY
January 9, 2021
This gun is trash, the finish on it is horrible, faded spots all around, made cheap, stay away.
Customer Product ReviewM&P9 SHIELD 2.0 Review
5 Star Rating
Great Gun
Matteo from Somewhere, SC
January 6, 2021
Arrived fast, fits well in my hand, nice weight, great carry, love the color

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