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Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard 380 Centerfire Carry Conceal Pistol with No Manual Safety

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    Smith & Wesson MP380 Shield EZ 380 ACP Pistol with No Thumb Safety


    Smith & Wesson MP380 Shield EZ 380 ACP Pistol with Burnt Bronze Cerakote Finish and Thumb Safety


    Smith & Wesson MP380 Shield EZ 380 ACP Pistol with Burnt Bronze Cerakote Finish and No Thumb Safety


    Springfield 911 .380 ACP Platinum/Graphite Carry Conceal Pistol
    $729.00 $539.99


    Kimber Micro TLE 380 ACP Carry Conceal Pistol
    $734.00 $649.99

Product Description

What’s in the Box

  • S&W M&P Bodyguard 380 Pistol (No Manual Safety)
  • One Magazine with Extended Floorplate
  • One Magazine with Flat Floorplate
  • Padded Soft Case
  • Cable Lock
  • Owner’s Manual

Combining popular M&P characteristics with existing Bodyguard 380 features, the new M&P Bodyguard with No Manual Safety offers consumers a uniquely engineered, lightweight self-defense pistol. Compact, sleek and ergonomic, the M&P Bodyguard pistol benefits from new fish scale serrations on the rear of the slide for ease of use and like other M&P pistols, ships complete with two magazines.

Chambered for .380 ACP, the lightweight sub-compact pistol features a high-strength polymer frame with a black, Maximum Corrosion Resistant (MCR®) coated stainless steel slide and barrel. The new M&P Bodyguard is standard with a 2 ¾ inch barrel, which contributes to an overall length of 5 ¼ inches and an unloaded weight of only 11.85 ounces. Additional standard features include a rapid second-strike capability, take-down lever and stainless steel drift adjustable sights.

  • Other Features
  • Stainless Steel Drift Adjustable Sights
  • Two magazines included (finger groove and flat butt plate)
  • Ergonomic grip
  • High-strength polymer frame
  • External takedown lever and slide stop
  • No Manual thumb safety
  • Double action fire control (2nd strike compatibility)
  • Stainless steel barrel and slide

Firearm Specifications

  • SKU: 10266
  • Model: M&P BODYGUARD® 380
  • Caliber: .380 Auto
  • Capacity: 6+1 Rounds
  • Barrel Length: 2.75 in. / 7.0 cm
  • Frame Size: Frame Size: Compact
  • Action: Double Action Only (Hammer Fired)
  • Front Sight: Stainless Steel Drift Adjustable
  • Rear Sight: Stainless Steel Drift Adjustable
  • Grip: Polymer
  • Overall Length: 5.25 in. / 13.3 cm
  • Weight: 12 oz / 340.2 g
  • Frame Material: Polymer
  • Barrel Material: Stainless Steel
  • Slide Material: Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Matte Black

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Customer Comments & Questions

Customer Reviews

(4 out of 5) Nice little pistol
by from M, MI on

Using an Alabama front pocket holster, nobody knows it's in my front jeans pocket. Would have bought the Glock 42, but it's wider and not as front pocket concealable as this. People talk about light strikes, but I have had zero light strikes out of about 400rds using Federal ammo. I had 1 light strike out of a box of 50 Winchester ammo though. Stick with Federal ammo, and you won't have any problems. Zero light strikes with Federal HST ammo also. Over all, I'm pretty happy with this Bodyguard. I also bought the Galloway Precision short stroke trigger system. Big upgrade, but adds $50 bucks to the cost.

(5 out of 5) My New EDC
by from Clinton, MS on

I switched to this from a second gen LCP. I was also hesitant to try one, based on the reviews I read about the light strikes and terrible trigger. Man, I'm so happy I gave it a try. The very first outing it proved itself to be accurate and reliable. My sample ran cheap aluminum cased ammo and quality carry ammo 100%. After I got used to the trigger travel and weight, I was getting good hits on target. I feel it's a better quality pistol versus the LCP.  I like the slightly heavier weight, as it helps with the snappy recoil. I am leaving mine 100% stock since I know it will run reliable in this condition. However, it might get a set of night sights. SOSS shipped quickly and provided a tracking number. As usual, great customer service!!

(5 out of 5) One Little Super CCW
by from Jensen Beach, FL on

From all the YouTube videos had been very hesitant in getting this little gun on talks of the bad trigger. LMAO wow am I happy I did. The trigger is super super smooth super crisp, grant you it’s a bit long but common sense is that it’s got no safety. At the range was hitting the 7 & 8 section of a 10” Target at 75 feet. No way can I complain. Totally love it. No complains at all. Always my back up. Purely Love It.

(5 out of 5) A fine little gun.
by from Freeport, FL on

I received my 380 Bodyguard this week and I had a chance to take it to the range today. The gun came with a nice nylon zippered case. The fit and finish of the gun is exceptional. I was a little concerned when I pulled the trigger the first few times as it has a rather long pull, but I didn't find it to be that much of a negative at the range. I think part of my positive response is that I sold a Ruger LCP to buy this gun, so in comparing the two, the Bodyguard is so much better to shoot. You can actually use the sights on this gun for target acquisition. I shot better than expected with the gun. It is not a target pistol but it is relatively accurate for the size of it.

(5 out of 5) Great buy!
by from Chesterfield, MI on

Bought this piece and ran 200 rounds of the dirtiest ammo I could find, and did nothing but flawless shooting all through. Worth it whether It's your first or 3rd.

(5 out of 5) Best .380 Ive had so far.
by from Kenosha, WI on

I shot 7 different brands of ammo, 3 of them personal defense ammo at the range today. All fired fine and no jams. It was accurate enough that I didn't have to adjust the sights at all. The size is perfect to carry in my pocket while wearing shorts this summer so some people don't get alarmed when they see someone legally carrying. Also have a belt holster and it is much lighter and concealable than my 9mm. It was very easy to take apart and clean too. I like it.