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5 Star Rating
XDM 4.5 40
Matthew from Dallas, TX
March 2, 2015
This is my favorite gun. It is very accurate. I put 200 rounds of FMJ though it first time out. No issues at all. You can easily punch out the bulls eye of your target at 7 yrds.

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5 Star Rating
Umarex Regent R200S Made by Tisas in Turkey
SGT. Wolfe from WV, WV
March 1, 2015
5 stars!

As always another flawless transaction with the sportsmans outdoor superstore.

The weapon arrives in top notch shape just as they promised.

I had the pleasure of speaking to the customer service team. Outstanding!!! They went above.. by function testing my weapon prior to shipping it.

They are my number one FFL. I can't afford to go anywhere else.

God Bless you guys!!

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5 Star Rating
Lanny from Biloxi, MS
February 28, 2015
Item better than described. Not a single scratch or blemish. No holster wear. I would have thought it was new, except the slide lock had some finish wear. When I broke it down, the barrel was clean, but the rails/inside was filthy. Patch after patch I cleaned it, and it now looks like a new gun. Night sights are practically unusable, but hey, the markings show it was issued in 2003. First time ordering from this company, and I will always check here for any firearm I need first. Buds used to be my number one, but this place had my sidearm to me in 2 days at the best price in the US.

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5 Star Rating
Hard to beat a Ruger
GBT from Stuart, Florida
February 28, 2015
Love my Ruger AR556 LE, great M4 Carbine for the money...and then some.

My only complaint would be the lack of heat shields in the hand worries though, as the hand guard & stock were replaced with Magpul products.

Second AR15 M4 platform I've bought from Sportsmans Outdoor Superstore and I'm sure there'll be more purchases in the future.

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4 Star Rating
A little lost
Fred from Winter Haven, FL
February 28, 2015
When I recieved the gun I was ecstatic to try it out. Shot 50 rounds and got one failure to eject. Another time shot 100 rounds and got 3 failure to ejects. I'm not sure what it could be or how to approach the problem. It was a little embarrassing too.

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5 Star Rating
Awesome Pistol!!
Aaron from Jefferson, TX
February 27, 2015
First off, the price of the gun is almost too low to be believable. I don't understand how they priced it so low, but boy what a hell of a deal. Great company, their prices cannot be beat, and the shipping is stupid fast considering it is free. This company rocks and will definitely be getting more of my business.

As far as the handgun goes, it came brand new in the box with all the goodies listed above. Which was one of the first things I was most skeptical about when first seeing the price for it. The gun ran great and the recoil impulse is so soft. I've mainly shot SIGS and though they are great shooters, the M&P is extremely low recoiling and has very little muzzle rise. This being due to the extremely low bore axis of the gun.

Also the gun is extremely thin even with the medium backstrap on. I have large hands with short fingers and find it extremely comfortable. If it doesn't fit you, there are two other size palm swellings that will for sure accommodate most hand hand sizes.

Only negative is that the rear sight was completely off on the gun. Shot nearly 4ft left of target. This being confirmed with multiple shooters. Not an issue as I will be installing night sights on it. Only negative about the gun so far.

At this price, don't hesitate to buy one. The gun is great and this company is outstanding!